I’m Ivonne,

Fixing Your Chaos is my passion, to help people with self and spiritual issues.

Helping people to fix the chaos in their lives is a passion of mine. I believe that everyone deserves to live a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life, and it’s my goal to assist them in achieving this.

The stress and chaos that so many people face on a daily basis can be incredibly debilitating, affecting all aspects of their lives, from their health to their relationships to their sense of purpose.

As someone who is deeply committed to personal growth and self-improvement, I have a strong desire to help others with their own self-issues. We all have the potential to be our best selves, but we often struggle with our own internal demons and insecurities that hold us back. Whether it’s low self-esteem, past trauma, or limiting beliefs, I believe that everyone deserves the chance to work through these challenges and come out on the other side as a more confident, resilient, and fulfilled person.

I am a spiritual person and want to help people increase their spiritual awareness and connect with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life. Everyone has a unique spiritual journey and it is through exploring this journey that we can find greater fulfillment, joy, and peace.


That’s why I am dedicated to offering guidance and resources to those who are seeking to work through their own self-issues and create a happier, healthier life for themselves. Also, anyone who is seeking to deepen their spiritual awareness and build a stronger connection with their inner selves and the world around them.

about Ivonne

I am passionate about helping others to identify their strengths, overcome their obstacles, achieve their full potential, helping others to find their own path to spiritual growth and to live a life filled with purpose, meaning, and happiness.

Love and Light

Ivonne Coon

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