New Moon in Aries Energy, April 1 2022.

New moon in Aries Energy

The New Moon in Aries Energy starts on April 1, 2022, at 7:24 am GMT or 2:24 pm Perth.

New Moon in Aries is the official beginning of the Astrological New Year which fits well as the New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle.

It’s a fantastic time to plant seeds for an abundant and joyful future, this is the time to set the groundwork for a fresh start.  

Doing vision boards will help you with the process, look at it daily, visualising the end result and make those strategies to achieve it in small steps.

This energy is exciting!  Can be a creative and adventurous time so be sure to use it wisely.

It has the power to fire up our confidence and boost our motivation levels.

Set bold intentions and take decisive action toward your goals. 

Time for growth and empowerment, whatever that is for YOU and you alone.

Opportunities may arise so listen to your gut feelings!

This Moon comes with healing energies as well because of the strong presence of another planet, Chiron which is known as the wounded healer.

This energy helps with taking our wounds and turning them into sources of strength, wisdom, and healing.   Making any shadow work just a little easier.

Helps us to face our fears and get clarity on anything that’s holding up our healing. Embracing your internal self-awareness is the major step in spiritual growth.

It is time to take radical approaches or plans.

What do you need to do in order for you to take an initiative or take action?

Do you want to create more self-direction, self-reliance or self-sufficiency? Start by doing small steps toward that goal.

Taking a risk might be in order to get you a little further to where you want to go or be.  If it feels right, maybe go for it!

Make any changes you need to for your physical health, especially your eyes, skin, head, face, scalp and brain.

This Aries new moon can help you with learning assertiveness, directness and honesty.  Maybe even impulsiveness, impatience or just learning to tone it down.

Don’t forget to make your wishes!

See here to learn more about the New Moon Energy so you can use it to your advantage every month.

Happy New Moon!

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