Interesting Information From Your Birth Chart That You Need To Know.

Your Birth Chart tells so much about you, deep insight about your personality, life purpose, motivations, desires and more.

Whatever astrological sign the planets, sun, moon, etc., are in at your time of birth means you embody those traits.  

Each planet, sun, moon, etc., is placed in a particular house number representing the aspect or area of your life those traits you have.  

For example, the astrological sign’s traits in your 7th House will represent everything about your relationships.

Where are most of your planets located?

Check where most of your planets are located, either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere and either on the West/Left or East/Right side of your Birth Chart.

Northern Hemisphere:


Your battles, challenges, events are more of outward concerns.  

Your learning and growth are more on a public scale or public stage.

Northern & Southern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere:


Your battles, challenges, events are more of inward concerns. 

Your learning and growth are more with dealing with yourself and your inner issues.

West or East Side of Birth Chart

Left Side/West:


You basically have a blank slate, more free Will to create what you want.

Right Side/East:


Life situations are more pre-determined.  

But you still have a choice to be flexible and take it where you want to go.

Your birth chart is essential to learn valuable information about yourself and your life.

You must understand your birth chart to become happier and more fulfilled in life.

Have a happy journey in discovering your information from your birth chart.

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