8 Ways For Changing Your Perspective Of Life

8 Ways For Changing Your Perspective Of Life

Changing Your Belief System

Changing your perspective of life is necessary to take charge with any internal and external conflicts that you may have.  Move forwards with only your beliefs so life changes for the better in every way.

The mind has the sub-conscious and the conscious, known as our belief system or guidance system.

The sub-conscious mind is the memory bank for our beliefs, experiences and memories, basically everything you have seen, done and thought. Information from the sub-conscious is then filtered and decides what is passed on to the conscious mind.

Your memories, images of the past or thoughts about anything is the sub-conscious mind communicating to your conscious mind.

Our conscious makes us physically do things and say things and is aware of any wrong doing.

Changing your perspective of life can be done by resetting you sub-conscious mind with different and positive thoughts (out with old and in with the new).

Improving Your Mind For The Better

The beliefs what you have now are formed from other people. Things that were drummed into you from your parents and friends, maybe a teacher or from your childhood. They could be right or wrong either way it belongs to someone else not you.

Maybe somebody has really hurt you or there is an experience that has left some trauma in you and it’s been hanging around in your energy.

When we think we are nothing and we are undeserving and unloved and not likeable, you don’t get there on your own, it’s life experience that helps with

Once you get on that path of self-destructed belief system, not knowing value and having your own inner light dim, you attract a low vibrational experience that will reaffirm that.

All life experiences have shaped the perception of self and your beliefs you have right now.It’s been tainting your experiences and it’s time to be free of that.

Forget what everyone in your life has said or made you believe.


Time to let it all go, erase all those bad and non-meaningful thoughts and memories.

changing your perspective with positive thinking

Clear your mind and start fresh.

Start changing your subconscious to what you need, want and truly believe. Like a new mind map with only the good and positive beliefs you choose to have.

When you work on this, then you can let new energies in and you will be aligning to new and wonderful experiences.

“Understanding how your own mind operates frees you to become the person you truly are.”

Your mind wants to keep you safe…. but only according to the rules it has learned.

True freedom comes when you learn to choose to change your beliefs that running on default.”

8 Ways of Changing Your Perspective of Life – Sub-conscious

Use the power of mind for changing your beliefs. The thoughts and beliefs that aren’t making you go in the right direction for your life. You need to work on having new and positive perspectives of life. Willingness and doing simple ways is required for your first step in the right direction for changing your perspective of your life.

1. Forgiveness

Have you ever thought, I can’t forgive someone or shouldn’t have to. Our ego is in the way to forgiving people in our lives. Forgiveness is one of the major lesson we all must learn in life.

It’s the only way to remove any negative, low vibrational energies, sabotaging thoughts and behaviours out of our mind. One of the main reasons why we must forgive, is that then we physically free ourselves, our mind of any lower vibrational energy that holds us back.


Of course, it’s not forgotten, but that heavy load that you’re carrying gets lifted off of you.

Whatever another person has done to you, that was their choice and nothing to do with you.

We need to forgive those whom have done wrong by you or you to them.

We need to forgive ourselves in making any wrong choices or mistakes.

You have to be the bigger person so you can move forward.

The Power of Mind can be so destructive as well as so changeable to what you need it to be, which takes a lot of work on your part.

I know this could be very hard or even think that it’s impossible but you have to try to believe that it is only for the good for you and not the other person involved.

2. Visualising with your Heart and Mind

It may have been a long time since you have listened to your heart. Do this by breathing in deeply, extend your breath and listen to your heart, let yourself reconnect to your heart space and feel how your heart is feeling, connect to your inner-self so you can create a life from here.

If your heart feels quite heavy, you may require some meditation first or relax in any way that will make you feel lighter within.

sync your heart and mindThe idea is to get your mind in the same feelings as your heart and vice versa.

For Example: When you think of someone, is your heart feeling great and excited and is your mind having good and excited thoughts about that person? If not, change your thoughts to think of the good times you have with that person is in your mind so it matches your feelings in your heart.

