Mars Retrograde Energy Starts on 30 October And Is About Reflecting On How You Take Action To Get What You Want And Start Planning For It.

Mars Retrograde Energy

Mars Retrograde energy starts in the in the sign of Gemini on 30 October to 12 January.  

The pre-retrograde started from 3rd September until 30 October and the post-retrograde begins from 13th January to the 15th March 2023.

The Mars retrograde pre-shadow phase begins roughly six weeks before Mars goes retrograde while the post-shadow phase ends about six weeks after Mars retrograde.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should hide from the pre-trip or shadow phases, but the representation of Mars is worth being aware of.

Mars holds a lot of weight and is an immensely powerful planet.

pre-shadow mars retrograde

Pre-shadow started on the 3rd of September and during this time until it retrogrades, aside from slowing down, Mars overthinks, gets frustrated, creates complications, and gets angry quite often.

Poor decisions can be made and you can miss what is truly there. 

This energy could have you destroying your entire life if you become unable to handle it for a short period of time.

It all happens for a reason in astrology, and sometimes it may be necessary to completely destroy something that has already existed in order to make room for something new to grow.

The pre-shadow energy allows you to explore many feelings, especially anger, that have been repressed and express them.

Since Mars retrograde is fiery, something will probably come to a head and explode or be completely destroyed during this period. 

In spite of any challenges from that, it will always be for your benefit, as you will realise that it’s important, to be honest with yourself and also then you can set aside more time in your life to do what you really want.

So, in the post-retrograde shadow period, after you’ve experienced the pre-shadow and the retrograde, the energy is vastly different.

The post-retrograde shadow period lasts for about two months before it resumes its regular speed and orbit.

It’s when you speak the truth that you find out who stays and who runs.  It can determine if any romantic relationship was ultimately for your highest good or if it was only for the purpose of learning a lesson.

post-shadow mars retrograde

With Mars energy in post-retrograde, you can find calm and determination and is time to rebuild your life so you can start living again.  

And that will be the key to succeeding in the future.

If you cannot move forward for any reason, that’s okay, do it when you can.  Be sure to absorb everything you learned during the pre-shadow and retrograde periods without keeping anything inside.

The point of Mars retrograde is so that you can finally start doing better in all aspects of your life.

Mars only turns retrograde every two years.

Retrograde planets turn the planet’s energy inward, making it more subjective, and the person cannot receive the full power of the planet in the outer world.

The slower planets move, the more clearly their messages can be understood.

Mars Related Topics

Mars is the planet of desire and dynamic energy – the planet of action. It shows the urge and energy to accomplish, build and progress. One way to realise our desires is to work and earn. Through this, we develop the ability to hold our own against economic competition, gain self-confidence, and learn self-discipline.

Mars is the planet of War. Through war, we can experience hatred or heroism, killing or self-sacrifice, and we can find the courage and endurance we did not know we had.

Mars the planet of war

Also, it ignites our fire within, allowing us to accomplish anything we want to. 

Usually, it is here to simply help us move ahead in life.  To take charge and in most cases take no prisoners.

Besides the war with others, there is the struggle within for self-mastery.  From the desire and action of Mars, we gain valuable experience, an experience which will ultimately teach us to use our energies constructively and transmute desire into Will and healing power.  It is the use or misuse of this energy that makes one man a saint and another man a devil.

Living a positive life is essential.  Here are some positive ways to utilise Mars’s energy and keep in mind what you shouldn’t do.

Mars retrograde is an energy that requires awareness of these words.

Generative forceTransmutationPassion

Mars also rules metal and metal works (including machinery), sexual relationships, physical vitality and anger.

Preparing for Mars Retrograde Energy

Mars retrograde energy is quite an intense time, like a roller coaster, so it’s time to buckle up and prepare for a wild ride.

The secret to surviving Mars retrograde energy is dealing with the following issues:

1.  Identify and remove any blocks that are getting in the way of taking the first step in whatever you want to do.

Preparation is the KEY

 2.   Make sure you have healthy outlets for anger and rage.  It is important to be able to express your rage and anger in a healthy way.

