Full Moon in Scorpio Energy with Total Lunar Eclipse Energy 15/16 May Is All About Transformation For Your Benefit.

Full moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio energy with a total lunar eclipse known as a Super Blood Moon peaks 15 or 16 May at 4.14 am GMT or 12:14 pm Perth. 

This is a triple whammy of intensified drama that we can experience.

Please check what time the moon peaks where you are by converting the GMT to your location.

The energy of an eclipse can be felt way before when it peaks so you may already be feeling or experiencing its effects of it. 

However, the eclipse energy also can also be felt up to four to six weeks afterwards, but remember that we are in the Scorpio eclipse season until 2023.

If you understand what happens at this time and the energy, you will be able to deal with it more positively and help you get through it easier.

But the bonus is that all that energy we build up before the full moon occurs, once the full moon is here we can release all that energy.  Release it all and this is beneficial for you and very therapeutic.

This super blood moon is known as the queen of emotions so you can expect your feelings to be more highly charged and emotional at this time. 

Everything in life will be magnified, huge and bigger than usual. 

At this the time, you may feel you’re larger than life, being special and bursting with energy that you can tune into and work with.

It is also a time when:

  • things come to fruition and fulfilment  
  • marking important endings
  • things come to light that has been hidden 
  • anything you’ve been hiding can now be brought into the open
  • obstacles preventing you from achieving goals can often be identified 
  • anything you need to release from your life

The full moon is the time to release attachments or blocks and barriers to our worthiness, and open ourselves to greater receiving and inspiration.

Eclipse energy tends to give us new information, whether that information was previously hidden or buried.  Everything seems to come rushing up to the surface during these particularly illuminating transits.

Eclipses represent quantum leaps into higher states of consciousness so we can expand and speed up our spiritual evolution.  

Events may need to happen for us to be pushed for our benefit as changes can be uncomfortable.

Whatever is no longer aligned with our higher truth, whatever is no longer serving us must go and we have to detach so we a free from it.

Super Blood Moon

Eclipses are like an entry point into a new world or a new state of being.

Most of us have unconscious beliefs that we are not aware of, that we have outgrown that are hindering our growth and have fear of the unknown.  

Every day is an unknown as to when we wake and go on with our day, we truly never know what may happen on that day, anything is possible.

Lunar Eclipses typically bring about endings and closure, compared to Solar Eclipses which usually bring new beginnings and new opportunities. 

We can be tested on longevity regarding a person, relationship, group or company.  If there are weaknesses in the foundation and if they are deal-breakers or things that need strengthening.

If you have been putting off or thinking about ending a relationship or any other matter this is a very advantageous time to do it and the Universe is on your side and will look after you.

Also, remember your emotions are triply heightened at this time, make sure it’s what you truly want and do this with love and compassion for everyone involved and not with anger and hostility.

The natural energies from the Eclipses are feeling anxious or overstimulated, uncertainty and sleeplessness.  You can be super positive, challenging or both.

The Universe is on your side

The Universe is helping to deal with things that are causing us problems in our lives that have been undercover and needs to be dealt with.  

So, there is a purpose for whatever is going on in your life and more for what is needed for your destiny?

PLEASE NOTE:  We are also in Mercury Retrograde at the moment which makes things a bit difficult with making any choices in life.

Lunar Eclipse Related Topics

This may include illness diagnosis, chronic diseases, people dying, major tests on relationships, topics of boundaries, power struggles, births, breakdowns, anxiety, insomnia, being worried or feeling bad and don’t know why and anything to do with death and re-birth.

Scorpio Related Topics

Scorpio energy is the deep waters, underworld, shadow and the past.


Also, self-discipline, debts, inheritances, intense emotions, emotional expression, strength transformation, and forgiveness. 

Money, shared resources, power if you’re using it wisely or not, sex, intimacy and anything to do with merging together (business or relationship).  

Full Moon in Scorpio Energy

All of these topics can be tested on us at this full moon in Scorpio energy.

what is mindset

Make sure you’re in the right mindset and align yourself with what you want to accomplish when doing the full moon and eclipse activities.

Expect the unexpected as any dirt or issues that have not been forthcoming and dealt with, will have a light shining on them.

No hiding from anyone or anything now!  

It will come up to the surface, it will be out in the open and time to be prosecuted to the fullest extent or teach you a thing or two.

That’s why it’s important to tell it how it really is as you will see and hear the truth.

People are standing up and showing proof of the false reports on the news and the truth about Hollywood.  Then there is a backlash about them calling them a conspiracy theorist.                                   

What is your Truth about yourself?  Are your beliefs your truth or are they from other people and do you believe it’s your truth? 

If yes, then it’s their truth, not yours.

It’s essential to get in touch with your senses and ground yourself, preferably in nature.

Have you got the determination to make the changes to be happier?

This Scorpio energy is urging us to work on our inner-self for blockages to come up to the surface and show their ugly face so we do the necessary work so you become more in tune with you.   

Self-acceptance is one of the major rooted problem we have with ourselves and need to be dealt with it so we can move forward.

Being aware of and claiming personal needs, having those boundaries so your relationship (any) can be appropriate, mutually respectful and caring.  The basic guideline of how you treat people and how you want to be treated.

Creating solid foundations for yourself as only you can live your life for yourself.  

Learning grounding techniques and doing them regularly will be helpful.  

changes you can't see

Having an alignment and balance with Mother Earth, ourselves and the Universe is a basic solid foundation and growing from there. 

Need to do any planning? Most important with any plan you have, ACTION must be taken and followed through to the end until completed.

Patience must be learnt, sometimes waiting is the best solution for the best result.

Things to remember about the Full Moon

Full moons are known to bring up serious emotional baggage and the associated Feelings, however, help us to shake them loose.

So, it’s a marvellous time to let everything come to the surface, recognise it is there, be with it, say you are done with it and release it to the Universe.  All your emotional baggage at this time LET IT GO!

Sometimes emotional baggage is caused by or blaming another person, you must be able to forgive that person first before you can release anything.  If you don’t or can’t, it will always remain until you are triggered again and will come up to the surface time and time again until you do.

Another thing you can do is say a prayer or talk to the Universe about anything you need help with or an expression of thanks.

This is my favourite:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Remember: There are so many names for God, for example, The Universe, Source, The One, Consciousness, etc.  

Now that you’re aware of the energy around you, you have the reasons why you may be having different types of feelings and emotions at this time.

Whatever you do will be much better than nothing at all.

Work it out as you have the advantage right now and know that the Universe is able to help in any way you need, all you have to do is ‘ask’.

Don’t forget to see the moon when it is illuminated to the fullest potential in the sky, and at the same time, it illuminates our inner world.  

Embrace the full moon in Scorpio energy and the total lunar eclipse!

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