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Meaning Of Spirituality and Powerful, Adaptable Ways of Embracing it.

Find out the meaning of spirituality, the different ways of embracing them so you can benefit through your spiritual growth.

Spirituality is something that many people have a hard time understanding. What does it mean to be spiritual? How do you embrace spirituality in your life? This blog post will explore the meaning of spirituality and ways to embrace it!

Spirituality has been around for a long time and sometime or another you will come across it in your life. You have heard about it but really don’t know the meaning of spirituality.  Maybe you are already doing something that is related to spirituality like yoga or tai chi, meditations, affirmations, etc.

Some people say it’s a Religion but really it’s not. All Religions have some sort of spirituality within them, but there are so many different Religions in the world with their own way of looking at and recognising spirituality, but this is not the true meaning of spirituality.

Also, there are the different cultures as well and when you’re born in a family with a cultural background, from an early age you’re taught to follow the specific spiritual beliefs and rituals in your culture. That’s okay but there is much more to learn about spirituality.

Spirituality is not a belief system, having to prove things exists or a chemical and brain state.

Some people think spirituality is irrational or a fictional realm and fairy tale creatures, and biblical stories, imaginary or wishful thinking or even woo-woo. Thinking it means made up things that don’t exist therefore not worthy of consideration or attention so you ignore it.

It isn’t related to a certain age group but more of an individual recognition when you’re ready, you become aware of it and you want to explore more.

When you believe in things that you can’t see or touch is the first lesson.

Once you know what spirituality really means, you may want to start doing personal development on yourself so you can become a happier person and have a fulfilled and meaningful life.

Meaning of Spirituality

There are a number of ways to explain, which I will, but it’s really up to you or what resonates within you as to the meaning of Spirituality. You could resonate with one or all of them.

Spirituality is a deep connection to reality but can’t be understood, things that are not commonly experienced by mundane lives or ordinary life. Having a connection (not just a good feeling) to its beauty and the existence of it and that sense of wonder of the nature of reality.


The existence of the sky, the stars the universe, there is so much more out there than meets the naked eye, more than we can physically see. There is something higher than what’s on earth and the life we live. That connection to higher self expands to different levels, we feel it and understand it.

Thats why life should be guided by feelings not facts, I know with my learning it’s definitely only through feelings we are most likely to be on the right path of our life. You may feel it’s fact’s before feelings but not every thing can be explained with facts. That’s another topic on it’s own – Heart versus Mind.

All evidence points to the heart as the centre of both feelings and decision-making, so depending on what your heart tells you is how you should lead your life.

Spirituality is the process of questioning everything you thought was true to get to a raw truth.

When you find this objective truth in a raw form and feel awe towards it, spirituality is the ability to connect with it.

Awe means from the dictionary – “an overwhelming feeling of reference, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extreme.”

Spirituality is development of the connection of reality, answering questions about the nature of existence and seeking the absolute truth. The essence of spirituality is seeking the ultimate truth directly, independent belief systems, ideologies and seeking the absolute truth. This is the most spiritual act one can perform in their life.

For example: a monk whom spends his lifetime doing the above, says no I don’t want all the normal stuff, I don’t care about making lots of money. I don’t want all those distractions, I’m going to concentrate on loving reality, I’m going directly to reality the absolute truth. You are in love with your mind. Compared to the normal person who is preoccupied with the mundane things in life, making money, being materialistic, traveling, etc. There is no personal union with truth living that way and those who live this way never realize their true spiritual potential.

ways of embracing spirituality

Spirituality is the raising of consciousness, by expanding and going beyond the normal, the ordinary consciousness is attuned by illusion so that you are constantly just living on your survival needs(which is our mind – our ego).

Your consciousness has many levels that are higher and higher from there you experience reality in a different way. Becoming open-minded in a radical way, you then open yourself up to all kinds of possibilities.  Your mind becomes more flexible and the so-called weird stuff happens, like experiencing non-physical things, the woo woo things become real. It is because your new mind is at different levels of consciousness. And can create what you want and construct your new physical reality that you couldn’t do before as you were in the lower level of consciousness.

Spirituality is the raising of consciousness, by expanding and going beyond the normal, the ordinary consciousness is attuned by illusion so that you are constantly just living on your survival needs.

