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11 Reasons You Are Seeing 1111 All The Time

Reasons you are seeing 1111 all the time are because the…

Reasons you are seeing 1111 all the time are because the Universe is teaching you how it can talk to you by not talking per se but physically showing you that you can see a form of synchronicity.  You are conscious, you’re aware  and acknowledge this is actually happening. 

Number 11 is a powerful ‘master number’ which represents your intuitive connection, your instincts, enlightenment, subconscious mind, and higher intelligence.

Seeing repetitive numbers like 1111 have different meanings to everyone as it depends on your spiritual growth in your current moment in your life.  

You could be just learning about self awareness and therefore it will be different to someone who has just awakened compared to someone whose been awakened for 20 years.  

seeing 1111 why?

This article will explain the 11 main reasons you are seeing 1111 all the time.

But no matter where you are in life, the Universe is reaching out to you with something great that is about to happen in your life.

Reasons You are seeing 1111 all the time

1.  It is a message the Universe is trying to reach out to you.                   

Trying to get your attention to say “you are on the right path.”

Be consciously aware of your thoughts at this time as they are listening so they can make it happen.  If you’re thinking of something in a negative way, quickly change it to a positive thought.

You could be starting some inner self work or becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings or spiritual awakening.

2.  As the Universe gets your attention and is reminding you that you can ask for guidance whenever you need help.

Ask and it is given!  

Don’t have expectations on how it will be given or when, let that go as that’s up to the Universe.

Most likely it is not given with a huge cheque or money in your bank account but through people you meet or finding information to enhance you.

We will always receive the right information for our life patterns, so we can grow, evolve and transform. 

3.  Manifesting thoughts by focusing on what you want and have that feeling within you as if you’ve already got it.  Seeing 11:11 is perfect time to make a wish.

Make sure to focus on the things you want to happen and not on what you’re afraid of happening.


If you have been manifesting it’s a reminder to keep visualising and having vibrations as the universe is about to deliver and you’re close to receiving what ever you’ve manifested as long as it’s done correctly.  

If you feel like giving up on your manifestation, just remember that persistence is the key, it works, it’s magic. 

4.  If you’re just beginning or at an early stage of your spiritual growth, awareness and awakening then seeing 1111 frequently means that you’re in tune with the Universe. 

The Universe is opening the door allowing you to move forward, learn more, consciously grow and expand.

Be aware and pay attention at the time of seeing 1111. 

5.  1111 is a reminder of Oneness in a simple form.

Our oneness with the universe means one with life; one with the past, present and future; one with all that is.

Everything and everyone is interconnected, we are all one.

6.    Intention setting as the Universe is listening – get a piece of paper or note book and write down your intentions.

my intentions

It could be your intentions toward a certain person or family member, health, finances, anything.

Download and print.

Intentions can be powerful, especially when we are using them consciously.

We can reprogram our subconscious mind as our subconscious is a product of our repetitive thoughts. 

7.   If you are unclear about something, in doubt, having no physical action plan.  The Universe is telling you to ground yourself in nature.

Everything in life needs some sort of action from yourself and most times dedication plus motivation for moving forward (keep going) if feeling stuck. 

8.  The Universe is calling you to help others reach their potential.

As we are all children of the Universe and some of us started a lot earlier or spiritually grow faster and have reached a higher level of enlightenment.    

abilities to help others

You may posses qualities and abilities to help others for your higher purpose.

If so, ask the Universe to guide you, so this can be achieved.

You may already know that you’re a Light Worker.

9.  The Universe is calling you to higher vibrations as are aligned and the power of creation can flow through you.

Being in alignment with the Universe, you become the Creator of your realities and a master of your destiny as 1 manifests itself four times.

When you have come this far seeing 11:11means that your are being called to become far more than you believe you are, further than your limitations and  what you have imagined for yourself.

Once you accept this, you need to reach back to the Universe and only then can you move beyond the physical existence to a deeper realm of spiritual awareness and understanding.

10.  Maybe time  or close to meet you Soul Mate or Twin Flame soon but not guaranteed (of course).

As 1111 is a call to pay attention to your mind, soul and your heart.

If you’re looking for love be open and receptive to opportunities at this time.

A Soul Mate and Twin Flame are very different.

soul mate

A soul mate can be a friend or a romantic partner.  Usually you have more than one soul mate in your life.  As they usually come into your life to teach you something, change or influence your soul, sometimes they stay, or they leave your life once you have learned the lesson you needed to.

twin flame

Twin Flame is a romantic partner that has a unique connection between both souls.  They make you want to become a better person and enhance each others spiritual growth.

Twin Flames are two lovers with their own individual soul but complement, understand, and connect in a way that is only unique to them alone.

11.  A deceased loved one is sending you a message.  They may have been trying to get your attention in other ways but haven’t so by seeing a number sequence is an effective way.  As you will be seeing 1111 everywhere it will prompt you to read an article like this or do some research of the meaning.

Therefore opening up a door way to the spiritual realm, doing some spiritual growth and maybe finding out you have a spiritual gift like Clairsentience (feeling) or Clairaudience (hearing).

As long as you recognise the synchronicities and understand the messages.

The most common message for you is that they are okay but other times they  want you to know that they are with you or want to help or comfort you.  Trust that you are always being watched over.

mind body and soul

Your awareness and acknowledgment is great and knowing that 1111 all revolves around spiritually, being mindful of your thoughts, your truths, being open and receptive and knowing you have to ask for guidance.

Acknowledging that you see and hear the messages would be confirmation to the Universe.

Once seeing the synchronicities then it’s time to take the actions.

Your thoughts and feelings create a vibration that will attract that same vibration therefore creates your reality.

You have the power and you are the creator of your own reality (whatever that may be) but then you also need to take responsibility of what you have created.

Seeing 1111 is an opportunity.  Don’t let it pass you by!   

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