How to Master The Art of Surrender

Surrender is not an easy thing to do, sometimes it is…

Surrender is not an easy thing to do, sometimes it is extremely hard as it takes courage, humility and a willingness to let go.  

When you think of Surrender, it’s common to think that you’re giving up your power, losing control or giving up the fight but this isn’t always true. 

Surrender has nothing to do with giving up power; instead it is about releasing something that no longer serves you.  Sometimes it’s about letting go and choosing love instead. 

By taking a step back and letting go of the need to be in complete control, we find that life is more enjoyable. 

When we allow ourselves to completely surrender, that is when we are able to experience freedom rather than being caught up in our own drama.

If you’re looking for a way to let go of the past or anything, learn about the art of Surrender and move forward, this is the place for you.  

the art of Surrender

Once you understand this concept, then you can begin practicing your own form of surrender every day until it becomes second nature to you. 

While you can surrender at any time, most auspicious  time to surrender, let go and release things is during a Full Moon.

This will allow for a happier life filled with less stress and more joy!

By practicing this art of surrender, you are accepting your mistakes without judgment while forgiving yourself for them.  Then we are able to face each day with an open mind and heart.  To learn more about how surrendering will help you live your best life, read on!

What does Surrender mean

Surrender means letting go of control, obsessing, and worrying less. It takes a lot of courage to surrender, but it is an empowering step towards change.

Letting go, doesn’t mean giving up; you are still working on your goals.  But when willpower fails, or the situation becomes overwhelming, we need strategies that will help us overcome these obstacles so we can continue living healthy lives.

It means not labelling what is happening in your life as good or bad.  Even if you are struggling, surrendering your troubles means that you will be able to move through them more easily and with less stress.

It also implies that you don’t categorize your life and react to everything that comes in touch with you.  It entails us to be highly attentive and non-judgmental.

It is a matter of accepting and being okay with things as they are right now. It does not imply that nothing will change.

Find a safe and quiet place to clear your mind and try letting go of your thoughts.  Allow them to depart, back away from them.

Why is Surrender powerful?

When you have the ability to surrender you will be able to create the most positive future possible and not sabotage yourself by pushing too hard, micromanaging, or being overbearing.

Surrendering will increase the sense of flow in your life and remove blockages so that you can experience unparalleled love, success and ongoing healing.

Surrender is a key element to the creative process.  When I let go and flow, allowing intuition over direction, I find I create far more powerful works.

Surrendering to the unknown will open up a doorway for us into better experiences with more emotions behind them than just simple happiness or sadness.

There are several health and psychological benefits to giving up, such as a feeling of lighter, more at peace and serenity. There are also spiritual advantages, including the ability to experience love on a deeper level, which will bring happiness and joy into your life.

Do this regularly and there you will find love and bliss, not thoughts about love and bliss, but a no-thought state where the experience is one of love and bliss. 

This is a kind of meditative state where you reach it immediately and effortlessly. You enter the experience with no mental preparation, so there’s no thinking about it. The sensation is one of love and pleasure, as well as inner freedom.

How to Surrender?

Doing these will be different for everyone: being easy, to moderate or maybe difficult, but by practicing the process becomes easier and in time be second nature.  (Sometimes you may need to remind yourself.)


Trusting that we can achieve more by loosening our control. 

Sometimes the most constructive way forward is to stop forcing things into being. 

Rather than allowing, inviting and drawing a project into being, the energy here is of frustration as if you are pushing something heavy up a mountain.   At these times, gravity or flow doesn’t seem to be on your side.  

Use this awareness as a guide when you start to detour from your path.

Let Go of Control

When control is released, so too is resistance.  One of the biggest skills we can learn is to get out of our own way.  

let go of control

By giving up our need to be right, having the control and controlling the outcome of a situation.  The mind loves to control the outcome, but this only creates limitations. 

The paradox of surrender is that as we let go, what is meant for us flows into this life from the Universe with ease!

The path of least resistance

We are going with the natural flow of life, rather than against it. 


Surrendering doesn’t mean we don’t make plans or set goals.                            It means those things happen without us having to manipulate every little detail!

When your thoughts and emotions of worry, anxiety, or being scared are overpowering you, emphasize to yourself that you must at least resist them and tell yourself “okay I just got to deal with it the best way I can.”

Free Flow

You must be willing to let go of everything that doesn’t feel good.

Put yourself in a position to receive.  No one can give you anything that you don’t have the capacity or ability to create, accept and allow. It’s about changing your attitude from “this is what I want” into “how can this serve?”


Loosen your hold on the rains and know the universe will catch you.  

Trust, even though things are not as you imagined.  

Stay poised and aligned with your purpose.  

At the last minute, the situation will reveal its magic.

Allowing who you are naturally, to flourish


There are many times that we attempt to be something different than what we truly are, but this can create so much tension and negative energy within us. 

When you allow who you really are, to flourish, you will feel a sense of peace with yourself because then you know where your values stand and all the work put in before was worth it! 

Following our Intuition

Listen to you own inner innate wisdom that we all possess inside ourselves.

You were born with all the knowledge, but we must learn to go within.

Stop listening to the outside world for answers, once you have tuned in you gain your answers.

follow intuition

Taking risks, making yourself vulnerable, and trusting in the universe are all examples of “leap-of-faith” thinking. 

It’s also an example of revealing a hidden power that dwells within you. 

Risking your reputation is another way to let go of your inhibitions and do things that may enhance life.

Being in the right place at the right time, can out weigh months of careful planning.


Yoga offers you an inner observances to practice on a path to experiencing the freedom.

Yoga Sutras is about surrendering to God, to a greater power, to the Universe, or a higher source.

Theres is lots of different types of Yoga – classes, on-line, find the one you that suits you and enjoy it so you will practice it regularly.

I have a Surrender Exercise that you can practice regularly.

Surrendering means letting go, which allows for growth beyond anything imaginable.  It also creates an open space around oneself allowing room for new friendships or opportunities to come into one’s life!


You can reach your peak life experience through surrendering and allowing who and what you truly are, to flourish. 

Surrendering to bliss allows us to access love on a deeper level—a divinely expansive vibration that creates harmony in all areas of life; therefore, when you are surrendered, your energy aligns with God/Goddess/Universe.

The benefits of surrendering to the Divine are many.

Surrender may be the key.

Today, do more by doing.  Try less!

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