Lucid Dreaming

You can create your own reality by:

There are many benefits for those practicing lucidity including increased self awareness, confidence, reduced anxiety levels, etc.

One way that lucid dreams can help with is by helping you make decisions or to find answers, as when a question pops up during your waking state it may be answered in your dream.

Also creativity as lucid dreams can help you come up with new ideas, or get insights to solve problems.

The most important thing to keep in mind about lucid dreaming – especially if it’s not something you’re used to – is that because of its nature there will always be an element of uncertainty and confusion; but this isn’t necessarily bad because sometimes we need change and chaos for us to grow stronger!

The disadvantages of lucid dreaming are that you have a higher risk of migraines, and less quality sleep.

DO NOT PRACTICE THIS IF YOU HAVE A MENTAL DISORDER – Lucid dreaming can cause confusion and hallucinations, this is because the line between reality and imagination becomes blurred.

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