Full Moon in Virgo Energy peaks on March 18, 2022.

full moon in Virgo energy

On March 18, 2022, the Full Moon in Virgo energy peaks at 7:17 am GMT, at  3:17 pm Perth, Australia.

GMT, if you need to check when the new moon will peak in your location.

Every full moon is the time to finish, complete or put to an end to anything you started at the New moon. 

It often brings things to fruition or fulfilment and brings out things to the light that have been hidden.  You may need to bring something out into the open.

Reflections on yourself, achievements and where you are today.

You can identify the obstacles preventing you from achieving goals.

The full moon is known for important endings and changes so it’s a great time to release things that you don’t need from your life. 

Your energy, activity and emotions are heightened and magnified so use this to your advantage in whatever you desire and want to achieve.

Virgo Related Topics 

Earth, goddess, harvest, sorting out what’s necessary from what’s not.

Organs influenced by Pisces

These organs are more sensitive at this time so provide extra care.

Pancreas, small intestine, cecum, colon, digestive tract, duodenum, rectum,  eyes and ears.

Remember: No surgical operations are recommended during the Full Moon.

Full Moon in Virgo Energy

balance between cosmic and mundane life

 You need to find a balance between the cosmic and the mundane in your daily life.

At this time you can be overly critical about yourself or other things.

Being too picky really isn’t necessary.

stop worrying

Are you worrying about something?  Stop, because worrying too much will only attract more things to worry about.

Do you feel you’re good enough?   If not, I assure you, you are good enough!

Stop second-guessing yourself. 

You don’t have to be flash, just quietly certain that you are good enough. 

Some truthful answers need to be said, once you’ve given them, it should be easier to see how you got where you are.  The next step should then be more obvious to you. Pay attention to the details. Hard work brings results.

An apology may be in order. 

Raise your karma by doing something good for someone else.

You may have clarity in how you want to feel safe and may have the need to fix your chaos and any disorganisation around you.


Go with the flow of life, trust it’s going in the right direction and let it run its own way.

change and transition

We need a healthy relationship with change and transformation.

Not everything must be according to your expectations and therefore it will be better if you are being more tolerant and acceptable with any imperfections of life.

The Virgo energy will help us in the organisation of our work, productivity, tasks and chores.  Create a schedule and stick to the routine so everything that you need to do will be achieved. 

With some structure and order, it is an excellent time to get things done.

As the energy is extremely powerful, be careful not to push yourself too far.

Now we feel empowered and confident in what we are doing, but if we need to know more about anything, do more research and take the steps.

Full Moon Ritual

Release Ceremony

Learn to let go.

As the full moon brings up our emotions and sometimes reminds us of emotions that have been built up or suppressed so we have to deal with them.  

This is uncomfortable, but the energy of the full moon will help you release it. 


Release any worries, fears or anything that’s holding you back from moving forward.

The full moon in Virgo is a time to declutter your life, your home and your office. It’s time to sort what’s good in your life from what’s not serving you. 

Also, a great time to clear out your energies via salt baths and meditations. 

Practice getting more grounded by walking barefoot or sitting on the ground under a shady tree.  

It’s a reminder that any time is a good time to start living a healthy life.

Embrace the full moon in Virgo energy!

Love and Light


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