Listen To Your Heart And Your Heart Will Guide You

Listen To Your Heart And Your Heart Will Guide You

We all want to have a fulfilled life and physically live life with purpose, so listen to your heart.

Living life being your authentic self and doing things that you’re passionate about and making yourself happy and having joy and fun along the way.

Finding the Love, you truly deserve.

If you want a life like this, it is time to be trying something completely new, something different, all you need to do is open your heart and listen to your heart. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Also, if you don’t have love for yourself you will accept treatment from other people be not healthy.

Once the energy in your heart is unblocked, dealt with and healed, Then you can open your heart.

The universe is reminding us to listen and feel with our Heart all the time.

But it’s up to us to wake up to this and do something about it or maybe start by just understanding it.

When your feelings are FELT from your heart, your heart it shows the way to unlock your true self, your full potential and have clarity for everything in life.

Listen to your heart and live everyday making decisions and living life only by your Heart so you can have the best life possible.

The feelings from your heart tell you the truth about how you physically feel about things.

You need to listen to your heart as your brain will go into a defensive mechanism which doesn’t like change and wants to stay safe.

There are so different benefits to opening your heart, when you feel happiness, joy, excitement, love, all these emotions increase your frequency to a higher level.

Listen to your heartWhen your frequency is high it’s life-changing, amazing situations come to you, you attract like-minded people like yourself, powerful relationships may develop with newly met individuals, or already established relationships could start to progress to a deeper level.

Staying in this frequency no matter what you have to endure in life is the KEY.

Your heart knows the way every time.

How to Listen To Your Heart?

The Heart has the energy of love and relates to self-love, so you need to open and listen to your heart.

There are various ways of opening your heart, but needs to be done on a regular basis and for some time.

You can’t automatically open your Heart by doing one exercise for a day, this takes time. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen and when you least expect it.

There are different Practices to open your heart but these are what I know and have used:

1. Slow down your heart beat by concentrating on your breath.

Stay still, get out of your head, slow your heart beat right down.

Each breath being slow and deep, counting to 4, breathing through your nose and out through the mouth.

Listen to your heart, feel the emotions you have at that moment.

Try this practice anytime you can, if done regularly you get used to it very quickly and will become second nature.

This can be done at anytime when you need to calm down, in the middle of an argument or doing something you don’t want to but have to.

This is one of the best and easiest way to Centre Yourself.

2. Connecting to your Heart

You can have your eyes closed or open for this on.  connecting to your heart

All you need to do is focus on your heart center.

Bring the heart center to your awareness.

Feel it beating with your hand and mind.

Feel it the emotion you’re having at this moment when doing this practice.

Listen to your heart, what it telling you.

3. Practice being still, being in the NOW, being in the present moment.

All that needs to be done is to concentrate on every step of the activity your are doing at the time.

Try being happy while doing it, enjoy the time, knowing that you have achieved at the end of the day.

Try this during the day and the night.

This is a bit harder to do as sometimes you will forget to do it, but if you find yourself wandering off in your thoughts, get straight back into what you’re doing.

If you remember this a couple of times during the day and forget at other times, that’s okay, just get back on track.

This practice is easier said than done, especially doing this for a full day.

4. What physical signs do you have when you start feeling anxious or angry?

Any different physical signs when negative thoughts coming through?

Does your heart feel tight or heavy? You feel you can’t speak or say something, the words can’t come out.

Your thoughts coming to the forefront of your brain and everything is exploding out loud like a volcano and you can’t seem stop yourself.

Something has happened that reminds you of all the bad experiences you have had in the past.

The feelings of being hurt and you obsess about it and you know something needs to be said about it there and then so you don’t keep it in.

Do you dwell and stew on it for days until you are ready to say something and in a hastily way.

Maybe you close yourself off, stop talking altogether because the words or no words can come out and it’s very hard to speak about anything as you feel stuck.

You need to notice when your physical signs start to happen so you can ground yourself (center yourself) before exploding, saying something or doing something you may regret later.

By recognising your signs then when you feel them coming on, center yourself or say to yourself “don’t go there”, change your thinking do something to change these feelings asap.

