Do You Have a Closed Heart? Find Out Now!

Not sure if you have a closed heart? Please find out the list of symptoms and understand the causes and ways to remedy them.

For your life to open up to reach your fullest potential and become your authentic self, then working on your heart is needed!

To open and keep your heart open when you’ve had it closed is a challenge for most of us.

Life and your experiences are happening for you, not you, and you are always trying to keep your heart open.

Allow yourself to let go of any hurt or loss you have encountered and open up. It won’t be easy, but the ability to do so will free you up for more opportunities.

Be ready and willing to make a change, even if it’s small. Remember that a tiny step can lead to something big!

And then, in the not-too-distant future, you may realize that what broke you down is a blessing in disguise.

Getting in touch with your feelings when feelings are FELT from your heart, you will discover that way to unlock all of your true potential is through the heart.

Say ‘no’ to your closed heart, do the inner work, and find your authentic self when you let your heart lead the way.

Do you have a closed heart? 

You need to acknowledge that you have a closed heart so you can open it. This is the only way to receive more love and joy in your life.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Is your Heart closed?

The best way to do self-reflection is, to be honest with yourself at all times.

We think we are protecting ourselves, so we don’t feel and shut ourselves off.

Sometimes we believe our hearts are open; we see it’s not when going within.

If your heart is closed, opening it requires some personal work.

Why do you have a closed heart? 

It is essential to recognize anything that may have closed your heart in so many ways. 

Please be completely honest. If the below statements apply to you, write them down in a Journal.

Some examples of why you may have a closed heart:

closed heart and not letting one in
  • Any childhood pain or trauma like sexual abuse, physical or verbal abuse.
  • Any childhood trauma, energy imprints, or fragments carried over from a past life.
  • Had the loss of a loved one/relationship.
  • someone has done something to hurt you, and you can’t forgive them.
  • Closed off your heart for a particular reason.  
  • Had any romantic disappointments?
  • Certain memories from your past may still bring up a lot of painful emotions even when they’re – I feel like I am not good enough

Reasons to Unblock your Closed Heart. 

When love is lost, we may be afraid to open our hearts again and automatically close ourselves off, and need to love ourselves as well. When you don’t love yourself, you will allow other people to bring toxic thoughts/situations into your life.

It is not until your heart’s energy is unblocked, dealt with, and healed that you can open it up.

Most painful memories are buried deep down, but they have to make their way up to the surface with the energy it carries along with them. It will be felt and could be painful and uncomfortable, but you need to keep going to do the next step.  

Once things have come to the surface, you need to acknowledge and accept what happened to you and make peace with it. I know you’re saying to yourself – “how can I do that!” The requirement here is to say to yourself, “It did happen to me (sometimes at no fault of your own); I acknowledge this”.

Only when the above is completed can you release it from your mind and body? Now you can say, “And now let myself be free from any energy and emotions that are attached to me so I can move forward”. This is releasing it.

The best time to release things is on a Full Moon, do a release ceremony.

You can do nothing about the past, but you’re in control of your future.

There will be times when you have to do the necessary self-work. This can initially seem too difficult, returning to painful memories and experiences, but it is important before opening your heart again.

If you neglect this work, go against it, or reject it,  situations in your life will keep recurring until you physically do something about it.

How to Open Your Heart?

There are lots of ways to open your heart. These are some easy-to-understand and do practices:

  • Slow down your heartbeat by concentrating on your breath.
  • Self-Love, mirror work.
  • Practice being Still.  Practice being in the ‘Now.’
  • What physical signs that happen to you, when you start feeling anxious or angry?
  • Work out your underlying beliefs.  
  • Connect to your Heart.
  • Ground Yourself.
  • Centre Yourself.
  • Start speaking to yourself with only positive words and everyone else.
  • Have no negativity or judgment toward yourself and others.
  • Show respect for yourself and people close to you.
  • Have compassion for yourself first, then other people. 
  • Affirmations help with everything.
  • Making heartfelt choices
  • Self Love meditation
  • Follow your gut or follow your intuition.  
Joy of Being

The universe invites us to open our hearts, and by choosing some of the self-explanatory practices mentioned above, we can help achieve this.

You must unblock your heart, and it may take some time or in-depth work.

Take some time out for yourself today and start writing in your Journal. You’re making progress!

When you are ready to take the next step of opening your heart, properly read Listen to Your Heart, and Your Heart will Guide You.

Each of us is gifted with talents and skills, which can be identified by looking at what we are passionate about and inspired to do.

Joy will lead you to a vibrant and healthy life.

Get in touch with your emotions and the feelings that come up when you think about or contemplate, and don’t forget to write them down.

Your heart is the key to unlocking all of your true potential for peace and clarity.

Listen to your heart!

Remember, you should always follow your gut feelings and intuition.

Make your choices by listening to your heart and following the steps you’re guided to take.

If you feel like it’s right, follow that feeling to get out of your head and into your heart.

Access your powerful creation that exists inside all of us, your heart. Everything must be FELT within the heart.

When you are at this point and doing this in your life, that means you’re in the 5D not the 3D anymore. Your life will turn around so quickly for the better; it’s the most blissful feeling and at the highest frequency.

Your heart knows the way and wants to take you where you need to go in LIFE!

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