2023 New Moon’s Energy and Its Effects On Us

Use the power of the new moon’s energy to achieve your dreams in 2023 or at least get them started.

According to astrology, each new moon brings with it a unique energy that can be used for positive mental and emotional shifts and therefore positive results.

Each new moon has its unique energy associated with it and depending on what astrological sign it is in.

Ultimately, by recognizing and harnessing the new moon’s energy associated with each new moon, we can make sure we’re living our best lives in 2023.

A new moon occurs when the moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun.  The moon will not be visible in the sky and is a good time to experience a fully dark sky.

Every 29.5 days at a precise and predictable time the New Moon sets off a new lunar cycle.

The new moon will always occur in the same zodiac sign as the sun!

In 2023, the new moons will fall in a variety of signs throughout the year.

new moon's energy

This article will give you the new moon’s energy for each month according to the astrology sign.

In 2023, the new moons will fall in a variety of signs throughout the year.

New Moon’s Energy dates for 2023

The times are listed in Perth (Australian Western Time), where I live, however, GMT will give your specific time and location.

Sagittarius’ New Moon’s energy includes:

During the new moon in Sagittarius, we are more open, outgoing and talkative.

Before speaking, we should stop and think about what we are about to say.  But it is important to have all the facts before making any big decisions.

Our minds may wander in the natural world or to distant places or even feel restless for a change of scenery.

Wanting to be philosophical and feeling friendly, energised and optimistic, we can now travel, learn something new or try an adventurous activity that’s a little bit out of our comfort zone.

While we tend to be impatient with details close to home, we are more likely to open our hearts to children and wild animals. 

It’s important not to push yourself too hard and avoid overdoing things.

Aquarius’ New Moon’s energy includes:

Time to look at the future with a brand-new, positive, and hopeful vision.

With the help of friends, activities in groups, or teamwork, you can make great progress.

Brainstorming and problem-solving requires thinking outside the box.

Changing the way you do things or trying a new way altogether could be helpful.

Our focus should be on showing platonic love to others, receiving support, extending a friendly hand and socialising.

Focusing on the present and being detached from the past.  

Relax and take a break from destructive behaviours and emotions.

This is the time for making any renovations and improvements to our lives.

Pisces’ New Moon’s energy includes:

A new moon in Pisces is a time for peace and rejuvenation.

In addition to accepting imperfections in ourselves and others, we should also share a dream with another person.

We all have responsibilities but it is a great time to take an imaginative leap of faith and start a project that needs visualization and imagination.

It is possible that our new beginnings could be powered or driven by an ending in the social or financial department.

We will have a sense of moving forward, so commit to personal goals as we have the chance to make significant changes.

Aries’ New Moon’s energy includes:

The New Moon in Aries is the perfect time to start a positive and passionate new endeavour.

We should re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves and make any important changes.

Time to have solid but realistic plans.

Take the Ram by the horns and take action! 

Time to be confident, and assertive without being abrasive, take charge of our lives and discover our own personal courage.

We can discover the benefits of expressing ourselves with authenticity.

We may be ready to work hard but we can be impulsive or premature.

Risk-taking is on the cards as we learn through experience and action in Aries.

Be revitalised with a change of routine that includes something new and fresh.

Time to learn how to rely on ourselves and to be happy about doing so.  It’s a great feeling knowing you can be self-sufficient without blaming others for not helping out. 

There is most probably some sort of new beginning for the world, hopefully not another virus but maybe in the banking financial system.

Aries’ New Moon’s energy and Total Solar Eclipse includes:

A new moon in Aries with a Total Solar Eclipse (Aries-Libra set).

This eclipse can be felt up to six weeks before and after the actual date.

This evolves strong impulses and pivotal feelings.

Re-evaluating our relationship with ourselves is important right now.

This Aries eclipse highlights and challenges matters of courage, independence, self-assertion, and inspires you to pursue your personal plans.  

Make Aries’s positive qualities a part of your life and embrace the power. 

Among those above just mentioned plus enterprising, directness, and sincerity.

Transform yourself and seize control of your life by defeating the obstacles that hold you back.

Circumstances can show us where we need to be more true to ourselves. We can learn to embrace change and endings as part of our growth journey.

When the eclipse occurs, we are faced with revealing flaws in important systems in our lives that require reworking or starting over. 

We may have some obstacles to overcome as we struggle with our fears and ambitions. 

There may be a need to give up something so that we can move forward. 

The “new” may be unrecognizable, but surrendering to the unknown is necessary.

Avoid jumping to conclusions and asserting ourselves without considering others’ feelings.

There are long-term changes in the works!

Go for it with enthusiasm and assurance – make it happen!

Take a look at the other topics of the previous New Moon in Aries on March 21/22.

Taurus’ New Moon’s energy includes:

The time has come to indulge in the simple pleasures of life and to be in touch with our bodies and nature. 

Stop and smell the roses, and become more aware of what makes you feel comfortable and secure. 