Ways of Embracing Spirituality


Meditation for raising your consciousness to the different higher levels.

Meditative states which is different to the normal meditation, it’s a different way on how you meditate but with practice this will help you get to the meditative states. 

This type of meditations are available on You-Tube, the key is to find one or two that works for you and that can be done on a regular basis. As it may be hard at first but when you do it more frequently it does get easier. 

Yoga Nidra is a very deep relaxation technique that allows you deepen their meditative state.

Spiritual work-2


Doing some personal journey work on yourself like answering some hard, truthful questions about yourself and your lifestyle. Discovering what truths and actions need to take in order for you to become more spiritual person.

Embracing Spirituality and aligning yourself with truth and developing higher consciousness.

The work is bringing the truth back down into your everyday life and embodying that truth not becoming conscious of the truth.

For example: Aligning your every day life, changing your habits, your addictions and you need to de-program and de-construct any false beliefs you have.

Spirituality is when you feel that you are physically connected to everything in the universe that has happened or will happen. Removing the idea that you are separated being infinite universal connected as physical fact, as raw fact in your consciousness.

Absolute Truth can’t be proven, truth is a much more vast domain than proof as proof is using indirect methods and truth is direct.

Yoga or Tai Chi

Both of these practices have many health benefits, including improved balance and flexibility plus increased energy while concentrating on breathing techniques.

Yoga and Tai Chi enhances your connection to the divine, which is who we are and in turn connects us more deeply to our spiritual selves.

Sharman Work

Sharman work is like being in  a trance  while dancing with music or humming and also provides you peace of mind and body-soul harmony.

You dance, hum or drum freely, letting yourself go, letting your body dance how it feels and the same with humming and drumming what ever you feel from within will come out with its own rhythm. Your inner expressions take the reins.

This will bring about increased energy as well as decreased stress levels. The more often that people do Sharman the better they feel mentally and physically too!

Sharman work is a good spiritual practice as it helps you to connect to the same energy as when you were a kid, so it has lots of meaning and benefits. You dance, hum or drum freely, letting yourself go to do what you feel from within.

Visualisation techniques and Enlightenment

Visualisation techniques and Enlightenment which is understanding and seeing things with clarity and the way they really are.

Visualisation techniques include vividly imagining a scenario, building up the details until you feel like you’re there, picturing and seeing yourself in that situation so vividly it feels as if you’re really experiencing it.

Another example of visualisation technique is imagining you in such a way that you’re feeling comfortable, happy and safe. If you need some guidance for visualisation, try this You-Tube clip that I use Yoga Nidra Meditation and Visualization for Inner Peace and Healing / Mindful Movement. You will be amazed.

Visualisation is one of the many ways to get spiritually enlightened because it vividly puts you inside an environment or scenario so then you can work on changing those feelings and emotions into positive ones. This technique also helps with self-esteem because when you picture yourself more confident, for example in a speech or when your go to an interview, it helps you feel more confident and gives you a clear goal.

This technique also helps with overcoming fear by picturing yourself as something you’re not. When faced with things that scare you you’ll able to picture yourself being the person who doesn’t get scared or worried because you are calm and collected in any situation.

This technique can help you in any situation and is one of the many ways to get and stay spiritually enlightened.

It’s important to find a way that you feel comfortable with and creates an awareness of your spiritual self.

Learning how to relax, become more in tune with yourself and the world around you is so rewarding on many levels.  So much stress can be relieved by just being mindful for five minutes or less per day every single day.

meaning of spirituality

Spirituality is important for everyone to have a sense of meaning, belonging, purpose or direction in their life.

There are many ways one can embrace spirituality in their lives such as meditation which helps you tune into the inner world around, art to working out.

It takes courage but every moment we spend trying new things brings us closer towards our true selves so take the time in finding something that makes you feel good, mind, body and soul.

Once self identity is expanded, infinite and universal, you realise there are many universes and that you’re not the only beings here.

You maybe already experiencing something that my relate to spirituality and not sure what you’re going through.  You might be in one of the Stage of Spiritual Awakening.

Learning about your own endeavours of Spirituality will become very beneficial is so many different ways.

Starting slowly with baby steps or small doses but regularly, you will see your world change greatly.

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