Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer 17/18 January 2022

This full moon in Cancer is the first full moon for 2022 which takes place on January 17, 2022 at 11:48 pm GMT and January 18th 7:48 am in Perth.

Start 2022 by reflecting on what you what to let go of, either people who are negative, draining or not on the same frequency as you.  Maybe some habits that are negative or you know you need to change.

Take some time out for yourself as I’m sure you deserve to and write these down in a Journal.  Make it a regular thing to do this each month so you can keep track of them.  

Also, you will be ready to do a Release Ceremony.  

The full moon is the best time to do this as the moon is all about emotions.  It illuminates our inner world and will reveal to us what we’re hanging onto.

If you have any crystals that need energising, place them outside for this full moon in Cancer.

You may be surprised what comes flooding to you, but keep in mind it’s best if you feel all the feelings that present themselves in order to physically release them. So when these feelings show up again, you feel it but be able to let them pass quickly and not dwell on them.

This is the time to finish, complete or put to an end to of anything that you started at the New moon on the 2/3 January.  You have until the end of January.

Full Moon in Cancer Energies

Your emotions are going to be heightened at this time, which are your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s time to be conscious of your emotions when they occur as your body is telling you and it’s time to listen and respond.

Full Moon in Cancer

This full moon in Cancer will help you to be more nurturing, sensitive, compassionate, self – protective, personal power, security – seeking and offering, loving, and having a sense of humour.

The main related topics to Cancer are home, financial security, family, roots, and love.

Are you nurturing yourself?  Self-care, self-love is very important and needs to be continued all year long.

What can you do for more self care and love?  Write a list of the things you would like to do this year for yourself?  Make a commitment to try and cross everything off the list by the end of this year.

Do you have any emotional patterns in any of your relationships?

Is co-dependency an issue or holding you back?

Things from this nature may be revealed that’s been hidden or you haven’t wanted to deal with.

If you are dealing with grief this is a great opportunity to release your pain.

When you do this you let go, you are freeing yourself and them to move forward.  We all deal with grief differently but just have faith that they can hear you and that they’re okay.

Don’t forget to release any lingering negative energy from last year and blocks that you had for completing anything important.

There maybe conflicts with other people so be on guard and try to stay calm with your emotions.

Also the energies of transformation are happening to us all – 

OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW. So, time to create ‘YOU’ – have the creative you, the fun you, the NEW YOU!

This opportunity is here for us now, isn’t that great – have fun with it and dream big!

Remember! GO WITH THE FLOW with what ever occurs as you will always reach the other end but it’s up to you and your attitude what results you have.

Be a happier, authentic you, the best version of you in 2022.

Happy Full Moon!


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