Full Moon 20 October 2021

Full Moon in Aries October 2021

Full Moons are spooky – time when the werewolves and crazy people come out!  They are exciting and bursting with emotional lunar energy.

A full moon is the build up of days from the past month and the astrological energy comes to a climax.

The moon’s light is shining for you to spend some time by yourself to reflect on the past month.  What you’ve done, what problems or loose ends need to be overcome for you to complete things and setting your intentions for the next month.

It’s all about endings and time for finishing things plus having goals you want to do.  So when the new moon is here you can start something new and exciting and moving forward. 

The power of the full moon can bring things out of hiding and into the light.  

Revealing any hidden things, secrets or any blocks you have so you can take the way for your desired outcome and fulfil your goal.  

Energies of the Aries Full Moon:

 The full moon in Aries is a super – fiery time, when emotions can run very high. On the upside, there’s excitement about what may lie ahead, but tempers are likely to flare, with rash comments or decisions. 

That could be a price to pay if you have been too competitive or too blunt.

Aries Topics

The moon is directly opposite to the Sun (Libra) which means it wants us to see both sides in everything in our lives so we can be balanced.

When either side is neglected, the repercussions will come back to us later.

You need Balance

Having a balance with:

Meeting our personal needs and attending to the needs of a significant other; between independence or autonomy; dependence or companionability; me and you; what you have to want they want (sharing).

When the full moon shines it illuminates our feelings and emotions, which comes forward and we are very conscious about them. So it’s time to let out our emotions – whatever is building up inside we will have the need to express them.  

Take care in doing so as some new feeling and emotions may not be rational, or with some pressure or paranoia.

How are you are honouring yourself in close relationships? You may have  some new revelations regarding your physical body, leadership skills, ability to initiate and begin new things, and close partnerships. 

brave and determine

You may need to be brave, determined and resourceful with any obstacles you are having.

The full moon’s energy is great to advance your career or passion you’re passionate about. 

If and when a tug-of-war is going on between what you want and what someone else wants, but you’ll have to wait a little while to see what’s going to happen next. As you might ask yourself if you’ve been handling the situation as sensitively as you could have done. If you know deep down that you’ve been a little rash, gone too fast or overstepped the mark, then except that on some level you’ve created the situation yourself, which means you can create your way out of it too.

Be nice, be kind, smile and be polite as you navigate to where you want to be. If you’re in a tense situation, meditate your way to peace.

Don’t be that crazy person on the full moon bringing up their emotional baggage and yelling at everyone close to you or anyone who wants to listen.

Knowing you can deal with this yourself should be enough,


Having the knowledge about these energies of the full moon, will help you with anything that comes up in your life.

One of the main lessons of life is the art of balancing because when we see both sides and have considered them, that’s when we have the best possible outcome.

Happy Full Moon!


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