New Moon Energy To Help You Become Empowered In Your Life.

What are the New Moon Energy dates for 2022?

New Moon: Jan 3rd (Super New moon), Feb 1st, Mar 3rd, Apr 1st, May 1st, May 30th (Black Moon – (second New moon in single calendar month), Jul 29th (Micro New moon), Aug 27th, Sept 26th, Oct 25th, Nov 24th, Dec 23rd (Super New moon).

Nov 8 – Total Lunar Eclipse visible in Perth

When does the New moon Occur?

The new moon occurs when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun.  The Moon is not visible in the sky because the sun shines on the part of the Moon that faces away from the Earth.

New & Full Moon Orbit

At a precise and predictable time every month, roughly every 29/30 days.

When the new moon occurs, it sets off a new light cycle. 

New moons will always be in the same zodiac sign that the sun travels through! 

For instance, a new moon that falls during Aquarius season will always be in Aquarius.  

This occurs because the new moon aligns with the Sun in a conjunction aspect (meaning they’re both near the same degree of the same zodiac sign.)

No matter what season and astrological sign it is in, this alignment brings the energy of potential, growth, and new opportunities.

The Moon Represents

The moon shows our connection with the feminine, emotions, growth, eternity, enlightenment and darkness.  

Also, the moon is the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. 

In astrology, the moon symbolises the soul, reflecting on inner knowledge, reflection and adaptation.

The feminine energy represents the softer energies, receiving, and surrender.

What About The Dark Moon?

The New moon is also referred to as the Dark Moon as it is not visible in the sky during this phase.

Some people refer to the Dark Moon when it is invisible and the New moon being the next stage after the Dark Moon with the first sliver of crescent light.

That’s why I say the new moon’s energy is a couple of days before and after the peak time of the new moon.

Harness The New Moon Energy 

The new moon’s energy can physically start during the days leading up to and following the new moon.

You can gain so many benefits when you understand the Moon and the different stages of the lunar cycle.

The moon is a beautiful luminous light that can guide you in going inwards and expanding. 

When preparing for the New moon, I recommend making time to sit in a quiet place and practise stillness; when relaxed, listen to your intuition to clarify what you need.

Handwrite any lists as putting pen to paper as it is your personal touch given and is beneficial for the process.  Keep your list to a maximum of ten.  That doesn’t mean ten for each energy but all energy together.

The most potent time to do this is eight hours after the New moon has peaked, but you have 24 hours to set your intentions.

Some say up to 48 hours, so don’t fear if you forget the first day.

Allow the energy of the New moon to move you forward and start anything you desire!

New moons happen once a month, we begin a brand new cycle, so this is the time for turning inward, reflecting on the past month, wiping the slate clean, re-centring, and starting new intentions to feel more aligned in our everyday life.

Intentions & Setting Goals

The new moon represents new beginnings and a magical time for manifesting and setting your intentions and goals.

my intentions

Remember: Intentions are different from goals.

Intentions are about how you want to feel, and goals are more external.

The new moon energy aids us in setting intentions and new goals for the weeks or even months ahead.

Writing intention/goals rituals can be magical.

Choose An Affirmation

When you say affirmations aloud and repeat them regularly, it encourages your brain to take them as facts.  When you honestly believe them, you often follow with action. 

Affirmations are about what you want to be and embody.

So what kind of energy do you want to bring with you into this new cycle?

A couple of examples of affirmations for the new moon are:  “In this cycle, I invite abundance and prosperity into my life”; “I bring peace and love into this new cycle of light”,; “I am confident”.

Make Wishes

What do you wish for?  Make wishes for yourself only.  It can’t be for somebody else or if you want to change someone.

Make sure you write your wishes correctly because you will receive what you wish.

Be specific about what you want and how you want to receive it.

Wish List

For example: if you want money, don’t ask, “I want to gain much money” it may come to you through death or other more complex means.  

The correct way to ask is “I want to gain much money happily”.

Once you have written them, keep your list safe to reflect on them later.

Make sure you include some wishes related to the theme of the astrology sign the moon is in at the time.

You can check the related themes in my new moon article every month.

Plant Seeds, New Beginnings, Start Something New.

