New Moon in Virgo Energy 27 August 2022, Is All About Fixing Your Chaos.

new moon in Virgo energy

The new moon in Virgo energy peaks on August 27 at 8:17 am GMT and 4:17 pm in Perth.

GMT, if you need to check when the new moon will peak in your location.

The New Moon is the start of a new monthly lunar cycle and is especially good at empowering:

  • New beginnings 
  • New opportunities
  • Potential and growth
  • Setting intentions for the month ahead
  • Achieving goals
  • Making changes
  • Reflection on your past achievements
  • Making your wishes come true

The New Moon in Virgo energy may make you think about your life, the way you want it to go, and what you need to do.

The New Moon Energy To Help You Become Empowered In Your Life has more specific information about the new moon.

Retrogrades Now

Retrogrades spark the energy of inner work and deep contemplation specific to the planet in retrograde and the sign it is transiting.  

We just had another planet going into retrograde on the 24th of August which was Uranus.

Uranus retrograde is giving us a wake-up call and a spotlight on areas of our lives where we are comfortable.  Therefore limiting ourselves from growing to our fullest potential.  

Now we have five Retrogrades at this time and for quite a while.


Saturn Retrograde (June 4 to Oct 22)

Jupiter Retrograde (July 28 to Nov 23)

Neptune Retrograde (June 28 to Dec 3)

Chiron Retrograde (July 19 to Dec 23)

Uranus Retrograde (August 24 to January 22)

Remember all have pre and post-retrograde times where their energies are affecting us.

For more in-depth information on the above Retrogrades, click on the link.

Virgo Related Topics 

The New Moon in Virgo energy is all about the topics below.

New Moon in Virgo energy

Service, analysis, precision, critical thinking, discerning, health, organisation, fixing your chaos, and travel.

We may want to enhance, develop, and incorporate these traits in our everyday actions for the best results, until the next new moon.

Organs influenced by Leo

These organs are more sensitive at this time so provide extra care.

Pancreas, small intestine, cecum, colon, digestive tract, duodenum, rectum, sense organs: eyes and ears.

New Moon in Virgo Energy

It’s time for you to take stock of your situation.  You may have the urge for fixing your chaos that you have in your life, and it’s time to make it a priority. 

Don’t struggle with fixing your chaos as it can be easier if you have the know-how.

The New Moon in Virgo Energy may give you clarity on what needs to be fixed with the necessary changes so you can be well organised to do so.  When this comes to you write them down.

step by step

Then organise a plan with step-by-step ways to clear your chaos and anything that is disorganised.  It’s important to take small steps regularly so you can get through them.  Even though it may seem hard, just do something gradually.

You may need to be honest about where you may need a fresh start. 

Transforming your life’s journey in an effective way will be a bonus at this time, maybe a little easier as the Universe is giving us the positive energy to do so.

It would be best if you are aware that your feelings may be up and down at this time, going from one thing to the next in a short period. 

blocked mind

You may be feeling blocked about a situation, however, that could be because you are overanalysing things or just being too critical.

Try not to be confrontational at this time as this could lead to some conflict. 

The New Moon in Virgo energy wants you to imagine the ways you could be of service to yourself and others. How can you better your health, wellness, competence, and discipline?

The New Moon in Virgo energy is about strong health, clean eating and alternative therapies, so add these into your routine now.

So it’s a great time to commit to restructuring certain habits or a healthier morning and evening routine.

The New Moon in Virgo Energy asks us to think less of what someone else can do for us and more about what we can do for others.

Crystals To Use For Virgo

Working with crystals is a wonderful way to re-balance this zodiac sign, especially with this New Moon in Virgo energy.

Use the following crystals to channel the energies of this new moon.

The following can enhance your positive qualities and help you transform your unwanted characteristics.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz – draws away all negative energy and balances, absorbs, and regulates all energies.


Agate – balances cognitive abilities such as concentrations, perception, and analysis.


Citrine – happiness, enthusiasm, positivity, good fortune, energising, anti-depressant. 


Amethyst – to aid in spiritual awakening, protect against addictive or unhealthy behaviours, and promote clarity and focus. 


Sodalite – brings calm and peace, communication, logical thought, sincerity, trust, self–acceptance, self–trust. 


Lapis Lazuli – stress–relief, peace, and harmony. Encourages self–awareness, and protects against psychic attacks. Honesty and compassion.

If you are interested in buying some lovely crystals, try Spirit Magicka

Spirit Magika

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New Moon Ritual

Crystal Cleanse and Charge

The new moon brings an energy of fresh starts, new beginnings, and growth making it the perfect time to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Your crystals will lock in the New Moon in Virgo energy plus any intentions you put into them yourself.


Before putting your crystals out into the new moon, you can wash them in salt water or rinse them under the tap but it’s not necessary. 

You will have to check if they can withstand water as some crystals don’t and you will destroy them.

Place all your crystals outside on the earth or a natural surface, as they like to be earthed or grounded like our bodies.

If you can’t, it is okay to place them on a windowsill or a wooden plate on a balcony will be okay.

This is the time to set your intentions either write them down or say them aloud.  Remember, it’s best to focus on a need rather than a want when setting intentions.

Leave them overnight in the moonlight and collect them in the morning. If that’s not possible, leave them out as long as possible.

Before removing them make sure that you give thanks to the Universe or God.

NOTE:  It is okay to charge your crystals if it’s cloudy as this doesn’t affect the moon’s energy.


It’s time for getting your life in order!

We all have some sort of chaos in our lives but this best time to deal with this as the New Moon in Virgo energy will help us.

For more help, here is your ultimate personal guide for fixing your chaos.

You are definitely on the right site to get any help you need as I feel this topic is covered in Fixing Your Chaos.

Mediating with your crystals has its advantages at any time but especially now.

When we do things that are uncomfortable not only are we growing but rewards are given to us especially if they are changes towards our soul purpose.

Sometimes we get pushed to make changes but the Universe loves it when we realise ourselves and we decide on our own accord.

Pay attention to detail if you want success (without being pedantic) then gradual improvements will come your way.

The New Moon in Virgo Energy recommends you surrender to and trust in your life to run its own way.

You may be pleasantly surprised.

The Universe wants us to be a service to others, and when we do it without hesitation, we shall be rewarded in the ways we need.

Enjoy the potential of the New Moon in Virgo energy!

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