10 Consciousness Levels – How you can practice each level to improve your life.

Consciousness offers spiritual growth opportunities, it’s not just the way we live, but also how we think and feel.  

We are all searching for meaning in a time of rapid change and uncertainty.  But there are ways to find peace of mind amid to it all.

Whatever your needs maybe – whether you want to learning about mindfulness practices or deepen your understanding of spirituality – consciousness has something for everyone! 

This knowledge will help you better understand yourself and others around you in order to live a more fulfilling life with less stress and anxiety. 

This article will explore what the 10 consciousness levels are, how are you can practice them in your life, and why it’s important to do so. 

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is a state of being aware and awake.  It is the awareness of one’s own thoughts, feelings and sensations and is unique only to you. 

Your conscious experiences are constantly shifting and changing.                For example: in one moment you may be focused on reading this article.  Your consciousness may then shift to the memory of a conversation you had earlier with a person.  Next, you might notice how uncomfortable your chair is, or maybe you are mentally planning dinner.

This ever-shifting stream of thoughts can change dramatically from one moment to the next, but your experience of it seems smooth and effortless.

The 10 Consciousness Levels

There are many different models to describe the levels of consciousness.

This one is unique because it has 10 consciousness levels and each level  has its own set of characteristics and qualities.  Also, I will have practical exercises for each level. 

Levels of Consciousness

In order to reach higher levels of consciousness, one must work through the lower ones with awareness and understanding before moving up to the next level.

 It’s important to note that this process will not happen overnight but instead takes time and dedication in order for you to be successful. 

This information will help you understand your own personal Journey through life, which is unique to you, alone! 

First Level – The physical level of consciousness

The physical level of consciousness is the most basic form because it deals with your senses.  This means that you are awake and aware of what you see, hear, smell, taste or feel in your body.  

You can practice this by focusing on a single sense at a time for 10 minutes each day.  Practicing this will help improve all other levels of consciousness because when we are more conscious in one area then we become more conscious in others as well! 

It also helps us be present with our lives instead of being caught up in our minds which can lead to stress and anxiety. 

Finally practicing this level will make us better able to deal with life’s challenges like pain or boredom since they are part of everyday life but not something we need to fear or avoid altogether.

Second Level –  The rumblings from beneath

It’s a place where we can find ourselves when our thoughts are not in control, and we’re feeling overwhelmed by emotions. 

When this happens, it’s time to practice grounding techniques that will help us feel safe and secure again.

Grounding techniques are simple ways to bring yourself back into your body and out of your head so you can regain control over what’s happening around you. 

Here are some examples of grounding exercises for the second level of consciousness.    

These exercises will help calm down any overwhelming feelings that come with being at this stage in life.

Practice these grounding techniques whenever you need them! 

They’ll be there for you when times get tough!

Third Level – Emerging

It’s all about being aware of your thoughts and feelings and not judging them. 

You become more sensitive and allow yourself to cry and experience painful states.  Start to ask philosophical questions.  Understand your relation to life and your creativity.

When you’re at this level, you no longer judge others for their thoughts or actions because you know that they’re doing the best they can with what they have in life.

You can start by being non-judgemental about everything, everyday.  Being a true friend and neighbour and start to act with your own values. How you want to be treated is the same way you physically are to yourself and others.  

Fourth Level – From passive to active

Your Awareness to become more conscious about themselves and their interactions with others which will allow them to better understand themselves on a deeper level than before.  

Take an active role in life, making your own decisions, choosing friends and situations according to your personal values.  

From passive to active

Feeling good and having confidence about oneself and your abilities.

This is the time that you can work on yourself to change your thoughts and emotions to fit your values and what you want for yourself in life.

In order to achieve higher levels of consciousness people need to work on their personal development through various ways including meditation and yoga among many others.

See the beauty all around you.

Take action today by practicing these exercises on a regular basis! 

You will notice changes happening quickly as you start living consciously!

Fifth level – Inner balance

This level is about being in tune with your body and mind, so that they work together in harmony. 

Feeling the energy within yourself

This level is about being in tune with your body and mind, so that they work together in harmony. 

It’s about feeling the energy within yourself and understanding how it moves through your body.  

You can use this knowledge to help heal physical pain or emotional suffering, as well as find peace from stress or anxiety.

You’re no longer living your life for the acceptance and admiration of others, but rather you give from a place inside yourself.  You are free to share whatever you want because it’s not about satisfying anyone else; it’s solely yours.

Your ego concerns diminish as you spend time meditating, creating and celebrating life.  

balance body, mind and spirit

Starting to manifest this spiritual being in the physical world and relationships with others.

You would have already started doing spiritual practices and various types of meditations on a daily basis. 

You clearly see the advantages of it and want to change your life.  

The changes you need to make  and the changes within you. 

When you make sense for YOU!  

