The North Node In Your Birth Chart Will Identify Your Life Purpose

It’s important to find your North Node in your birth chart so you can easily identify your life purpose. It will be easier if you have it in front of you, but if you don’t have one, it is easily accessible straight away on

Your birth chart is a map for your life as it’s the information of where the planets were at the time of your birth and your geographical location.

In your birth chart, all the planets, sun and moon are in a specific astrology sign, and each of these signs corresponds to a house.

Please note that if you don’t know your exact time of birth, your birth chart won’t show the House information, only the astrological signs.

The planets correspond to the different mind functions, your mental functions such as your ego, communications, thinking, aggression, etc.

Each astrological sign corresponds to different personalities and characteristics.

The houses represent the areas of life, like personality, marriage, career, friends, etc.

This information gives you the answers for: What, How, Why and Where.

With your North Node on your birth chart, let’s understand your life purpose. Which sign is it in? For example: Aries 

What house is your North Node? For example: 5th House

What are Lunar Nodes?

Lunar nodes refer to the North and South Nodes of the Moon.

These nodes are points formed by the moon’s orbit around the earth intersecting with the earth’s path around the sun.  

The moon rules our emotional bodies: feelings; mood; insecurity; feeling of belonging; dependency. 

And the moon rules our self-image, which is how we see ourselves, not what you are portraying or expressing out the world.

This information will help you understand and learn about your life purpose past life perspective and underline the rest of your personality structure.

What is the North Node?

The North node position in your birth chart represents where you should be heading, what you need to learn, your future, your destination, the unknown, your challenge, your life purpose, your soul’s path, and your destiny.

The North node requires you to stretch out of your comfort zone.

Once you do, you will become fulfilled by activating your life’s mission. 

The sooner you align yourself with this path, your life will become more purpose-driven.

North Node

However, more than likely, you will often return to your South node as that is what you are most familiar with and what you’re so used to doing. 

Kind of like returning home to your route (your old self) after you’ve made your way in the world for a new adventure.

Until you begin spiritual or psychological work on yourself, you may not know who you are except in reference to others. 

Some of us unconsciously think that what others want is what we want and try to make ourselves happy by doing what others are doing. If we do this, we cannot determine our feelings, which can lead to depression.

When you can objectively see the patterns of your behaviour, you can make adjustments in your performance which will lead to better results.

Basically, when we correct our internal mis-wiring, the easier and smoother we can run our life, then we project that externally.

What is the South Node

The South node position in your birth chart represents our character from our past lives, your Karmic past.

South Node

It also reveals: 

your instincts;

the gifts you have; 

your natural talents; 

your skills;

your qualities;

your familiarities;

your comfort zone.

You most probably began your early path based on your South node, as that’s what we tend to do.

Your characteristics of the South node has been overemphasised and can take over your personality in this lifetime and therefore throws you off balance. 

We are meant to learn and achieve in different ways, more like our north node attributes which may require getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing some or many challenges.

Remember that our life purpose is balancing the North and South node but not overdoing the South node and moving toward learning and achieving the North node.

Why it’s important to Identify your Life Purpose by the North Node?

Your attention to the North node tells you which way to direct your life, especially if you’re feeling stuck or not sure what to do right now.

The Eclipses and the planets are aligned in specific ways, with the sun and moon are guiding us to start moving this way.  

If it’s on your own accord or the Universe can give you a push in the direction.

It would be great to have a bit of an idea of what that may be before anything happens.

Understanding what you need to learn in life, what needs to be accomplished,  your personality type, individual challenges, qualities of character, why you do the things you do, etc., will give you the awareness needed and an upper hand. 

By using your free will to consciously make the changes in your life, balance the energies, know the right way of dealing with matters and making decisions.

This will help you get moving towards your destiny, have success and ultimately fulfilment in this lifetime.

When reading the Sign and House, your North Node is looking at your energy for confirmation as you may be already on the right path.

Where is The North Node in your Birth Chart? 

This will be on the image of your Birth Chart and also written for you which Sign and House your North Node, and if you have a chart that doesn’t have a South Node, it will be directly opposite of your North Node (180 degrees).

 The sign in which the North node falls in, is where your psychological shift needs to occur within your personality. 

The house containing the North node shows the experiences that allow you to access new physiological awareness.  

The house position indicates the area of life your lessons are learned. 

The above example: If your North Node is in Pisces, your strengths are disciplined, charming and spiritual, and your challenges are controlling and anxious. 

Also, being in the 12th house means your subconscious, dreams, intuitions, instincts and secrets.  

You attract karmic people into your life, but you need to remember that no relationships are meant to last.

the north node in your birth chart

If your North Node is in the same sign as the house containing your North node, e.g. Gemini located in the third house, which is also Gemini, it simply means double the intensity of the same life lesson. 

You can search YouTube for more information regarding the meaning of your North Node Astrological Sign and the House it resides in.

Understanding your life purpose by the North Node in your birth chart will know the basic lessons to learn in this lifetime.  

So now it’s up to you if you want to keep living your life unconsciously like you have been doing this far, or you can take charge of your actions so that life flows to your advantage.

It will be a bit easier to grasp this information when you have your Birth Chart.

Remember that anything in life can be difficult and necessary to go out of your comfort zone, but when you know the strategies and what you’re working towards, it is for a great cause. Maybe in time, your challenges will become a little easier.

Changes in anything can be extremely hard and difficult and won’t happen overnight. Therefore changes and doing things in a new way need to be done in small steps and, in time, you can work through your past imbalances.

Once you start on your journey, you will change into the best version of yourself.   You will be the one to decide how far you want to go and that’s okay, just be happy with what you’ve done.

The ultimate reward of your hard work will be having the feeling of fulfilment according to your life’s purpose.

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