Hi! I’m Ivonne

I am all about helping you with fixing your chaos that you may occur in your life.

I recognised the chaos in my life earlier on and made changes to be a better person.

Taking responsibility for your life and working out that only you can do it was the first step I learned.

about Ivonne

When you feel that something is missing in your life, you automatically think it’s love, a partner or something else; usually, something within ‘you’ is a miss.

There is no other way than doing inner work to help you with the necessary changes. As inner-work helps with awareness, then heal so you can move forward and have better experiences.

Spiritual growth is an ongoing process that I’ve been doing for many years and always learning.

The way you see yourself and what you want in life and act as you’ve got it already is is how you make your reality.

I want to share my knowledge with everyone, and if I help you in any way, then I have accomplished another thing in my life.

Love and Light

Ivonne Goergenyi