3.  Pay attention to your body and keep it in good health by taking care of it.

4.  Reflect on what ways you have to not let your impatience get the better of you, and what can you do to improve?

Additionally, maintain your daily spiritual and energetic practices, such as crystal healing, meditation, yoga, and breathwork to navigate the Mars retrograde energy.

Crystals for Mars Retrograde Energy

Now that you know more about what Mars Retrograde has in store for you.

Crystals are one of the best weapons to use to stay calm and collected instead of having conflict and aggression throughout this retrograde.

Using crystals is the most powerful and easiest way as you can carry them with you at all times.  Wear them or have the close at hand either in your purse, pocket or bra, this way you can stay in alignment throughout the day.

These crystals connect with the Mars Retrograde energy.

Fire Agate  

Fire Agate can help you feel alive and energised if Mars retrograde has left you feeling drained or dull.

If you’re struggling in any other area of your life, you can use this stone to get back into action.

fire agate

You can revive your creative side by placing a Fire Agate on your desk while working. During the intense Mars retrograde energy, Fire Agate is said to bring calming energy.

So, carry one at all times and also place a Fire Agate under your pillow while you sleep or keep it on your nightstand. 

Be careful when purchasing a Fire Agate as it is a different stone compared to Red Agate and Carnelian.  These two are said to be the same, similar but it definitely is NOT the same.


Carnelian can help balance our internal energies which relate to strength and courage.

Carnelian for Mars Retrograde energy

The stone’s noble and warm energy can empower you to stand up for yourself and others.

It can be helpful in anything that requires leadership and endurance.

Also, you can overcome fear and allows your inner light to shine brightly.

At Spirit Magicka, you can find a Carnelian that’s perfect for you!


As its name implies, Sunstone brings rays of sunlight wherever it goes.

A Sunstone can bring vitality and joy to anyone struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel or lacking the confidence to move forward with their plans.

The stone will give your self-confidence, especially when it is lacking in certain areas in a person.  You will be able to shine through and feel great about yourself and your surroundings, even when life seems to be challenging at times.


An effective way to utilise this crystal is to wear it around your neck or carry one with you everywhere.


Citrine is said to boost energy levels and optimism, which is helpful for those who are pessimistic.


It transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Helps you release fears and encourages you to go for what you want.

The Citrine Stone can also assist you in believing in yourself and your natural abilities as well.

You can find a Citrine at Spirit Magicka, that is just right for you!

Red Jasper

Red Jasper can boost your self-confidence especially if you’re struggling with self-worth and has the ability to help you be honest with yourself.

Red Jasper for Mars Retrograde energy

It is known as the Supreme Nurturer and helps to keep you feel grounded. 

With the Mars retrograde energy, things may become so overwhelming that you may want to escape into your own world and not come out.


Red Jasper helps us maintain a balance, enabling us to face our fears and push forward, even if the way ahead is frightening.

At Spirit Magicka, you can find a Red Jasper that’s perfect for you!

Spirit Magika

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Using crystals wisely is the key to maximising the healing potential.  Take a moment to ground yourself and quiet your mind.  Feel the crystal and become one with it by holding it.  Ask them how to best use their energy for your highest good.  Trust your intuition and you will be guided to the answers you seek.

Mars Retrograde Energy

Frustrations can definitely run higher for everyone during Mars retrograde energy.

You may feel frustrated because your attempts to move things forward seem to be stuck or going backward.  Your frustrations can be minimised by letting go of agendas and not pushing anything.

This doesn’t mean not doing anything but simply to relax and do things in a comfortable, productive manner.

Mars retrograde energy tends to highlight weak links, so if you have any major unresolved issues, these weaknesses will show up in a big way.  

The purpose of this is not to hurt or harm us, rather it is to bring awareness about the issue and focus on resolutions.

Anger is a major issue with Mars retrograde energy, and it more than likely come up freely and frequently, perhaps in a passive-aggressive manner.  Passive-aggressive behaviour is a pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly addressing them.

