Ground yourself

Grounding yourself and doing grounding practices every day is important for every aspect of your life especially fixing your chaos.

The key to living a life full of problems which you can actually handle, lies within each one of us. We have the power over our lives because we can create chaos through feelings (such as anxiety, stress, depression or rage etc).

But how do we not let this happen? Ground yourself by finding your own center; don’t go too far with either side – either being chaotic without any kind of order at all or controlling everything so thoroughly that nothing good could ever come out of it.

Find a good balance between chaos and control. Know that there’s always some sort of light in every dark situation.

Walking bare foot in the sand at the beach is wonderful or just on grass at a park is a way of grounding yourself.

Doing something for yourself will lead to feeling better and more capable. Make a daily routine out of this act, then you’ll feel the benefits soon enough.

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