Detailed North Node Report – All You Need To Know

North Node……

Is your destiny that you’re working towards, your future to help you and change to be the best version of yourself.

Once you know all this information you can use it to your advantage and start living your life with outcomes you desire.

All it takes is first, is your awareness and understanding of your inner-self, have a plan and then your actions. 

North Node

Only when you do all three will you be on the right path towards your life purpose and destiny.

The important information you will be receiving about the astrological sign of your North Node:


This is information is more specifically your mannerisms, unique feelings, concerns, etc.

Don’t Need

Characteristics and behaviours that you are used to, very familiar and tend to fall back to as they are from your past lives.

Strengths & Weakness

Your inner blocks. Work on your inner self for the best external experiences.


Where you have certain patterns, stumbling blocks in relating in particular close relationships eg. marriage, partnership.

Need to Develop

Your gifts and talents that you have right now. to help you.

These maybe known to you or still hidden.

Need to be known, worked on and used regularly to help you in every way in life.  

Don’t Go There

These won’t serve you at all and should be a huge warning sign to stay away because the outcome will never be good.

North Node

House Number

Information on your North Node House Number (only if given).



Any other information relevant to your North Node.


Affirmations for Healing

Use these affirmations to develop and strengthen the qualities you feel is important and necessary.

This information from your north node will help you move forward if you’re stuck or not sure which way to go. Also, when you are in stressful situations or any circumstances, for that matter, as you will have the knowledge on how to change your behaviour and your choices.

The sooner you align with yourself, your life path, the more purpose-driven your actions and decisions you will take in life.

You have a purpose, we all have a purpose it’s only when we recognise that is the only way to live life because then everything works out for the best and our highest good.

Detailed North Node Report


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Please Note: Once payment is received please fill out the form with your North Node Astrology Sign, House, etc. The report will be emailed within 48 hours.