Use Neptune Retrograde Energy on 28/29 June To Your Advantage But Be Aware!

Neptune Retrograde energy is in the sign of Pisces which starts on 28 or 29 June just before the New Moon in Cancer and turns direct 3 December but has a post-retrograde shadow until 24 March 2023.

So we have six months in retrograde and nearly four months in post-retrograde. Post retrograde is when the energy is still there but they are subtle and the water energy will simmer down each week.

Neptune is a peaceful planet that is deeply in touch with intuition, so it’s retrograde just wants to ensure that you’re being true to yourself.

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Neptune is the ruler of water, spirituality, intuition, creativity, deceits, illusions, fantasy, dreams, art, entertainment, drugs, and alcohol.

Neptune Retrograde Energy

When Neptune is direct we have a veil on our eyes, helping us hide anxieties and unwanted realities.

Neptune Retrograde energy

Generally, Neptune Retrograde energy is helping you with stripping away illusions, dreams and any realities which have clouded your vision.

This energy will provoke a period of awareness, turmoil and profound instability.  Maybe leaving us with a harsh and painful reality.

As a collective, the Neptune Retrograde energy will force us to see life through a more practical lens.

We have lots of water energy around us at this time as Neptune Retrograde is in the water sign of Pisces and the New Moon is in the water sign of Cancer.

This may make us overwhelmed at times and feel that we are struggling to stay afloat.

The best way to help yourself with this will be by releasing your control, going with the flow and trust in the process.  We have to keep ourselves balanced and also grounded with this Neptune Retrograde energy.  

softer side

Neptune Retrograde energy is helping us connect with our emotions, and allowing our softer, more sensitive side, our feminine side to shine through.

We may receive new insights, new information, or new inspiration, helping us to see a new truth.

It can also activate our natural intuition and psychic abilities, and heighten our perception of the unseen world. 

Things that you are hiding or what you don’t want to see can be exposed as your truth must be confronted.

It is a good time to reflect on whether or not you are walking in alignment with your soul.  

Maybe you have been falsely led on your spiritual journey or if you’ve been leading with your ego rather than love.

The Neptune retrograde energy will help you with how you can activate and have unconditional love energy in you life.  You may feel the need to reflect and receive answers regarding any blockages about love or why you can’t connect to that love that lives within and shining it to the world?

shine your light

As you know this journey starts within ourselves and when your light shines, you illuminate others around you.

You may have received some help with making sense of thing and gain a deeper perspective and clarity around a significant situation that happened back in April when Neptune was aligned with Jupiter.

Whatever you experienced in April, those themes or issues my reappear from October to December 2022.

There maybe some destructive or toxic habit temptations that come up at this time, don’t say “Just this once” put a preventative system in place so you don’t get the urge.

You can use the Neptune Retrograde energy to you advantage by lifting up your veil, move towards a higher and more aligned truth.  

Allowing your intuition to lead, let your creative juices flow freely, working out your truth or what is preventing you from facing it.

Good luck with the Neptune Retrograde energy!

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