Each month, the new moon is the most fertile day of the lunar cycle. If there were a perfect time for initiating anything new, it would undoubtedly be the new moon! 

plant your seeds

We have a clean slate and an excellent opportunity to have fresh new ideas, plant the seeds, start anything, everything you feel passionate about and take action. 

This is also the perfect time to reflect on the previous 30 days, which we call the past Luna Moon cycle, any course corrections and goal-setting.

You are probably unconsciously aligned with this energy, tending to create new habits, start new projects and initiate life changes around the same time as the new moon. 

It helps when we consciously embrace the new moon’s fresh energy, which will allow you to propel those transitions even further.

New moon energy is especially good at empowering:

  • New jobs or a career change
  • The launch of a new business
  • The launch of a new product or service
  • A new course or program of study
  • A lifestyle change
  • The decision to quit smoking, drinking, etc. 
  • A new home, or a move
  • New relationships

New Friendships, Relationships and Marriage. 

It’s an auspicious time to get out of the house and say ‘yes’ to any invitations for socialising and meeting new people.  As the moon energy will help you connect with the right people who have the same higher frequency as yourself.

go on a date

Ask that person on a date.

A first date is a wonderful activity for a new moon. The moon energy gives you the possibility to plant the seed for a new relationship.

Strong connections can be built from any new meetings on any new moon.


Couples who value growth and new beginnings have a wonderful opportunity to start their life together by getting married under a New moon.

 As the moon starts the lunar cycle, it represents rebirth, realisation, and fresh intentions.  They will begin their marriage with pure intentions and elevated energies.

Can Make You Sleepy

You may get tired earlier than normal and want to get more sleep than usual on the day of a New moon.  


As the Moon’s light retreats and goes dark, so too for us, our energy lowers.  

It’s like a hibernation period for us to recharge before diving into our goals and projects.

May Affect Blood Pressure

Studies have been done on people and their heart rate and blood pressure during new and full moons.   The result was that the blood pressure had lowered, and the heart rate returned to normal.

Researchers concluded that humans were more physically efficient during full and new moons.

Self-Care & Positivity

It’s an important time to be more kind and caring; after all, the new moon is all about hope and possibility.

Self-Care types

Also, be positive toward yourself, as well as protect your sensitive energy. 

Avoid spending time with those who are negative, pessimistic or discouraging. 

Doing things that make you feel optimistic and excited about new opportunities.

Learn about the different types of Self-Care.


New moons call us to reflect upon where we are on that day and self evaluate what we want from a quieter perspective. 


The best way to do this is to allow yourself the time to go within. 

Going within is the best way to do this, and so allow yourself the time to do this.

 New moons tend to make us feel more introspective meaning.

What NOT to do during the New moon?

1. Quitting Something You Care About

Deciding to give up on anything you care about can be a waste of time energy and may not work.

Don't Quit

The new moon is about creation and starting things, not ending or stopping something.

 When you need to let go of habits, people and situations that no longer suit you (save it for the full moon).

2. Avoiding New People

Don’t decline any unexpected invites as the new moon likes to bring people into our lives.  

You may encounter others that are different or outside our usual type, so be open as you never know what joys you may experience.  

Maybe someone that brings you lessons for your soul.

So, don’t miss out on them.

3. Spending Time with Energy Drainers

energy drainers

Try to avoid those people who drain your energy, constantly bring you down, want to talk about themselves, are pessimistic, etc.

Sometimes these people can’t be avoided, but you need to protect yourself.

Being with people who harness positivity help you feel energised and alive!

4. Get stuck in the past.

The new moon is just that: new! 


Stay present, look ahead to the future with optimism, and try not to get down with worries or regrets about the past. 

Let go of it all, go with the flow of the present moment of your life.

It’s a time to refresh, reset, and look to the future.

Connecting with the new moon can provide grounding and a sense of direction.

It has significantly affected my life so if you are determined to do any self-improvements, I believe following the energy of the new moon will help you tremendously.

Use the new moon to set the tone for the coming weeks energetically and create the life you desire.  When you do this consistently, you will see the changes in your life.

Remember – Intention then action is vital to empowering your goals or anything for that matter.

Please refer to New Moon Rituals to learn more about working with Moon energy. 

There will be 12 new moons per year, so don’t waste any.

Please make the most of every single one of them!

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