Full Moon in Leo Energy, 16/17 February 2022.

full moon in leo

On February 16, 2022, the Full Moon in Leo peaks at 16:57 pm GMT, at  00:57 on the 17th in Perth, Australia.

Every full moon is the time to finish, complete or put to an end to anything you started at the New moon on 1 February 2022. 

It often brings things to fruition or fulfilment and brings out things to the light that have been hidden.  

Can mark important endings and blockages can be revealed.

Great time to reflect on yourself, your achievements and where you are today.

Love, romance, pregnancy, children, taking centre stage – front and centre, dramatic, generous and loving, fun, passionate and creative self-expression. 

Full Moon in Leo Energies

This full moon in Leo energy gives you more confidence and time to show your talents.  

full moon in leo engeries

 It’s time to get out there and put yourself in the spotlight.

You will be seen, so just make sure it is for the reasons in the way that you want.

Give and receive attention, Play, explore and create! 

Be loud and luminous!

Time to ROAR!

 Life is a stage, and this is your cue to come forward. 

It is time for you to rule. 

Everything you do should be in a loving way, with your heart and not your ego.

These full moon in Leo energies are magnificent, but the downside is that this energy can become over the top.

Don’t create tension between your own needs and the needs of others; if you see this being made, back down and find a balance.  This will help with all relationships.

You may have the urge to be creative, follow this up, put it into action and work some magic!

creative & action

You may have the urge to be creative, follow this up, put it into action

create magic

and work some magic!

Friends come and go in our lives; sometimes, friendships need to end, which may occur at this time.

We should only want good relationships in our lives.

Have you accomplished things you wanted to do or did some personal and spiritual growth work?  If so, it’s time to reflect on your achievements so far.  

Be proud of who you are and how you are evolving.

The full moon in Leo gives us the energy to look deep within our hearts.

It is an excellent opportunity to do some shadow work as it will be easier than usual as the moon is helping us.

Have the courage to be kinder to others share your love around, especially those who need it.

The full moon energy of Leo reminds us of the importance of being honest, with yourself first and foremost, as honesty is the glue that holds everything together.

Full Moon Ritual

This is one of the many ceremonies or rituals you can practice on a Full Moon.  Attempt some ritual as this full moon in Leo has exciting energies.

Release Ceremony

As the moon is all about emotions, although we are all different, it is safe to say that we have all types of emotions built up or suppressed deep down.

(If you say you don’t, consider yourself very lucky as you are one of a few).

As the moon is illuminated to the fullest potential in the sky, it also illuminates our inner world.  


Usually, it will reveal what we are hanging onto; when these feelings present themselves, acknowledge them, this is the only time you are ready and able to physically release them.

When these feelings are triggered again and show up (which they will), you will be able to acknowledge it but let them pass on by and not dwell on them.

Easy instructions for this are accessible on a pdf.

Please fill it out and do this ritual outside looking at the full moon; otherwise, try within 6 hours after the peak time.

At this time of the full moon in Leo, the Sun is in Aquarius; these two are polar opposites.

For Example:



Creative self-expression

A boost to the individual ego that is received through pleasure & romance



The group

Impersonal friendships



Everything should be done with balance in mind for things to work out.

Embrace the energies of this full moon in Leo!

Love and Light


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