Listen to Your Heart and Your Heart will Guide You.

Listen to your Heart

“Listen to your heart,” they say. “Follow your heart.” And, so we do. We listen and follow the whims of our hearts, knowing that it will guide us on a path of happiness and fulfillment.

But what if you don’t know how to listen? What if you’re not sure where your heart is leading you? In this blog post, I’ll show you ways to get in touch with yourself and reconnect with the love inside of you!

We all want to have a fulfilled life and physically live life with purpose, so listen to your heart, and it will guide you.

Living life being your authentic self and doing things that you’re passionate about, making yourself happy, and having joy and fun along the way.

Maybe you will find love along the way. Love yourself and be kind to others, and spread love in any way that you can!

If you want to live a life like this one, it’s time you tried something new. All you have to do is open your heart and listen carefully to your heart. There is nothing risky about trying this; in fact, all that can happen with positive results!

If you’re not sure if it’s opened, find out first if you have a closed heart. Once the energy in your heart is unblocked, dealt with, and healed, then you can open your heart to move on with your life.

The universe tells us to pay attention and know how our heart is feeling.

Sometimes we need to learn how to feel our hearts.

When your feelings are FELT from your heart, your heart will unlock your true self, and your full potential, also you receive clarity for everything in life.

The feelings from your heart tell the truth about how physically you are affected by things.

The evidence shows that feelings are being communicated in the form of physical emotion directly from our hearts, which is a part of us that understands how we feel and reacts accordingly. This directs thoughts into rational paths based on what has been communicated via an emotional response.

Our minds will tell us anything to self-protect and discourage us from uncomfortable experiences or changes. Our minds will lie to us in order to make life easier or safer.

There are benefits to paying attention to what your heart is feeling. Like, when you feel happiness, joy, excitement, and love, all these emotions increase your frequency and your vibrations.

When your frequency is high, it’s life-changing, amazing situations come to you, and you attract like-minded people like yourself. Strong relationships may develop with newly met individuals, or already established relationships could start to progress to a deeper level.

The KEY is staying in this frequency no matter what you have to endure in life.

Heart in hand

The more we can FEEL our heart, the more connected we are to our true nature and will be living in alignment with ourselves.

This is where you want to live!

Your heart knows the way every time!

How to Listen To Your Heart?

In order to start listening, you first need to know what it feels like.

This may sound silly and simple, but that feeling is there in the background waiting for us to take notice of it!

So, if you’re not sure how your heart feels or where it is leading you, go ahead and give this a try, for one week, participate in some or all of the following:

1. Slow down your heartbeat by concentrating on your breath.

Slow your breath down to a comfortable pace and just be.

Feel the air coming in and out of your lungs, how it warms up as you inhale – now feel that warmth on the way back out when you exhale.

Put your hands on your heart and feel it beating.

Focusing on this for at least one minute or more will help slow down the heartbeat.

Then listen to your heart feel the emotions you have at this moment.

Practice this if need be, as if done regularly, you get used to it and will become second nature.

This technique is easy and can be helpful in various situations, including centering yourself, calming down, feeling stressed or upset, anxious or sad.

2. Connecting to your Heart

It’s very important to stay focused, so you may want to close your eyes for this meditation.

Bring the sensations in your heart center to the forefront of awareness by breathing deeply into and around that area with each inhalation. Feel aware of both internal and external sensations.

Listen to your heart

Feel the life in your heart, and be aware of all its messages bringing you closer to self-love and guidance.

3. Practice being still, being in the NOW, being in the present moment.

Being in the now means emptying your mind of all thought and putting your attention on the task. Fully focused on the process being done, concentrating on every step you’re taking, and noticing the sensations but not the end result.

Try being happy while doing it, enjoy the time, knowing that you have achieved it at the end of the day.

This is easier said than done, it is hard to concentrate for a length of time and drift off in thought or have distractions. But quickly return to what you were doing and keep going.

It is easy to forget about being in the present, as our minds wander, so get back to the present when this happens.

Try this during both the day and night, this practice will become easier with time.

Be here now!

4. What physical signs do you notice when feeling anxious or angry?

Physical signs like jittery/shaky, shaky voice, palpitations of heart or chest pain. A tight chest or a pounding heart? Feeling lightheaded and dizzy. A feeling of nausea in the stomach with the urge to vomit (heaving). Do you feel like you can’t speak or that your voice is lost?

When you feel that pain in your chest or a numbing feeling, you should pay attention to them.

Recognise what it feels like when these warning signs come on so that when they happen again, you’re ready to take care of yourself by relaxing, centering, and grounding yourself. Changing the thoughts in your head. Tapping into your heart for guidance

Otherwise, you may respond by exploding, saying something, or doing something you may regret later.

