Full Moon in Aquarius Energy on 11/12 August 2022, Is All About Being Authentic and Fully Embracing Your Individuality.

full moon in Aquarius 11/12 August 2022

The Full Moon in Aquarius energy peaks on August 12 at 1:35 am GMT or 9:35 am in Perth.  

It is a Super Moon and the last one of the year.

To double check when the Full Moon will peak in your location, GMT.

The Full Moon energy is especially good at empowering:

  • Energy, Emotions and Activity are heightened and magnified.
  • Your strongest qualities are enhanced (positive or negative).
  • Both the light and dark inside us comes out into the open.
  • Obstacles to achieving goals can often be identified.
  • Bring things in our life to a climax, conclusion, or release point.
  • Best time for manifesting.
  • Meditate and visualize yourself attracting exactly what you want.

If you are unprepared, the powerful Full Moon energy can be expressed as tension and emotional instability.  

Don’t forget when you have aligned yourself, you can accomplish things easier.

Super Moon

A Super Moon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to the earth during its monthly orbit and the moon appears around 14% bigger at this time. 

Therefore the Super Full Moon in Aquarius energy is super amplified, super intense and super emotional.

A Super Moon emphasizes your hidden emotions, ideas, and thoughts.  So, it may be difficult to ignore the things you keep suppressed like the brightness of the super moon.

Aquarius Related Topics

The Full Moon in Aquarius energy is all about the topics below.

Full Moon in Aquarius energy

Air, humanitarian efforts, community work or projects, groups, teams, friends and friendships, the collective and individuality, freedom, free-spirited, true heart desires, future/long-term goals, studying, internet-related activity, technology inventions, new age tools, insights, and astrology.

Organs influenced by Aquarius

These organs are more sensitive at this time so provide extra care.

Aquarius rules the blood circulation, ankles and the lower limbs (knees to ankles). 

It would be best to avoid prolonged walks, hikes, and straining your legs.  

Surgical operations are not recommended during the Full Moon.

Full Moon in Aquarius Energy

The Full Moon in Aquarius energy is about breaking free of what’s normal/expectations and being authentic and fully embracing your individuality.

It could guide you toward some kind of humanitarian cause, or large-scale vision for the whole of humanity. 

You may be holding yourself back from showing the world the real you, remember you’re unique characteristics are what make you special. 

Follow your passions without compromising who you are.

The Full Moon in Aquarius energy may bring on unpredictable and impulsive behaviour, either towards you or you towards others.   So be on the lookout for this to occur and when it does you can change it.

Any unwillingness to change or compromise will not be helpful in any way at this time.

If you are having negative emotions at this time it may be easier to understand them better or let them out, if you are in a group setting.

Use this Full Moon in Aquarius energy to chill out with your friends or if a friend needs you, be there for them.

Also to take a step back and appreciate everything.  

If you don’t already, start your morning by saying 4 things you are grateful for.

Enjoy some freedom walking in nature.

spiritual growth


Full Moon in Aquarius energy wants us to reconnect to your spiritual side.   

You can do this by exploring your astrological birth chart, tuning into some sacred music, or reading some of my spiritual articles.


You need to allow life to unfold and progress, even if the change seems scary.  As hard as it seems, any changes we do always comes with new opportunities.   

You may have a strong need for emotional freedom, so be aware of your feelings but also be prepared to move on.

This is the perfect time to reflect.  

Are there any bad habits you need to stop?

This is the time to finish personal projects or creative ambitions. 

Crystals To Use For Aquarius

Working with crystals is a wonderful way to re-balance this zodiac sign, especially with this Full Moon in Aquarius energy.

Use the following crystals to channel the energies of this full moon.

The following can enhance your positive qualities and help you transform your unwanted characteristics.

amethyst sphere

Amethyst represents calm, peace, and intuition.

Moldavite represents transformation, protection, cleansing and self-healing.

Opal represents vision, insight and spirituality.

Aquamarine represents clarity, harmony, and inspiration. 

Obsidian represents the Clearing of emotional baggage and attachments, protections and grounding.

25 gemstone mega pack

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Full Moon Ritual

Full Moons and especially Super Moons shine pure energy and intuition, and that’s why it’s a great time to perform any full moon rituals and meditation.

Crystal Cleanse and Charge

The Full Moon is a perfect time to cleanse and recharge as crystals absorb and hold energy both positive and negative.

You need to cleanse the negative energy from them by exposing them to the power of the full moon thus recharging them with their positive energy.  Also, it’s important to charge them with your own intentions.

Before putting your crystals out into the Full Moon’s light, and if crystals can be in water ( the list in the Notes below).  Wash them in salt water or rinse them under the tap but is not necessary. 

Place all your crystals outside on the earth or a natural surface, as they like to be earthed or grounded like our bodies.

If you can’t, it is okay to place them on a windowsill or a wooden plate on a balcony will be okay.

This is the time to set your intentions either write them down or say them aloud.  Remember, it’s best to focus on a need rather than a want when setting intentions. 

Leave them overnight in the moonlight and collect them in the morning.  If that’s not possible, leave them out as long as possible.

Before removing them make sure that you give thanks to the Universe or God.

NOTE:  It is okay to charge your crystals if it’s cloudy as this doesn’t affect the moon’s energy.

Be careful of any crystals that may be damaged from rain or water. Crystals that are in this category: 

Gypsum, Chrysocolla, Amber, Lepidolite, Pearl, Selenite, Halite (Rock Salt), Calcite, Celestite, Cerussite, Coral, Azurite, Malachite, Angelite, Jet stone, Fluorite, Rhodocrosite, Ammolite, Larimar, Charoite.

Do a Release Ceremony!

Whatever happens next could be highly unconventional or unexpected.  

FM in Aquarius

You are aware of the increase in toxic attitudes and sometimes it’s best to say nothing and walk away and you will be the bigger person. 

Are there any bad habits you need to stop or any hidden agendas that might need to be dealt with? 

Take a global position and look at the bigger picture while thinking big.

Think outside the box of what action you could take in being a more giving and useful person as this is one of the Full Moon in Aquarius energy.

Don’t lose the beauty and romance of life.

Enjoy the New Moon in Aquarius energy!

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