That’s when everything feels right inside, then everything outside will feel right too!

Sixth Level – Bridging the gap

You are a mystic. The split between the external world and your inner spiritual realm has become clear to you, as if there were another person living inside of this body.  

You live almost like two lives at once-one in society while one is within yourself on an eternal journey with the Universe, Source or God depending how you look at it; neither feeling very connected to either life anymore than the other.

You learn to move between the worlds of spirit and matter, transferring knowledge back and forth. You can change your persona as needed in different situations because you have a higher self that remains pure.

Practice this level with your meditations you have been doing.  But also, focus on nothingness which helps us achieve enlightenment faster than anything else could do in our lives right now.

You could also volunteer your time at a local charity or start volunteering at your church if you’re religious because both of these things allow someone to feel like they’re making a difference in other peoples lives which helps them feel fulfilled in theirs to! 

Try out one of these methods today, so you can experience the sixth level.


It’s important to note that when you’re at this level of consciousness, it can be difficult for people around you to understand what’s going on in your mind so it might take some time before others can adjust to your new way of thinking and living. 

If someone doesn’t want to accept who you are now then they may have difficulty being close friends with you but if someone excepts who you are then they’ll become closer than ever before.

Seventh level – Manifesting spirit

When you reach this stage, you will feel at peace with yourself and the world around you. You will have no desires for anything outside your own being because everything in existence has already been realised within oneself. 

You will find peace within yourself while connecting with all living things around you on earth.  You show affection to others and connect emotionally, also can feel others pain and know how to heal them.

spiritual master

This level of consciousness is characterised by universal love, wisdom and understanding.  

It is known as the cosmic mind and it has been described by many spiritual teachers, including Buddah, Jesus Christ or Krishna. 

This level can be achieved through meditation or spiritual practice, such as yoga or tai chi.

Practising this level will help you connect with Source, God or the supreme being in order to receive enlightenment. 

Eighth Level  – Beginnings of fusion

When you begin to feel the power of interconnectedness that comes with living your life as a conduit for love and light, nothing can stop you. 

When you recognize your sameness in all those around you, it makes it easier than ever before to connect with them on a deeper level.


You have a sense of oneness with all things, and an understanding that everything in life has its place. It’s not about being perfect or having it all together; it’s about accepting what you have and where you are in your life right now.

You become aware that all things in the world are made of energy.

You start to learn how you can use your own vibrations and frequencies to make change happen on a much larger scale, like influencing others or changing thoughts with just mere thought; it’s almost as if anything is possible!

You can practice this level by focusing on one thing at a time, focus your attention only on what’s happening right here, right now.   

Stay present as much as possible throughout the day. When thoughts come up that distract from this focus, gently let them go and return to your chosen object of attention (e.g. breathing). Practice these skills daily until they become automatic habits – then try practicing them while doing other activities like eating breakfast or walking.

With practice comes mastery!

Ninth Level – Presence 

When you pass onto the 9th level of consciousness, your journey is not yet over. 

It’s a place where you are free from all suffering, pain, and sorrow. 

You wield such power over your thoughts and feelings that strength and purity begin to transform those around you.  When people meet with someone who possesses this type of energy they feel pure love for them without any hesitation.

A state of pure awareness, where one has transcended all levels of mind and ego.   You will be able to see the world in an entirely new.

awareness in the pure form

This level is achieved by focusing on your breath and letting go of all thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations and memories.  

Practice detachment from worldly things like material possessions or emotional attachments to other people. You also need to be able to let go of your ego in order for enlightenment to happen. 

It takes time but if you are committed as you meditate daily then there is no limit as to how much higher your consciousness can reach!

Tenth Level – Dissolution of self and ascendance

level 10 of Consciousness

At the 10th and final level of consciousness, your sense of self has almost entirely disappeared. You have no ego boundaries left standing, and you live in your own spiritual reality.

You move and everyone moves with you. 

You have become fused with the collective.

Also, you’re able to communicate with all beings in one pure language.  

You’re being absorbs the universe and the universe absorbs your physical being.    

You are able to channel divine power.

This might not sound something that everyone wants to do but if you’re looking for enlightenment then this would be the way to go!

In order to reach the state, you will have to practice this for years.  One must be able to detach themselves from their own thoughts and emotions in order to see things more objectively.  Also have a deep understanding of the previous levels in order for this process to be successful. 

Which of the above levels of consciousness have you reached?  

Consciousness is a fundamentally property of all things.   

It’s important to work on your consciousness right now rather than later because it can be the difference between living in peace or living in chaos and the better of you will be and the more fulfilled you will feel.

Find your centre amidst life’s chaos or anytime you feel the need.

You’ll also be able to focus on what matters to you – not what society tells us should matter most of what other people want for us. 

We can take charge of our lives by being mindful about everything that goes into making up who we are as individuals.

Be the true authentic you !

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