This technique takes practice as it is human nature to forget the warning signs and say things on your mind that trigger you.

5. Use positive words and be mindful of your reactions towards others.

Use positive words in your day-to-day life, be nice in general and share the love, like the saying goes, “love makes the world go round”.

Postive Word to others

Practice by spending a whole day speaking to people with non-judgment or negativity, only kind, and loving words.

When we have something going on with ourselves that is negative, it will impact our conversation with other people. We react quickly and negatively if we hear something that we don’t like.

Present-mindedness helps us to tame the emotions that we have going on internally. Therefore your responses will be more rational.

Active listening is about being present and paying attention to what the other person is actually saying, rather than allowing your thoughts and emotions to interrupt.

6. What are the subconscious beliefs that you have in place?

The beliefs that you have in place are ingrained from past experiences and negative interactions with others, which cause you to be more self-conscious.

For example: “When I keep my heart closed, my heart will be protected from pain and loss”.

The first step is to identify why you feel blocked and your beliefs that create the block.

Work out your underlying beliefs because it is important to be aware of the beliefs that are affecting you.

It is inevitable that sooner or later, you will realise your beliefs are lying to you and do not support what you think is true. As heartache can strike at any time, it is best if we are prepared when it inevitably happens.

We all experience loss and pain, but how we rise up after these experiences matters.

Identifying the beliefs behind your blocked feelings and what you believe may be creating the block is imperative.

7. Say Affirmations

Saying Affirmations is an easy way of changing your beliefs, especially if you say them regularly, believe and feel what you’re saying.

Develop your mind with positive thoughts in sync with warm feelings in your heart.

Open Your Heart Affirmations

  • The quality of my life is up to me.
  • I am nicer to myself starting now, I give myself space to grow, and not push or force or to try to fix.
  • I am more compassionate to myself.
  • I will improve on all levels.
  • I fill myself up and meet my own needs. This frees me up to be happy.
  • I am kind, patient, and caring.
  • I listen to my feelings within my Heart.

8. Self-Love – Look at your reflection in the mirror

Do you recognise and accept yourself completely? 

Mirror work

See yourself on a deeper level – see the scars, the lines, and how you’re aging.

Say these to yourself (preferably out loud) while looking at yourself:

  • “I love you.”
  • “I honour and accept that I did the best I could with what I knew at the time.”
  • “I open my heart to myself and all that I have gone through in my life.”

You need to feel love for yourself first before loving anyone else.

This is a good practice, but if that is too difficult, write them down in a Journal and add some additional thoughts that you may have.

9. Easy Meditation

This is a practice of self-love that doesn’t require any external validation from anyone else; it comes from within.

You should close your eyes for this meditation and start by touching your feet or legs, say to yourself, “I love you, and thank your feet for carrying my body.”

Touch your heart and say to yourself, “I love you,” “thank you for beating every day and keeping my body alive.”

Bring your attention to your Soul, and say to yourself, “thank you for keeping me aligned,” remember, your physical body wouldn’t exist without your Soul.

Your Soul is with you always, in every life you experience.

It’s important to remember the needs of our body as our body is our temple.

10. Have a Self-Care Plan 

Set intentions for your self-care plan, go into action, and follow through.

Self Care

We tend to forget ourselves when we are looking after everyone else.

Even if you don’t have time to do everything, it is important that you find some time for yourself.

Find some time to do something for your health, whether that is through meditation, a walk in the country, or just sitting and soaking up some sun.

Do what you need to do so that you can start shining brightly.

To help you with ideas, I sometimes have some inspirational Self-Care tips posted on Facebook.

Imagine what you want for yourself. Stay focused on that in your heart.

11. Be respectful of yourself and others.

Do some acts of kindness. Have a conversation with someone. Take time to listen to what is being said to you. Motivate someone to do something they want to do. Offer someone help. Be thoughtful of others’ feelings. Address mistakes with kindness.


The world today and its people need to have and show more love, respect, and compassion.

This starts within you first, so you know how to do this, feel how good it physically feels, then you can treat others, and hopefully, this is followed on.

The heart is the only organ that can have the feelings and energy associated with Love, Respect, and Compassion.

You can’t automatically open your heart by doing one exercise for a day, as it takes time. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen when you least expect it.

A journal can be a valuable tool for realising and understanding your thoughts and feelings as it is a meditative practice.

Practice these methods so that you become more confident and find it easier to speak your truth and not hide who you are.

The reasons why you should listen to your heart are endless.

You will learn what you want in life and be more fulfilled. You can make better decisions because they come from the heart (not the head), which is a lot wiser than the mind, which sometimes only has wants but not needs or even desires.

Listen to your heart, and your heart will guide you to a happier and more fulfilled life that you truly deserve.

Your heart will lead the way!

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