November eclipse

Full Moon Eclipse 19 November

Full moon eclipse means you are going to experience some changes that will result in ending. Things that don’t serve you anymore!

Full Moon Eclipse occurs because the Universe is aligning the sun, moon and earth to show and tell us that it’s time for changes, if we like it or not.

The full moon is about climaxes, conclusions, endings but with an eclipse it’s on steroids.

At the time of the eclipse the full moon is showing the light and darkness, making us aware that is exactly what we have within us all.

The energies of this eclipse will be downloaded to all of us through different ways like through dreams; meditation; when we are in nature and showing us synchronicities and messages.

The darkness will be coming up to the surface and is being shown to us so we can face it, but it’s our free will to choose if we deal with it or not as the process is usually uncomfortable.

It’s time to work on our shadow self, the emotions associated with the issues that have been buried.

You can start with “Your Personal Journey” pdf to help you with your inner work.

The Universe is saying it’s time for our soul to learn and evolve.

Let your events unfold and analyse them the best way can but be easy on yourself.

The great news is that once this work is done, it frees space so we can fill with happy and joyous moments.

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