5. Start speaking to yourself with only positive words and then to other people around you.

positive wordsBe nice, show the love like the saying goes “love makes the world go round”.

Practice by spending a whole day speaking to people with no judgment or negativity, only kind and loving words.

If you forget at any time, just be aware of it and start again.

6. What are your subconscious belief that you have in place?

For example: “When I keep my heart closed, my heart will be protected from pain and loss”.

It holds your block in place.

Work out your underlying beliefs.

Sooner or later you will realise that your beliefs are lying to you, and does not support your what you think is true. And as you can’t physically close your heart from pain and loss, it’s going to happen and can happen at anytime.

We all will experience things that be painful and we all will experience loss in some way.

After exposing your beliefs which holds the block in place, you then can breath at ease.

7. Say Affirmations

Saying Affirmations is an easy way of changing your beliefs especially if you believe them when said regularly.

Develop your mind with positive thoughts in sink with you warm feelings in your heart.

  • The quality of my life is up to me. I really do want it to improve.
  • I am more compassionate to myself.
  • I am nicer to myself starting now, I give myself space to grow, and to not push or force or to try to fix.
  • I am kind, patient and caring.
  • I fill myself up and meet my own needs. This frees me up to be happy.

8. Self-Love – Look at your reflection in the mirror

Do you recognise and accept yourself completely? mirror work

See yourself on a deeper level – see the scars, the lines and how you’re aging.

Say these to yourself (preferably out loud):

  • “ I love you.”
  • “I honour and accept that I did the best I could with what I know at the time.”
  • “I open my heart to myself and all that I have gone through in my life.”

You need to feel love for yourself first before loving anyone else.

This is a good practice to get used to but if you feel this is too hard the next one is a little easier.

9. Easy Meditation

You should close your eyes in this meditation state and start by touching your feet or legs, say to yourself “I love you and thank you feet for carrying my body.”

Touch your heart and say to yourself “I love you,” “thank you for beating every day and keeping my body alive.”

Bring your attention to your Soul, say to yourself “thank you for keeping me aligned,” remember your physical body wouldn’t exist without your soul.

Your soul is with you always, every life you experience.

10. Have a Self-Care Plan

Set intentions for putting your self-care plan into action.

Self care is important

We tend to forget ourselves are usually looking after everyone else.

Don’t feel guilty about having some “me time” instead of working or cleaning the house.

Do something nice for yourself: meditate, take long walks, go out in nature, a lovely long bubble bath or just sit in the sun for a bit. Soak up the light from the sun so you can start shining brightly.

To help you, Inspirational Self-Care tips will be posted.

Anything you desire for yourself while staying focused in your heart.

Take responsibility for yourself.

11. Show respect and have compassion to your self and people around you.

Do some acts of kindness.

Have a conversation with someone.

Take time to listen what is being said to you.

Motivate someone to do something they want to do.

Offer someone help.

Be thoughtful of others feelings.

Address mistakes with kindness.

The world today and the people in it need to be cracked open and treated with love, respect and compassion.

This starts within you first so you know how to do this, feel how good it physically feels then you can treat others and hopefully this is followed on.

The Heart is the only organ that can have the feelings and energy that goes with Love, Respect and Compassion.

Your heart must be FELT

If you feel like it’s right, follow that feeling get out of your head and into your heart.

Just follow your heart, don’t confuse the voices in your head, and around you with the guidance of your much wiser more powerful heart.

The Brain can’t feel, it is our Rational side which wants comfort and ease and doesn’t like change.

Each of us are gifted with talents and skills which can be identified by looking at the things we are passionate about and inspired to do.

By suppressing and turning away from these passions and impulses you are denying the Divine access to powerful creation that exists inside all us.

All your answers and everything you need are inside you.

Your heart wants to take you where you need to go.

The beautiful energy of love will change your life in supprising ways.

You need to experience it, in it full capacity.

A Life that is well lived is full of losses and tragedies, as much as triumphs and adventure.

You will look back at the transformation and blown away by the poetry of life.

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