When your mind has lovely thoughts about someone and your heart is not the same, you must work on this.

Feel those emotions in your heart of loving yourself, being positive, great thoughts and dreams you have then fill your mind with the same thoughts and visualise it.

In your mind, see your dreams and thoughts in front of you as it’s your reality, happening now in your life and feeling those emotions in your heart.

For when both heart and mind are in sync life changes for the better.

3. Being in the NOW

Our minds are full of too much information, too many things to remember and do, sometimes while doing things our minds drift off thinking about other things.

When fully focus on the present or task you’re doing in the current moment, you’re being in ‘the now’.In the Now

We are more likely to do a better job and complete it faster when you concentrate on that one job or task.

Concentrate means to be mentally focused one’s attention on a particular activity, what your physically doing or an object and observing it properly with no distractions.

As your mind is on the go all the time it’s sometimes quite hard to be the now.

Being in the now will relax your mind as your thinking of only one thing.

You need to be mindful of every moment, practice this so it will become easier and second nature.

4. Breathing Exercises

Breathing is very important and a lot of us don’t do it properly.

Take a deep breath, Inhale Exhaleconcentrating on breathing in the nose, mouth closed, slowly filling up your lungs with air so your chest and abdomen (stomach) moves forward and is full, try staying like this for a couple of seconds.

Slowly breathing out the air through your mouth making your abdomen moving back into place (even try bringing it in further and sucking it right in) and holding for a couple of seconds.

Do these steps enough times to lower your heart rate and feel relaxed. By doing these breathing exercises regularly, the seconds become longer each time.

Can you feel a difference in the way you’re feeling?

Try this exercise while reading this article (just not too relaxed that you fall asleep).

The easiest times to do this exercise is when you’re doing another task, like housework or exercising, but no matter what you’re doing, breathe and concentrate on the task your doing.

Slowing down your mind and becoming calm always helps us with making rational and good decisions.

5. Exercise daily, a minimum of 20 minutes

If you can go outside for at least 20 minutes a day to exercise either walking, cycling or running helps you with clearing your mind.

Some of us can’t go outside, if so, there is nothing stopping you from walking around your kitchen or dining table or around a couple of rooms where you have some space. You get my gist, try something, it’s always better than nothing.

Exercise is known to reduce the body’s stress hormones and stimulates a chemical that is responsible for feeling relaxed.

When your mind is relaxed, changing your perspective will become easier.

This is the time to think and visualise your dreams and of course feeling those emotions in your heart.

6. Meditation

Meditation comes in various forms, not only the guided meditation which is the most common.  When I started doing meditation, I would simply fall asleep, sometimes still do, so I understand. Said to myself “I can’t meditate” and didn’t bother until I found out that there are other ways of meditation.

One form of meditation that I started with was just doing nothing. Sit, relax, stare at something that gives you pleasure or makes you smile and concentrate on your breathing, as above in Step 4.

Candle Meditation is when you just watching a lit candle, focus on the flame, concentrating on the brightness of the flame, the height of it, how it so still or moving. Try making the flame go higher with your mind.

See that light within you and within your heart.

Affirmation Meditation is when you repeat a phrase or words to gain focus, clarity or want you want in your life.

My Daily Affirmations

If you need specific affirmations for your needs, there are available many availbable on you-tube and online.

Say them when you wake up in the morning then at night before going to bed.

Try this for 30 days in a row, and don’t worry if you forget a day or two, just do it when you remember.

Guided or Music Meditation is great and is easily accessible you-tube.

My God! they do work, if you can get into this without falling asleep that would be great, it’s the best feeling afterwards, even if you watch some of it.

There are all sorts out there, so finding the specific one for your needs can be found.

7. De-cluttering your mind and the space around you

De-cluttering means removing unnecessary items from an untidy or overcrowded place.

Removing mess and clearing up space, deciding whether items in your space belong or need to be removed.

The mind is usually overcrowded at the best of times, so de-cluttering your mind by removing unnecessary beliefs and thoughts.

