Easy Decorating Tips for Making Your Home A Sanctuary

When we think of a sanctuary, it’s usually a clean, light, free-flowing, comfortable and peaceful area, to which we can escape to.

While colour is great and colours have meaning, throughout your sanctuary the best way to keep it free-flowing and unified is by using the same colours throughout.

With decorating the saying is less is more!

Easy Decorating Tips

Painting your walls in a more serene or soothing colour and having one wall a darker tone or another colour is a great way of making your home feel peaceful!

After a while and would like to try something different, do it on one wall only.

Natural light for being bright and cherry

Make sure there is plenty of natural light to keep the mood bright and cheery.

Never place items in front of or cover any part of a window as you need all the natural light as possible. 

No Furniture near Window

Dress your windows with blinds or curtains that are light and airy.  You can always add a second pair of curtains to block out any light at night so you can sleep.

Do not forget about lighting! 

Being able to see where you are walking or what you are working with, is especially important when it comes to making your home a sanctuary. If there are any dark corners or other areas where lighting could be improved, try hanging up some lamps and overhead lights for optimal effect!

Adding dimmers on lights can provide mood lighting when needed.

Incorporate natural elements into your home. 

Using natural materials such as wood, stone and other nature-friendly decorations can help you feel more at peace.

Use different textures and materials to decorate your home. 

By using a mixture of different materials will make spaces look more interesting, while also making them feel softer on the senses! 

Like cotton rugs, wood flooring or soft furnishings.  Maybe even add some lighting that is made from natural materials instead of metal or plastic.

Choose furniture that you love and surround yourself with things that make you happy.   Before buying any furniture, measure the space that you have and take the measuring tape with you when looking to make sure it’s the right size. 

If you’re not sure, sleep on it until you are clear that’s the right item as it’s important to always choose the right pieces of furniture the first time for your sanctuary space.

It’s easy to buy furniture but cancelling an order or returning it is too hard and a complication you simply don’t need.

Do not forget about the furniture layout either! 

If there is any furniture in your home that is not being used as often as you would like, try moving it to another room or re-purposing it for a different purpose! If there are any pieces that do not suit your needs anymore, such as an old armchair that has seen better days; sell them and use the money towards something new.

Incorporate art into the space! 

Having things hanging on the walls helps define your personality. 

Also, can provoke conversation and set the feel or vibe of the space in making your sanctuary.

Choose the right piece or pieces of art when making your home a sanctuary.

Have plants in your home to add some greenery for easy decorating in your sanctuary. 

Bring nature indoors by adding indoor plants, such as a snake plant or bamboo palm!

There are all types of indoor plants that fit in the different natural light setting you have in your sanctuary.

easy plant to look after

Two of my favourites are the ZZ plant as it can tolerate low light and has low water requirements and Mother-In-Law’s Tongue which likes low light and also direct sun plus it doesn’t like to be overwatered.

an easy to look after plant

The use of candle holders either on a table, shelf or on the wall can be a feature especially when its lit.

Lighting candles or if you don’t want to use candles, scented plug-ins or diffusers are other ways to create an inviting atmosphere.

use candles and diffusers to create an inviting atmosphere

Do something special with your bedroom! 

Remembering this is a place for rest and peace. 

Subtle colours or if you must have one loud statement which will make it the centre point.  But, it’s not necessary to have the loud colours incorporated into the whole room.

I recommend, no electronics in the bedroom – tv, radio, clocks, phones etc. You tend to sleep better. If you have trouble sleeping, try this remedy.

Give yourself plenty of storage! 

Having adequate storage ensures everything has its own safe place where clutter cannot accumulate.  Try to take a minimalistic approach if you can, because it will make cleaning and maintaining your home much easier!

Also, avoid adding too much clutter as well.

Remember my main 14 Tips but there are lots of things that you can do to make your home feel cozy, comfortable, and relaxing. You don’t have to spend tons of money or hire experts to help you achieve this goal. 

Having a home you love is one of the most important things in life. 

Hope some of these tips will help you create a relaxing, peaceful and the perfect sanctuary!

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