This is not a time to pick a fight or attack someone, because your actions may result in consequences.  Instead, stay calm in all situations.  

triggers external and internal 2

Do something constructive with this anger, and work out why the situation has triggered you this way.  There is always an underlying reason for this.  What are the true sources of any anger and frustrations and work on healing them?   

Time to do some inner work!

Using exercise as a way to deal with conflict, disagreements, aggression, etc can also be a good idea.  

Get out for 15 minutes and let nature distract you if you don’t typically exercise.

While the Mars retrograde energy is in effect, you may find the energy to get up and go, or perhaps you will find that there is a bit of depression going on.  If this is the case, acknowledge this, but be careful not to sink too deep into it. 

It’s not recommended to start any sexual relationships or go to the next level if you’re already in one.  Such things as moving in, engagement, marriage, or any commitment of any kind between romantic partners.

There is a possibility that this will lead to unwelcome consequences or negative outcomes.

If possible, try not to initiate or launch anything if you can avoid it, as the outcome might not be as you hoped or may just fizzle out.

Do not despair if any of the above have been organised for this time, as they were not started or planned during Mars Retrograde energy.  If you are concerned, during the event use rose quartz or amethyst.

It is known at this time for machinery or any metal-related items may break down and needs repairing.  It is best to avoid buying new machinery if at all possible.  It also applies to surgery or getting your haircut, since metal objects are used in these procedures.  Don’t delay, if it’s a life and death situation!

bubbling to the surface

Listen to your body! 

Whether you have buried issues or your body tells you something isn’t healthy, it will all comes to the surface. 

Just remember if you do find yourself struggling with confidence, having trouble maintaining positive energy, internalising your anger, and having negative thoughts there are always ways to overcome them.

This is a time when positivity is required, so look upon it as an opportunity, rather than a hindrance, as well as a necessity.  

Some of you may experience the opposite Mars retrograde energy, you may rev up and be ready to go at this time.  This could be the time you find relief and solutions for your frustrations, especially if you have Mars retrograde in your birth chart.

Mars In Your Birth Chart

In the area of life where Mars appears on your birth chart you have extra energy.  

birth chart

Making you feel alive so you tend to focus on that area.  

This is where you will get support in this area, as this is where your opportunities will be presented to you.

You should be working in this area if not, start working towards it.

NOTE: if you don’t have your time of birth on your Birth Chart Report the House information is not available. 

Your birth chart gives you other information that can physically help you with why you do certain things, etc and help you with any self-work you may need to do.

Other Planets in Retrograde

A retrograde planet behaves exactly like we do when we are feeling off-kilter, when we are not getting things done correctly, in a timely manner, and are a little cranky about it.

Saturn Retrograde (June 4 to Oct 22)

Jupiter Retrograde (July 28 to Nov 23)

Neptune Retrograde (June 28 to Dec 3)

Chiron Retrograde (July 19 to Dec 23)

Uranus Retrograde (August 24 to January 22)

Each planet rules different areas of life and has different effects. Visit the articles for information on when the post–retrograde period lasts for each planet.

Mars retrograde energy

If you have been reading about the other energies of the retrogrades and new and full moon, your mindset should be better and therefore can cope a lot better with this Mars retrograde energy.

As you should know that 2022 is all about awareness of change in order for you to become happier and fulfilled.

This year going with the flow is a regular theme and being conscious about your actions, so no better time than now to do this. Doing this will help you immensely with the Mars retrograde energy.

With the knowledge you have learnt in this article you will definitely get through this retrograde a lot easier than you have in the past.

This is the best time and opportunity to physically slow down and prevent burning out.  Take time for yourself, relax, meditate, do some reflection and inner work and become aligned with the energy.  You will be ready for anything that comes your way!

Remember: Experiences in life are just lessons you need to learn and there are no good or bad experiences only learning curves.

This way our life is a powerful opportunity to grow and expand.

Best of luck with the Mars Retrograde energy!

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