Things you no longer believe are true or justified. Replacing them with new and positive versions and beliefs.

The space around you that may be untidy needs to be de-cluttered as well.

By removing the clutter around you, you remove it from your sight therefore from you mind.

Doing this will improve your processing of thoughts, making decisions for the better and focusing on the things that matter to you mentally and physically.

8. Listening to Your Intuition

Sometimes by overthinking we can make decisions that aren’t so good and therefore not even using our minds at all but going with our intuition instead, we make better choices.

We need to align with our inner voice, your intuition are your personal guides and angels that speak to you through your intuition.

By allowing yourself to get out of the mental body and pull away from the emotional body, we can connect to our guides that give us messages all the time through our inner voice and your intuition.

Doing this we make choices that are more from our highest good.

Your guides wants you to be confident and sure of yourself, to have abundance in your life through material, love and connections. Connect with your inner-self … Another benefit of Meditation .

Our perspective of life will definitely change once you see the great benefits of listening to your intuition.

“I release any beliefs that no longer assists in my soul growth”

Workout your new Beliefs, Value’s and Dreams

Write down want you want to believe or beliefs that need changing, your value’s and your dreams. Don’t forget to be grateful in what you have already.

Look back over your list if anything negative, cross it out and replace it with a positive sentence.

For example: “I have to work so hard every day or I love some time not working, physically daydream of working then being able to go home early one or two days in the week.

Dream of taking some holidays and doing something you’re wanting to catch up with and just doing something for you, relaxing, going to the beach, a walk or just sitting outside and doing nothing.

In your mind, see your dreams and thoughts in front of you as it’s your reality, happening now in your life and feeling those emotions in your heart.

Manifest your dreams and live an inspiring and fulfilling life.

Do your own Personal Journey.

The benefits of Improving Your Belief System

When you power your mind, improve your mind, take charge of your thoughts or any internal conflict of beliefs, automatically you feel uncluttered and busy.

Once you’ve started doing this for yourself, your physically discovering spiritual awareness and half-way to having a spiritual awakening.

Feel with your heart, have your mind thinking the same as your heart is feeling, heart and mind in sync, your potential will be endless.

Everything will shift, long held beliefs will change, things will fall into place, answers will come to you, positive things will happen, new opportunities and new life experience will come about and you attract the same people as you.

This will help you find clarity so you can grow and evolve, know our worth, know our value and come into our true life purpose.

In this space you come back to life, back to understanding, discover your true self, worth and value, listening to your inner voice becomes easier, you feel awaken and revitalised.

You will be rewarded, you will grow, find your calling, finding your knowing and unstoppable.

You will believe in yourself, radiate, shine your light and naturally feel good.

TRY THIS: Meditation You-tube this helped me immensely, check out one of my favourite Meditations – Let go of Fear, Overthinking & Worries.

Your can stay centered no matter what’s happening in your life.


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6 thoughts on “8 Ways For Changing Your Perspective Of Life

  1. Amazing article! There are so many stressors in our daily lives that we sometimes forget to take the time to help our bodies heal. Physically, mentally and spiritually. I love meditation. I find it helps me so much. Have you ever heard of the Om Meditation method? Vibration is life. The sound of your own voice in it’s purest form is incredibly healing.



  2. Hello there – Thanks for such a wonderfull article. I truly believe in the concept and power of sub conscious mind and how it acts as a memory bank and can help change ones perpective. It was super inspirational and more so a reinforcement of what I have learnt while doing yoga. I’ve just started to meditate and was wondering is there a specific time of the day where meditation can yield optimal results?

  3. This is absolutely useful for my condition right now. Throughout this past few months, I’ve been a bit depressed about my life, especially after I lost my job due to the pandemic. I need to change my perspective to avoid depression. Meditation and listening to intuition are good suggestions, as I will do it right away. Thanks

    1. Thank you Alblue for you comment, try to practice some of these regularly and it will become second nature to you.  

      You might find my other articles interesting as well.

      Take care

      Love and Light   

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