be reminded of the magic

Be reminded of the magic

The full moon is truly magical. Find out how it can change your life for the better!
If you’re in Perth, it’s tomorrow at 2.39pm.

Magic surrounds us everywhere! When you truly believe, you will feel it and see it.

The magic of synchronicities and validations that have meaning for you.

Synchronicities happen when the energy of your thought and will matches with the energy outside in the form of decision, people’s thoughts or external collective energies. Synchronistic events are usually one-time things that happened spontaneously and without any prior planning from you.

Validations are when your thoughts and will are in agreement with outside events. They happen often and without any effort from you to make them happen, but they still require a little bit of confirmation that the event was not just coincidental or accidental.

During meditation you may feel love from God, the angels, and loved ones in Spirit.

Spirit gives us signs and symbols everyday to remind us that we are not alone.

Disconnecting from your day to day life and really sit with your thoughts and tune within, shifting in consciousness can improve your mood, heal old wounds, and remind you of who you truly are as a Soul and where you come from.

So set your intentions daily as you never know when the magic will happen.

Don’t forget to pay attention, acknowledge it and receive it graciously.

It is truly magical!

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