New Moon in Aquarius 1 February at 5:46 am GMT or 1:46 pm in Perth.

New Moon February 2022

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 1 peaks at 5:46 am GMT or 1:46 pm in Perth, Australia.

With what’s happening in the world today and still unsure of everything, I’m sure you still feel the chaos as I do. It’s hard to think positive at times, but we are all going to endure more ups and downs, and we have to go with the flow.

You as an individual can’t change the Governments, protocol, etc., but as a Collective, we can. When we join the Collective with the same energies and thoughts about the same subject, we can physically change anything. More people are becoming aware of this.

That’s an Article all by itself but just something for all of us to think about.

We are blessed to have the moon shines the darkness at night, and the sun shines its light upon us all day.  

The moon is on our side and reminds us of its energies every month; we need to take note, do the actions and embody them into our lives.

New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle, the first lunar phase.

I try to do this within 6 hours of the peak of the new moon. 

It symbolises rebirth, new beginnings or the start of a new project.  

The energy of this new moon in Aquarius is a great time to reflect on your old goals and set new ones. Say, you have some incompleted goals from last month, set your intentions again but this time break it down into small steps, so when you get stuck you know what to do.

Start with writing down your intentions, dreams and wishes (up to 10), and the new moon’s energy will help achieve your visions and goals.  

I love practising this by writing my intentions etc., while sitting on the ground with a candle where it’s quiet and relaxing. I try outdoors first (using a candle with a glass cylinder). Otherwise, I may need to go indoors.

The times of every moon are displayed on my feature image of the article on the Home page of

It has both the date and time in GMT and Perth, Australia.

New Moon in Aquarius Energies:

The new moon energy of Aquarius is all about making progress.

Don't look back!

So this is the time to move forward and “no looking back”.

Change is on its way, and it could come quickly for you, independently and as a collective.  

I know we’ve had many changes already and this will continue in every country.  

It is up to you whether you get the change you want. Do you believe you have it, and how much are you relying on others to bring it to you? 

You may want to make some radical changes or have difficulties in adjusting.


This new moon in Aquarius is about thinking outside the box and being innovative. Maybe you may have to take another way to adapt easier to any changes.

Bringing more openness and flexibility to any area of life and dropping convention works well with this Aquarian energy.

It would help if you did things independently, which gives a sense of freedom. This is great, but be loving and communicate with whom you need to about this.


Aquarius is the sign of invention, modern advances in technology, humanity, and the world. 

It’s an excellent time for inventing something for the future, starting new projects, joining a community group, or starting a social group online.

Find new positive people to socialise with, but not only on the internet, physically see and interact with your friends, etc.

Focus on extending a warm hand, helping and supporting others any way you can, smiling and shining your light to others.

This new moon in Aquarius you may crave freedom and a distraction from your mundane life, so spontaneity and rebellious feelings and actions may arise.

It’s a good time for expanding your knowledge or wisdom.

Doing Shadow Work

You are studying, researching, exploring astrology, psychology, spiritual tools and other divination.

You could need to go deep, maybe start doing some shadow work.  

Recognising any beliefs, habits or patterns that are holding you back have to be dealt with before progressing forward. 

This new moon in Aquarius gives you energies of helping you step up and having the confidence to be a leader. Or just helping you work with or within a team.

You may be yourself or know of someone that might experience erratic behaviour. This doesn’t serve the highest good of self or others. 

How are you going to experience more personal freedom?

We can easily fall into the trap of feeling alone in the world. Still, there is always help and support, so reach out if you need to—friends, relatives, organisations, churches, community pages, etc.

If you catch yourself thinking the worst about everything, acknowledge this and change your thinking to how can I make my situation better.

New Moon Aquarius February

We usually fall into the ‘past trap’, but now is when you need to let go of the past and move towards your future, especially when the new moon is in Aquarius.

We have the chance for making progressive changes in our lives; we have to take action as the moon energies last up to the Full Moon.

This is the time to remind you of how quick the days, weeks, and months fly by; that’s why it’s essential to make the most of your time. Time will accelerate faster this year.

Commit to your personal goals that express positive energies!

Happy New Moon!

Love and light


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