Mercury goes direct today, but the energy is not immediate.

Mecrcury goes direct

Mercury goes direct today, and you need to know some details to help you with this.

Don’t be too eager for this as the energy doesn’t change immediately. It takes time because it hasn’t cleared out of its post shadow period.

So, we will have the energy of the Retrograde for another couple of weeks to the 24th of February.

Then this energy is still lingering around for a bit because Venus is also in its post shadow period until the 2nd March. 

This is the magical date for when all the Retrograde energy is cleared up completely and officially begins 2nd of March. 

We have another four weeks before we truly have the Mercury/Venus direct energy in full swing.

So take advantage of the end of the retrograde and make the most of it as you know it will be changing for the better.

Mercury Retrograde Energy

So over the next four weeks, we can still expect Mercury energy to influence communication and logic, which is everyday stuff we deal with.

Expect setbacks and slow down things that maybe seem like you’re standing still.

We can expect more frustrating miscommunications in every way possible.

Things could be called into question as there may be some confusion.

Time to clear up any clutter, things piled up or unfinished business, etc.

mercury retrograde

Technological meltdowns such as mobile, the internet, computers, the list can go on. 

It’s all well and good when it’s working, but we get frustrated when we have the slightest problem.

Maybe some mishaps to do with travel.

Research needs to be done for future ideas or projects, planning, setting yourself up to start the ball rolling.

So when that frustration, anger, impatience, etc., sets in,  stop trying to force things if there are not working.   Maybe leave it for a while if you can, wait, then go back to it. Perhaps you may need to contemplate the best way for your struggles.

We are learning how to clean up our communication, be aware, and pay attention to the structures of our lives.

Try to be in the moment and go with the flow with dealing with things as they come up.

Mercury goes Direct Energy

As Mercury goes direct and moves forward, so are we and to our fullest potential.

It’s time to launch any great ideas or your big dreams that you have.

mercury goes direct

Excellent time for making big decisions.   Life-changing decisions like engagements or weddings.

Thinking about moving to a different location or house.

Making business agreements or any other type of agreement is the right time.

Want to Invest your money or any other type of investing? It’s best that you wait for  Mercury direct energy.

Start a brand-new project.

Mercury direct energy will give you clarity in thinking, making decisions and future planning.

It is time to initiate or push things along to get the ball rolling and or keep it rolling.

Mercury Retrograde 2022 Dates

This year Mercury retrogrades four times, with each retrograde period lasting a few weeks.

Jan 14 to Feb 4  In Aquarius –  themes are new ideas, nurture-oriented, revolution, outsiders.

May 10 to June 3 In Gemini – themes are social, conversation, knowledge, information.

Sept 10 to Oct 2 In Libra – themes are balance, justice, harmony, ideas, beauty.

Dec 29 to Jan 18 (2023)  In Capricorn – themes are structure, integrity, hard work.

Consider these points for when the Mercury retrograde occurs. 

Also, remember the themes (above) for each of the astrological signs.

Let’s not make retrograde time depressing or scary; now you know the valuable information on how to deal with the time, use it to your advantage.  

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