Mercury Retrograde Energy Starts on 9 September And Is About Unusual Breakdowns In Communication And Technology.

Mercury Retrograde energy

Mercury Retrograde energy starts in the sign of Libra on 9 September to 23 September, then moves into Virgo until 2 October.

The energy affects us earlier as retrogrades have a pre-transit time being 20 August and a post-transit where the energy declines but will be cleared by 17 October.

You may know Mercury Retrograde as being scary, causing lots of confusion, nervousness, and anxiety.  Your energy is zapped making you feel lethargic and have no motivation.

Mercury Retrograde energy usually shakes up your normal day-to-day life.  Mostly by making you face challenges and difficulties to make you stronger and grow to your soul purpose.

When you understand the energies that are surrounding us then you can work with them, and then align with their flow. Life can be easier, fun, fulfilling, and productive. 

You will be ready for anything that comes your way!

When planets are in retrograde, the Universe is sending out a message that this is the time to physically slow down as you can’t be on the go 24/7 otherwise you will burn yourselves out.  

Take time for yourself and do some inner work and deep introspection.  Especially those topics that are specific to the planet in retrograde (Mercury) and the sign it is transiting (Libra and Virgo).  

The Mercury Retrograde energy is one of the most troubling as it is the closest planet to the sun and goes retrograde more often.

On the 29th of December, we go through it all again as we have the Mercury Retrograde energy around until the 18 January (2 Feb with the post-transit), in the sign of Capricorn.

Mercury Related Topics

Balance, Mind – the link between Spirit and matter (the soul and personality)

Intellect and intelligence, logic, and reasoning power

Perception and psychology


Communication (within and without) 

Techniques, skills, and ideas

Experiences and challenges


A link between heaven and earth

Brothers and sisters and youth


Short journeys and travel


Being and living positively is essential, below are the positive ways to use Mercury energy, and keep in mind the negative ways.  Remember to be conscious of these words for this Mercury Retrograde energy.

AdaptabilityVersatilityMental Instability

“Mercury is called the “Messenger of the Gods” for he travels ceaselessly and does not travel a one-way street.  He tends to excite activity.  He uses everything in the outer as well as the inner world as a grist for growth and progress. 

Mercury is neither male nor female but a neutral planet that acts as a mirror to reflect whatever is in its vicinity. 

When unstable, he withdraws from the magnetic field and the connection between the soul and the body is severed.”

Crystals for Mercury Retrograde Energy

Crystals are a secret weapon to get through stress, trying times, and negative energy.

Each crystal can offer different kinds of comfort, and help you focus on what you want to avoid or achieve at every retrograde.

These crystals connect with the Mercury Retrograde energy.



Amazonite can assist you with healing emotional trauma and fear and help with filtering out distractions while making decisions.

Learn more about Amazonite’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.

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Howlite is super calming and can relieve all kinds of stress.

It is also known as an “attunement stone”, and helps you link to your higher self and higher realms. 

Learn more about Howlite’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.



Turquoise is a balancing stone, to help you with your masculine and feminine energies.

Helps with giving you strength, courage and stability.

Learn more about Turquoise’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.



Selenite helps you release anything you’ve been holding on to and let go of past pain.

Helps with erratic emotions and heals anything and everything.

Learn more about Selenite’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.

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Shungite helps cleanse and purify the body, mind and spirit

Helps with technology issues and EMFs.

Learn more about Shungite’s meaning and Spiritual Properties.

Spirit Magika

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The best way to use any crystals is to get the most out of their healing power. First, take a moment to ground yourself and quiet your mind.  Allow them to tell you the best way to work with their energy. Trust that your intuition and you will be guided with the answers you seek.

Mercury Retrograde Energy

You can expect Mercury Retrograde energy to influence your communication and logic, which is everyday stuff that you deal with.  

Also, at this time your emotions will be running high.


So, it may be a good time to think twice about the things you say and do as things may be misunderstood. 

And on the flip side maybe you need to listen to it a bit more intensively as you may misunderstand what is being said. 

If you are not sure if you interpret what has been said, make sure you ask or question it straight away, rather than leaving it and having it on your mind and stewing on it later.

Mercury Retrograde energy will bring things that could be called into question as there may be some confusion.