We must reevaluate our relationship with money and possessions and discover what truly brings us happiness.

Inspiration, motivation, and determination support our efforts to start over. 

Ambition can arise from tension, but there can also be paranoia or fear-based behaviour involved.

By making solid and realistic plans, we can create the conditions for reaping the rewards of our new beginnings.

Gemini’s New Moon’s energy includes:

Listening to others and enjoying their perspectives is an important part of improving our communication skills during the New Moon in Gemini.

Evaluate how much information we actually absorb and how friendly, and non-threatening we can be in our communication and social skills. 

Life offers us the opportunity to make important changes.

We may experience some disillusionment at this time before embarking on our new journey. 

We can be wrestling with perceptions and expectations. New beginnings can be motivated by discomfort with our past, but it can be hard to see where we are headed.

Cancer’s New Moon’s energy includes:

At this New Moon in Cancer, we should honour our deepest, most irrational, and most intimate feelings. 

Knowing that whatever we call home provides us with a sense of security and safety.

Allowing ourselves to accept support and offer support to others.

We can improve and enhance our domestic lives or embark on major long-term projects. 

We have the opportunity to make important changes in our lives, which will benefit us on this new moon’s energy.

Now is the time to formulate a plan and get ready for the rewards that await us at the end.

Important to monitor one’s actions for signs of overdoing or acting in a paranoid or fear-driven manner.

Outside forces or circumstances may influence your decision to start fresh. 

There is much inspiration to draw upon for our efforts to begin anew.

Leo’s New Moon’s energy includes:

The new moon in Leo will help us focus on new ways to enhance our romantic life, creative endeavours in hobbies, and our relationship with children. It will also help us build self-confidence and healthy pride in ourselves.

We may have some lessons involving self-acceptance, taking responsibility for one’s own life, and generosity toward others.

We may develop and incorporate into our personalities some or all of the qualities associated with Leo, such as a tendency to be proud and noble, generous, hospitable, caring, warm, authoritative, and active.

Meditation can help deal with any of these issues if practised consistently. 

The sign of Leo in your birth chart indicates which area of light you should focus on improving.

It’s a great time to explore the inner child inside us, the one who once expressed creativity freely.

We can make positive changes in our lives that will benefit us, by making plans and setting the stage.

Surprise, rebellion, and sudden events happening may occur during the new moon in Leo.

Virgo’s New Moon’s energy includes:

We’ll be looking for new ways to get our day-to-day life organized, this will be a priority.

The area most affected in your birth chart will be wherever Virgo is.

The new moon in Virgo’s traits is analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, and conscientious.  How can we use these traits to enrich our personalities?

This an excellent time to commit to personal goals that relate to Leo such as work, health, self-care, habits, and anything that requires attention to details and freeing our minds of clutter. These are related to this new moon’s energy in Leo.

We’re filled with innovative, inventive, and unusual ideas. 

Just a reminder—Mercury is currently in retrograde (and other planet aspects), so it’s possible that you might feel impulsive or unsure about something. If you’re considering making a big move or decision, take your time and be sure that you’re making the right choice for yourself.

Libra’s New Moon’s energy includes:

The New Moon in Libra is all about balance and seeing both sides of an issue or problem.

It’s time to work on the relationship between healthy equals, see other perspectives, and balance opposing needs. 

The Libra moon encourages sweetness, beauty, gentle comfort, and the peace of social justice.

Plan time for connecting with your spouse and close friends (harmony).

We are ambitious but dependent too.

Being completely honest with ourselves and with others is essential.

Spending time at home may be high on the agenda with this new moon’s energy.

With this new moon’s energy be mindful of indecisions or a need to please others – remember that being fair and kind does not mean being a pushover.

Scorpio’s New Moon’s energy includes:

Our wit and temper are sharpened but we are broody, sultry, possessive, and introspective with a dark sense of humour.  

We want to research, examine look at the worst-case scenario and know we’re prepared for anything.

Feeling intense and passionate and our emotions are super deep right now. 

Reflect on your fears and habits and release what’s holding you back.

Try not to take everything personally and keep in mind that your suspicions might be unfounded. 

In the bedroom, this new moon’s energy could be passionate and hot.

new moon's energy 2

Now you have the information about the new moon energy and each sign it’s in each month for 2023.

New beginnings can be ignited through alignment with any or all of the new moons for 2023.  

Now that you know when (times and dates), decide in advance which New Moon Rituals you will be doing, so you can be well prepared.

Connecting with the new moon can provide grounding and a sense of direction.

The new moon’s energy is a powerful tool for achieving anything you want!

A saying goes, “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen” but with the moon around there is no limit to what can happen.

When you do this consistently, you will see the changes in your life. You must have clear intentions, make thoughtful plans, and then execute your actions to be successful in life.

Keeping patience, and progressing slowly and steadily, will lead you to success when it is your time.

Have fun and best of luck with the new moon energy!

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