8 Types of Chaos That You May Need To Focus On

Chaos is a powerful force and can make your life difficult. Many people find it challenging to manage the chaos. This article will talk about the eight types of chaos that may need your focus. 

From managing and juggling your home, work, relationships, finances, health, errands, and everything in between, life can undoubtedly be described as chaotic with just about anyone you speak with! 

The best way to handle chaos is by accepting it. Taking the necessary steps focusing on:

  1. What are the problems you need to sort out?
  2. Work out the cause of it.
  3. Sorting out your feelings.
  4. Communicating with people involved.
  5. Grounding yourself.
  6. Finding peace.

If you need help with the above, each step is explained in Chaos: The Ultimate Personal Guide.

Types of Chaos

Which of these types of chaos is affecting your life somehow? Answer the questions to help you with the first two steps.

Types of chaos that may be affecting you

Which of these types of chaos is affecting your life in some way? Answer the questions to help you with the first two steps.

Chaos with Money

You may be feeling the pressure of not being able to keep up with your bills, mortgage payments, insurance premiums, retirement or savings plans, etc. 

money chaos

It is vital for you to make sure that you are living within your means because if things get out of control as it can lead down a dangerous path into further debt. 

With the workload of regular jobs, how do you feel about having to take on a second or more?

Having a separate bank account for emergencies is crucial. Contribute to this fund regularly for emergencies. Having an expense come up without warning or even worse, losing a job will cause financial instability.

It is easier to spend money than save it.

Anything could happen, and you should always be prepared for the future.

Chaos Within Yourself

Have you got too many responsibilities and don’t know where to start?

You procrastinate way too much because there are so many things on your plate.

Not enough time in the day, and you need time for yourself?

Do you have emotional baggage or need to work on your belief system?

Fixing self chaos comes first

Your chaos within is the hardest to deal with because you are the only one that can work on this and physically needs doing. 

Acknowledge what you need to do, and then you can start making changes if need be so that things begin running smoothly again!

Once you take a step back and assess what is going on in your life, grab a free copy of Your Personal Journey which will help you in the right direction.

YOU need to feel better about yourself and find peace within.

Chaos with Health

Are you’re going through illness or a major injury, then physical chaos could be what’s affecting you most deeply. You want to get through this with as little pain as possible. It will help if you understand the healing process and what is going on with your body.

This can help you make informed decisions about what is safe for you and not so much.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your health?

Do you feel symptoms of sickness and fatigue, too many aches and pains to name, or are you just having a hard time coping?

It is imperative that you find the cause for this chaos before it takes over as an epidemic! Make sure you take care of yourself by eating well and staying healthy.

Do not rely on the google doctor and actually physically see a doctor.

Chaos with Family/Home

Things can get out of control with family members and the home, but knowing how to handle it, maybe supervision or discipline is in order, I know you can!

You are doing the best you can as a mum, but some days seem harder than others.

Lack of order at home and chaos with family could be from a variety of things:

-cleaning up after everyone all day and night

-picking up after everyone

-cooking meals when needed (at different times)

-too much arguing, always fighting

-family members don’t get along with one another 

-family fighting because of the type of food they eat 

-children find it difficult to manage their own time 

-problems with aging parents who need caregiving

-taking care of themselves while also caring for their parent(s)?)

family and home chaos can get out of control easily

Chaos with family can be tough to deal with and hard to cope with, no matter your problems.

If you can, reach out for some support from your family, friends or community.

Chaos in a Marriage/Relationships

Chaos in a marriage can be a difficult thing to talk about. We often assume that our spouse is going through the same things we are when in reality, they’re not.

It can be easy for us to see only what we want, rather than getting an accurate view of our partner’s thoughts and feelings.

You may experience emotional turmoil because someone close to you has changed, feelings have been hurt, or even worse, they’ve cheated on us! 

You might not know how to fix the marriage, or you’re scared of what will happen if you do 

When there are problems in a marriage, it can be hard for people to communicate their feelings and get them out into the open.  

Chaos with Friends 

Close friends are supportive but can be distressing when you have problems and chaos.

You feel like they’re not really your friend anymore. 

A disagreement or an argument has left one person feeling hurt, abandoned and unwilling to reconnect with the other party.

An agreement where both people will start hanging out less often or no longer share common interests.

Either you or they have a stronger or bossy personality. 

Manipulation whenever is needed.

Mistrust or Jealousy. 

Chaos at Work

Chaos in the workplace is very difficult to deal with as it’s where you need to go every day and maybe for long lengths of time. Remember, the day will end, and that’s when you can relax. It would be awesome if your work environment were pleasant and enjoyable.

Heavy demands on your physical labour and strength from working long hours at work or outside jobs

Other people are not fulfilling their duties, so you have to complete them.

Very demanding, need to stay back, do extra time, etc.

Your boss never gives you praise.

You are the go-to person but barely getting a thank-you. 

I am saying only a few as I can keep going, but I’m sure you get it.

Chaos in the World/TV

The news we watch is full of chaos as it shows us what’s going on in the world.

Each new headline is about terror attacks, conflicts in other countries or natural disasters. 

world chaos

For hundreds of years, people have experienced poverty and are still looking for water in some countries in the world. Still giving donations and sponsoring children We’ve more countries than ever before.

We’ve been living in this sort of chaos and turmoil for years, and 2020 was particularly hard for everyone. Most of us have never had all the rules and restrictions that constrict our freedom before, but it is here to stay for a long time as it will be ongoing.  

Our lives will be changing if we like it or not. The Government has a lot of control over our freedom or the lack of it.  

You can control the impact of this chaos as to what you decide to watch on tv, what and if you believe and how you deal with it, especially within your immediate space.

8 types of chaos

Do any of these 8 major types of chaos ring true for your current experience?

The types of chaos we all experience in our lives can affect us greatly, but the good news is that there are many different ways to deal with it.

How you deal with chaos is up to you, and it may change how things will happen for a long time, if not forever. The more we can control our own space, the less there will be any outside influences on us.

No matter what type of chaos you’re dealing with, there are ways to cope and feel better. The greatest personal achievement is finding peace within ourselves, resolving inner and outer conflict.

All the experiences we go through in life, usually the unpleasant ones, encourage us to grow and grow our body, mind, and soul.

It is a great time to focus on your inner growth and understand yourself to evolve.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by any of these, take a break and reflect on these eight major categories. I love to read quotes, these are some Chaos quotes.

If any of the types of chaos listed resonate with you, or if your situation seems more complex than a typical example, I would love to hear from you to guide how best to move forward towards healing.

Any progress we make for ourselves is awesome!

We all should strive to be strong and confident with any decisions we make and genuinely be happy and peaceful with ourselves.

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