Release what no longer serves you

Release what no longer serves you!

Here’s how you can use the power of this full moon to get rid of what no longer serves you.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Full Moon, it’s an incredibly powerful tool that we’re given by the universe to achieve our goals and dreams with ease and flow, rather than with stress and anxiety.

Releasing what no longer serves you means clearing and cleansing things from your life.

The time of the Full Moon is particularly powerful in letting go of negative energy, time to say goodbye to things that no longer serve you, including people, experiences or toxic patterns that keep coming up.

Write them down first and when you see the Full Moon in all it’s glory, read them out, feel the emotions that come with releasing something from your body, mind and soul.

I usually have a sigh of relief first, smile and then have the feeling of joy (smiling with my eyes).

Be always grateful to the Universe for this special gift we have every month.

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