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Full Moon 24/25th June 2021

This Full Moon in June has a lots of energy to help us deal with life. It’s a good time to make things easier and for life to flow more easily. Learn what they are.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on 24th/25th June 2021 will be the fourth of four consecutive lunar events that occur during a two-week period. This is an extremely powerful time for manifestation and to take action on your dreams. The moon will be at its peak, or closest point to Earth, so it means that this full moon has even more influence over us than usual.

You can access the power of Full Moon energy for about a week: three days before the Full Moon, on the day, and three days after. This gives you a wide window to do your personal planning of what you want to do, achieve and with your action steps.

stability, endurance, and toughness

This Full Moon has many energies like stability, endurance, and toughness.

If you’re having trouble with a problem that seems to have no solution then this is the best time to tackle it head on.

The moon will also be in partial shadow meaning there may be some hidden aspects of yourself surfacing. This is an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and getting your emotions out into the open.

It is a good time to examine the balance between nurturing yourself, and finding ways to become more resilient and self–sufficient.

Time to encourage you to create a big vision and to allow yourself to dream. It’s time to find a new direction in your life.

What are you holding onto that needs to go? 
What can you transform and renew? 
It might be your relationships, your health, your home, your career… 
This is a powerful time and it’s time to dream big!

This is a wonderful time for going deeply into your spiritual side, for exploring your highest potential. You’re here for a purpose and it’s time the universe is wanting to show you how to fulfil it.

See the good in things, have some fun and enjoy life. See the results of your efforts since the beginning of the year, be proud of yourself how far you’ve come in life, how many things you’ve accomplished already.

Frustration may come up for us during this time, and we need to find a sense of balance between what’s right and what we personally desire for ourselves. Don’t be too serious about things as that can create problems.

This can be a call to face reality. Making a plan will help. If your personal life is troubled, prioritise it more. It is time to stop fearing the worst, release control and trust the universe.

As with all Full Moons, it’s a good time to release and restructure and to take a look at which goals served us and which ones didn’t.


Best time to focus intentions on anything work-related.


Such as …

A good idea over this Full Moon is to go outside, get into nature and ground ourselves, taking a couple of hours to reflect on and refocus our goals.

We need to find a way to release tension and frustrations in a way that feels good for us, going on a long walk in nature.

Emotions may feel heavier now, but we have the ability to “get on with business.”

It’s all about concentration, and how we can improve this aspect of our lives. This will also have an effect on work related tasks as well as more practical matters such as housework or gardening. Focussing and making progress with any project that have been neglected in the past 6 months. Be mindful about your goals.

We can harness this energy by taking a break from social media when it’s time for us to focus; block out distractions with some good old fashioned headphones; use meditation techniques that you normally use or try something new like yoga nidra before tackling any big task; and take care not to overcommit ourselves! Taking these steps should help you get through your day-to-day routine without feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t forget to use these powerful energies, three days before the Full Moon, on the day, and three days after the Full Moon.

Always Remember:

Full Moon

It is the best time to do a Release Ceremony, which is basically saying affirmations or spoken words while being outside looking at the moon in all its glory.  

Visualise the releasing of those energies physically leaving your body.

Help Notes: Write down each intention that you have, take the list with you when doing a release ceremony. Or you can just say a general affirmation like “Please release everything that no longer serves me, let it go from my life, thank you.”

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