8/8 Lions Gate Portal Energy 8 August 2022, Is A Very Lucky, Auspicious For Getting What You Want.

8/8 Lions Gate Portal Energy

Every year we experience the 8/8 Lions Gate Portal Energy opening up for us all to take advantage of, so read on.

This Lions Gate Portal energy is a highly spiritual and charged time that starts on the day of the 8th and is very powerful and potent but each day after the energy decreases.  Action must be taken on the day or shortly thereafter.

With the combination of the Sun in Leo and the rising star, Sirius energy a galactic portal opens that allows high vibrational energy to be sent to Earth, which we can all tune into and connect with.

brightest star

Sirius is one of the brightest stars; it’s known as our Spiritual Sun.

While the Sun illuminates our physical world, which is an illusion, our Spiritual Sun illuminates the truth of our timeless soul.

Gateway to Heaven

The ancients believed it was the gateway to heaven and the home of higher vibrational beings.

It is also associated with DNA activation and higher realms of consciousness, making 8/8 a super potent time to charge and clear our energy for receiving.

This particular year Lions Gate Portal energy is extra auspicious as the numbers 8/8/2022 add up to a Master Number 22.  This means it’s a year for Building; building wealth, building foundations or anything that will withstand the test of time.

Also at this time, it means Change and Transformation.       

Whatever abundance you would like to manifest in your life, it is more likely to be supported by the universe.  Especially if it causes great transformation and change to happen in your life as this is one of the Lions Gate Portal energy. 

The number 8 represents power, abundance, prosperity, wealth, manifesting and infinity.  

Making 8/8 one of the most magical days of the year!

Lions Gate Portal Energy

The Lions Gate Portal energy brings high-frequency energy our way which is great for manifestation, healing, and spiritual work.

Use the energy of this day to be gentle with yourself, practise self-care, and set intentions for the months to come.

It is important to make sure you stay grounded while doing any work on this day.

Lions Gate Portal Energy

The following are the 8/8 Lions Gate Portal energy:

~  Heart healings: Any heart wounds, old or current, may arise for healing.  Finally, feel free of any pain that lives in your heart. For more guidance see Do you have a closed heart? Find out now! 

~  Third eye awakenings: This activates the third eye chakra and makes us feel more intuitive or learn something new about how our intuition speaks to us. Our intuition is vital; this is the best time to learn and work or even begin.

Going Within

 ~  Higher Chakra Openings: We have seven main chakras in our body but we have minor and more sensitive chakras that can be activated and awakened. This helps us to tap into new wisdom and higher spiritual knowledge.

 ~  Psychic downloads: We are likely to receive psychic downloads. These come through our dreams, visions, spirit guides and angels, or through simply hearing things while in a state of relaxation. Meditation and automatic writing are great ways to open to this energy and receive guidance.

~  Visitations: We likely receive messages, dreams, signs, and visits from our loved ones who have passed and from our spirit guides and guardian angels.

~  Freedom: True personal freedom is to live as you are, to do what you want, and to spend time with people you like.


~  Peace: Spending time in nature and meditation is a great way to tap into this peaceful energy and use it for healing and restoring your mind, body, and soul.

~  Creativity: It is the perfect opportunity to try a new creative project or take action on a creative project you have been looking at doing.

~  Infinity: The infinite soul that we are and the infinite journey we take.

~  Abundance:  What area of your life would you like to have abundance?  

An abundance of money, wealth and resources.

An abundance of love, romantic or friendships.

An abundance of success, a career. 

An abundance of free time and less restrictions.

Which Lions Gate Portal energy resonates for you?

Abundance Ritual

This technique is just an addition to making your abundance even stronger for the 8/8 Lions Gate Portal energy. It takes you to a higher vibration which can help you amplify the energy of manifesting more likely to happen.

Find a quiet place where you can relax and not be disrupted as this needs your full concentration.

Then get four high vibrational objects that you have.  These are usually objects that are natural and come from the earth such as rocks, crystals, essential oils, flowers or something that has meaning to you.


Put each item around you as if you are in a portal, within the 8/8 Lions Gate energetic portal.

Set the intention for why you are using this energetic portal, either from the list above or your own.  

Whatever it is for you, tell the universe out loud “I am using this energetic portal on the 8th of 8th to manifest more abundance in the area of wealth money and resources or I am using this energetic portal on the 8th of 8th to manifest more abundance in the area of love”.  

Take several deep breaths in and out and rest your head, keep going with your breaths. 

Start imagining that the Universe is pouring in the things you want and feel this portal that you have created. So, if it’s money or an abundance of wealth imagine cash, checks, gold, diamonds, etc.

Imagine your abundance is filling up your portal, higher and higher until it starts flowing over to the floor and room.

When you are physically feeling your ecstatic emotions of happiness and enjoyment of all the abundance you are receiving.

That’s the time to open your eyes. 

For the rest of the day surround yourself with this personal portal you have created for yourself, everywhere you go for the whole day of 8/8.

feeling your ecstatic emotions

So be sure to take the time to set some goals, and write down some affirmations for yourself. 

Learning the Lions Gate Portal energy can awaken you to your true potential.

Try the abundance ritual! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is a very exciting time and a chance for you to get whatever you want.

Make the most of this auspicious 8/8 day and use the Lions Gate Portal energy!

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