15 Helpful Tips For Decluttering Your Space.

Helpful Tips For Decluttering

Keep these helpful tips for decluttering as these will make your job easier.

Lets start with the 15 tips for decluttering your space that will be helpful for you.

1. Be intentional about throwing the unwanted excess out.  

2. Keep the clutter away – Don’t go shopping online to fill the space you’ve cleared.   Avoid going to the shop for impulse purchases and those bargains you don’t need.

Buy only what you need.

If you have a spending problem, do something about it and get some help.

3. Clothes and Shoes – What do you physically wear? Throw out what you haven’t worn and will never wear.

tips for decluttering

Throwing out clothes and shoes can be challenging, I know.  

One way to see what clothes you are wearing regularly is by having everything hung up with the coat hanger all the same way.  

When you have worn it or washed it, hang the coat hanger the opposite way. This way, you’ll see what you have not worn at the end of the month.

4. Bags – How many bags do you have? Do you need them all? Start throwing out the ones you don’t use or are a bit tattered.

Put your bags in one area; once you use a bag, put it in another place.

You will see which bags you use the most and your favourites.

5. Baby items – the keepsakes. We can go overboard with them, but keeping it to a minimum is necessary.

Put it in a special box or plastic container, and if it doesn’t fit it, maybe re-sort the items, and something has to go.                 

Don’t get a bigger box so you can keep more things.   

6. Kids stuff –  Geez, the artwork from school, books and toys will amount to a hell of a lot.  

Where to start? Start with what they have grown out of and no longer use because of their age.  

TheTheyll uses these items containers and store them neatly but has only one container half full with the regular items or creative stuff for when needed. 

kids artwork

Any artwork and drawings, put them in a scrapbook and date it regularly. This way, they are stored neatly, and you can look back at them at any time.  

THE SCRAPBOOKS WERE BULGING when I did this; I re-did them but had to be ruthless the second time around. 

7.   Photos – We always have duplicates of the same photo; we only need one.  

Sort them out and put them in albums.  

Once done and stored, it’s so much easier to look at them when you feel the need.

8. Books – Any you have no intention of reading? Do you have the time? 

Decluttering Books

Read once but never again?

Start with these first and only keep the books you will use. 

9.  Old school stuff – We usually keep the stationery and books, thinking we will use them. Sort these out and if you can use them this year for school, great, do so.  

You may have already purchased items for the new school year; well, I doubt you will re-use them again, so toss them out.  

Throw out the worn items and try to sell any books if they are still being used. But if not, throw them out now.

10. Knickknacks – Do you have knickknacks or things on surfaces that you keep for the sake of it but no longer need or like? 

If so, you will always have the memory, but now it’s time to let go and remove them.

Don’t fill the space with anything else or go out and buy something to fill that space.  

I’m sure you have enough if you only keep what’s significant to you and what you love.

11. Furniture  – Are you using any furniture for storage? Can you do without it? If so, remove it, as it will be a space for more stuff to hide. After all, we are trying to clear clutter, not store it.  

For example, a coffee table, what do you have on it? Can those items be rehoused or used somewhere else? Is it being used? 

If not, maybe remove it to see that a clear space may be nicer.

12. Tools – How many tools are the same? How many do you need? 

Men will give a different answer to that than women, but you don’t need toolboxes overflowing. I suggest keeping a couple of tools always used accessibly in the house. The rest of them are in one toolbox in the garage.

13. Do not jump in and do it all at once. It will be too much and take a lot longer than you think.  

Pile of mess

That’s the easy bit, dumping everything in a pile in the middle of the room. 

But, it will be left there and done hastily the next time you attempt to clean it.

Taking step by step and easily, you will target everything in the room bit by bit but decluttering properly.  

We want to finish one space before moving on to another, so you don’t have half jobs in your area.

14.   Being over-sentimental with items can make the process stagnate and, therefore, can’t move forward. Sometimes we need to release things from our lives and let go of progress ahead. The emotional attachment items best serve us when they are no longer in our life. There comes a time when this is necessary, and you have to accept this for the better of yourself.

15. Don’t add another container or pile for the “maybe I will use this later” or “just in case.” I have physically tried this, and it usually doesn’t work as that stuff will be in a container a year later, untouched in the garage or linen cupboard

Try not to hang on to things as it’s better to get them out of your space instead of replacing them elsewhere.

I’m sure some of these tips for decluttering will help, and be sure to share them with friends and family.

Click on the link if you need a refresher on starting your decluttering.

Be reminded that decluttering is all about physically removing items and stuff to give you neat and tidy space, and you feel happier and healthier.

Play some music and start decluttering!

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