It’s time to clear up any clutter, things piled up or unfinished business, etc. Decluttering helps you in many ways.

Mercury Retrograde energy will bring things that could be called into question as there may be some confusion.

It’s time to clear up any clutter, things piled up or unfinished business, etc. Decluttering is very therapeutic and here are some helpful tips to help you.


It’s a double whammy for technological meltdowns with electronics and gadgets as Uranus is in retrograde at the same time. 

This is where lots of frustrations come into play, as when things are not working or is very slow.

So when that frustration, anger, impatience, etc., sets in, stop trying to force things that are not working.  Maybe leave it for a while if you can, wait, then go back to it.  Perhaps you may need to contemplate the best way for your struggles.

Expect setbacks and slow down things that maybe seem like you’re standing still.

The Mercury Retrograde energy wants you to continue with anything you have already begun and fine-tune it or draw it to a close.

You are learning how to clean up your communication, be aware, and pay attention to the structures (foundation) of your lives.

Your old foundations and structure maybe not serve you any longer so re-evaluate things and build your foundation properly so it’s more secure. Doing some spiritual learning and inner work will help you with your belief system and actions for you to change things for the better and have a happier and fulfilled life.

You will benefit from avoiding or delaying any formal decision-making or contract signing until Mercury goes direct. As Mercury Retrograde energy will likely penalise you for doing so and you are more likely to make mistakes or have accidents.

going with the flow

Being in the moment and going with the flow with dealing with things as they come up will help you during this Mercury Retrograde.  You may find it hard to make plans or stick to schedules, so try to have your days open and expect the unexpected.

Any plans or agreements should be only short-term and any long-term should be delayed until Mercury has gone direct. 

The main thing to remember while Mercury Retrograde energy is in Virgo to 23 September, it’s about unpredictable things happening in your day-to-day life such as work, health, and routine.

When Mercury Retrograde energy is in Libra from 24 September, the main thing to remember is to seek harmony, balance, and peace internally. 

Mercury In Your Birth Chart

birth chart

Wherever mercury is placed in your birth chart is the area where attention and awareness must be focused and techniques and skills learned.

With Mars being a fast-moving planet, your house position is very important as it regularly goes in and out of this area and because of the severity of related topics.

NOTE: if you don’t have your time of birth on your Birth Chart Report the House information is not available. 

Your birth chart gives you other information that can physically help you with why you do certain things, etc and help you with any self-work you may need to do.

Mercury Direct Energy

As Mercury moves forward, so are you and to your fullest potential.

It’s time to launch any great ideas or big dreams that you have.

Excellent time for making big decisions. Life-changing decisions like engagements or weddings. Thinking about moving to a different location or house.

Making business agreements or any other type of agreement is the right time.

Want to Invest your money or any other type of investing? It’s best that you wait for Mercury’s direct energy.

Start a brand-new project.

Mercury’s direct energy will give you clarity in thinking, making decisions, and future planning. 

It is time to initiate or push things along to get the ball rolling and or keep it rolling.

Before proceeding with Mercury’s direct energy you need to take into consideration the effects of the other planets that are in retrograde.

Other Planets in Retrograde

2022 is all about you needing to change and adopting the mindset for the better. This just confirms it, all these planets are in retrograde at the same time.

Saturn Retrograde (June 4 to Oct 22)

Jupiter Retrograde (July 28 to Nov 23)

Neptune Retrograde (June 28 to Dec 3)

Chiron Retrograde (July 19 to Dec 23)

Uranus Retrograde (August 24 to January 22)

 planets in retrograde

The Mercury Retrograde energy is with you three to four times a year for about three weeks at a time.

Things are less likely to go as planned, so get used to all sorts of problems, mix-ups, and hassles with communication, thinking, timing, and technology.

Have your mindset ready!

Then, you can change the way how you experience the impacts you have in your life.

More self-care will benefit from the Mercury Retrograde energy.  Concentrating on yourself, your skin, relaxing, etc.   Allow yourself to take a break and breathe in some fresh air, it also helps to do a few minutes of exercise in nature several times a day.

This is a powerful opportunity to grow and expand, but in doing that you have to re-evaluate things.

Good luck with the Mercury Retrograde energy!

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