Intuition and Insight

We all have our own intuition abilities and they are very accurate right now, so you can trust your guidance to lead you in the right direction.

Follow your own insights over the advice of others, and don’t allow fear or worry to guide your way.

Your intuitive abilities are at their highest level of accuracy and trustworthiness!

You can completely believe in the information and insights that you’re receiving.

Pay very close attention to nighttime dreams, as they’re very important right now. They may reflect experiences from the past that are affecting the present, or they may be an indicator of things to come.

Don’t allow fears or worries to dominate your thinking.

There may be a need to make some changes to your plans, but that doesn’t indicate anything other than the need for a course correction.

We are presented with signs pointing to areas of your life that need review or change.

Be open to seeing and receiving the signs and synchronicities.

If you are required/forced to do changes which seem and unexpected and very tough, see it as a challenge you can get through and get to the other side with knowing and trusting that you are guided. When you can, take some time to meditate, be still and go within (centre yourself).

The Universe is trying to get your attention!

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