Closed Heart or Open Heart? – Working On Your Heart

Closed Heart or Open Heart? – Working On Your Heart

Do you want your life to open up to reach your fullest potential and become your Authentic Self, then working on your heart is needed!

A challenge of life, for most of us, is to keep your heart open when you have a closed heart.

Life and your experiences are happening for you, not to you and is always trying to keep your heart open.

Allow yourself to open up through any hurt or loss you have encountered, allow yourself to let things go, let them fall away, no matter how much it hurts.

Many of us are going through a difficult time right now, instead of cursing the difficulty, see it as a blessing.  What ever you are in life at this moment, open yourself up to the truth about how you really feel about your life.

Then in the not-too distant future, you may realise the thing that broke you down, was a blessing in disguise.

Get in touch with your feelings, when you’re feeling are FELT from your heart, you will discover that your heart is the way to unlock all of your true, potential, peace and clarity.

Life will be like a rose each petal unfolding to become a flower in full bloom, reaching your fullest potential.

Your heart knows the way.

Your heart will lead you to your authentic self.

Is your Heart closed?

You need to recognise if you have a closed heart or not otherwise trying to open your heart will be difficult for you.

These are some symptoms and signs of having your Heart closed:

Why Your Heart Is Closed?
Be always honest with yourself when doing self work as it only benefits you.

You won’t be the only one, as this is what we do to ourselves for a safety net.

We’re thinking we are protecting ourselves, so we don’t feel and shut ourselves off.

If your heart is closed, you will have a bit of work to do before you can truly open you heart.

Why you have closed heart?

If any of these resonate with you when reading them, write everything you remember in a Journal.

Have plenty of space to write it all down.

This is important to do, in so many ways.  Once again, please be completely honest.

These are some main reasons why you may have a closed heart:

  • Any childhood pain or trauma like sexual abuse, physical or verbal abuse.
  • Any childhood trauma, energy imprints or fragments carried over from a past life,
  • Had the loss of a loved one.
  • Had the loss of a relationship/s.
  • Closed off your heart for a particular reason.                                   Closed Heart
  • Had any romantic disappointments.

Reasons Why to Unblock Your Heart.   

When love is taken away from us, we are so deeply hurt and automatically close our heart to protect ourselves.

If  you don’t have love for yourself,  you are going to accept treatment from other people that are not healthy.

Until the energy in your  heart is unblocked, are dealt with, healed and developed.

Maybe you’re thinking this is too difficult to do this self work, to return to hurtful and painful experiences or memories but it’s necessary to heal your closed heart before re-opening your heart.

Don’t neglect it, go against it or reject it otherwise it keeps showing up time and time again.

And will only come back stronger until you physically do something about it.

You have pain and have buried it, most probably deep down and haven’t dealt with it.

If your pain is buried deep down, it’s got to make its way to the surface, the energy it carries along the way will be felt when doing this and it will be painful.

Nobody likes this feeling but it will only create problems that need your attention.

Once all your things have come to the surface, you need to acknowledge and accept the situations that have happened to you.

In order to deal with it, you need to make peace with it and release it.

Just remember you can’t change the past but you can move forward.

If  you don’t have love for yourself,  you are going to accept treatment from other people that are not healthy.

Until the energy in your  heart is unblocked, are dealt with, healed and developed.  Then you can open your heart.

How to Open Your Heart?

There are so many ways to open your Heart and these are some of the practices that are easy to understand and do:

  •     Slow down your heart beat by concentrating on your breath.
  •     Self-Love, mirror work.
  •     Practice being Still.  Practice being in the ‘Now.’
  •     What physical signs that happen to you, when you start feeling anxious or angry.
  •     Work out your underlying beliefs.                                                          
  •     Connect to your Heart.
  •     Ground Yourself.
  •     Centre Yourself.
  •     Start speaking to yourself with only positive words and everyone else.
  •     Have no negativity or judgment to yourself and others.
  •     Show respect for yourself and people close to you.
  •     Have compassion for yourself first, then other people.
  •     Affirmations help with everything.
  •     Making heartfelt choices
  •     Self Love meditation
  •     Follow your gut or follow your intuition.

The universe is always inviting us to open our hearts and by choosing some of the above practices, may help you to achieve the opening of your heart.

There are no explanations for the above processes as it is essential that you unblock your Heart first.

Working on your heart to unblock your Heart may take some time and maybe some in-depth work.

As I wanted to keep this article short so you can get started writing in your Journal and make some progress.

When you are ready to take the next step of opening your heart, please follow my article – Listen To Your Heart And Your Heart Will Guide You.

Each of us are gifted with talents and skill which can be identified by looking at the things we are passionate about and inspired to do.

Joy will lead you to a vibrant and healthy life.

Open Your Heart

Get in touch with your feelings your heart is the way to unlock all of your true, potential, peace and clarity.

Remember to always Follow your gut, follow your intuition.

Make your choices by listening to your heart and then following the steps you’re guided to take.

If you feel like it’s right, follow that feeling get out of your head and into your heart.

Access your powerful creation that exists inside all us, It must be FELT, within the heart.

Your heart knows the way.

Your heart wants to take you where you need to go in LIFE!

4 thoughts on “Closed Heart or Open Heart? – Working On Your Heart

  1. It is really a challenge to have an open heart when it is hardest for us and we are facing difficult feelings. And it is true that then it is most important that we have an open heart.
    Excellent article Closed Heart or open Heart, which I read with great interest, thanks for all the important information on how we can determine if we have a closed heart. And what all we can do to open it. And what are the benefits of living with an open heart. Very valuable content.
    Friendly greeting,

  2. Thank you very much for writing such an inspiring article. I can see that I also of those people who has a closed heart, particularly caused by a certain incident that happened in my past. It makes me hard to find a person who I can trust. I think meditation alone can’t help me, so I will try to apply your other advice. Thanks

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