Retrograde Alert 2023: A Star-Studded List of Slowdowns

Welcome to the Retrograde Alert of 2023, where the celestial movements in our solar system are about to take centre stage. 

Every year, some of the planets in our galaxy appear to move backward in their orbits, creating a visual illusion known as retrograde motion. 

The astrological community has long believed that retrogrades can influence our lives, bringing about challenges and disruption.

The year 2023 promises to be a particularly significant period for retrogrades, as some of the most powerful planets in our solar system will be going through this phenomenon. 

Planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will be making an appearance in this star-studded lineup, each with its unique set of implications. As the planets go retrograde, their energies become more intense, often leading to confusion, miscommunication, and delays in our daily lives.

The impact of retrogrades is not just limited to astrology but has also been studied in various scientific fields. These celestial events have been linked to disruptions in communication, transportation, and even stock markets. 

So, it’s essential to be prepared for the upcoming retrograde season and understand how we can work with these energies instead of against them. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at each planetary retrograde in order according to the calendar year.

A planet’s retrograde period typically consists of three stages: the pre-retrograde, the actual retrograde, and the post-retrograde. 

Each stage has its unique characteristics and can significantly impact our lives in various ways.

The first stage is the pre-retrograde period, which typically lasts several weeks before the actual retrograde begins. During this stage, the planet’s energy gradually slows down and starts to become more inward-focused. We may experience a sense of restlessness, confusion, or a lack of clarity about our goals and aspirations. It is an excellent time to reflect on our past and examine our current situations to prepare for the upcoming retrograde period.

The second stage is the actual retrograde, which is the period when the  planet appears to move backward in the sky. The planet’s energy becomes even more inward-focused and may cause delays, miscommunications, and technical glitches. It is common to experience setbacks or challenges during this time, and it is essential to remain patient, flexible, and adaptable.

Retrograde Alert 2023

It’s a good time to revisit old projects or relationships, re-evaluate our beliefs, and gain a deeper understanding of our inner selves.

The third and final stage is the post-retrograde, which lasts several weeks after the planet resumes its regular motion. During this stage, the planet’s energy gradually returns to its normal pace, and we may experience a sense of relief or newfound clarity. It’s an excellent time to integrate the lessons learned during the retrograde period, move forward with a renewed sense of purpose, and make any necessary adjustments or changes.

It is important to note that the pre-retrograde and post-retrograde stages of a planet’s retrograde cycle play a pivotal role in its performance. 

By understanding these three stages and learning how to work with retrograde energy, we can navigate these periods with greater ease and awareness.

Retrograde dates for 2023

The Actual date of the planet retrograde and then the date with the Pre-retrograde and Post retrograde.  

Pluto Retrograde will take place from May 1 to October 10. 

As we go through this time, we may experience several potential influences, and here are some strategies to help us deal with them:

  1. Intense inner transformation: Pluto is known as the planet of transformation so we may experience deep internal changes. These changes can be uncomfortable and may force us to confront our deepest fears and desires. To deal with these changes, be open to the transformation and embrace it rather than resist it.
  1. Reevaluation of power dynamics: Pluto is also associated with power and we may question our own power dynamics and the power dynamics of those around us. It’s important to reflect on how we use our power and whether we’re using it in healthy and constructive ways.
  1. Letting go of the past: Pluto Retrograde is an excellent time to let go of old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us. This can be difficult but can lead to a greater sense of freedom and empowerment. To deal with this, we can practice self-compassion, forgiveness, and meditation to release any old wounds or resentments.
  1. Facing our shadows: Pluto is also associated with our deepest fears and shadows. Our fears may come to the surface, and we may be forced to confront them. It’s important to acknowledge these fears and work through them with self-compassion and shadow work.
  1. Spiritual growth: This time offers opportunities for spiritual advancement and change. To navigate this effect, we can engage in mindfulness, meditation, and other spiritual methods that enable us to connect with our inner beings and develop a deeper comprehension of our role in the universe. 
Pluto Retrograde energy for 2023

Overall, Pluto Retrograde can be a challenging time, but it can also be a time of deep growth and transformation. By embracing the influences and working through them with self-compassion and support, we can emerge from this retrograde with a greater sense of self-awareness and empowerment.

Occurring from June 17 to November 3, Saturn is linked to associated personal growth, discipline, and responsibilities.

During this time, several major influences can affect us. Here are some tips on how to deal with them:

  1. Self-discipline: It can be a challenging time for those who struggle with self-discipline or lack direction in their lives. To overcome these challenges, focus on setting clear goals, developing good habits, and following through on your commitments.
  1. Career changes: This time can also be a time of transition and change, especially in your career. We need to evaluate our professional goals and consider new opportunities that align with our values and aspirations.
  1. Reevaluating relationships: A good time to reflect on your personal relationships and evaluate whether they are healthy, supportive, and aligned with your values. Consider making changes that can help you establish stronger, more authentic connections with the people in your life.
  1. Confronting fears: We could be forced to confront our fears and limiting beliefs. Use this time to face your fears head-on, develop self-confidence, and work towards your goals with determination.
  1. Building resilience: This can be a testing time, but it can also be an opportunity to build resilience and inner strength. Practice self-care, cultivate a positive mindset, and seek support from loved ones to help you weather any challenges that arise.
Saturn Retrograde energy for 2023

Overall, the key to dealing with Saturn Retrograde is to stay focused, disciplined, and committed to your goals. We have the opportunity for growth and transformation. Being mindful and proactive, you can make the most of this retrograde and come out more robust, knowledgeable, and resilient.

June 30 to December 6 will affect our spirituality, intuition, and creativity due to the influence of Neptune.

Throughout this time, numerous significant factors may impact us. Below are a few suggestions on how to manage them:

  1. Heightened intuition: We have the potential to heighten our intuition and increase our sensitivity to spiritual energy. Practice meditation, journaling, or other activities that can help you tap into your inner wisdom.
  1. Creative blocks: At this time we can also be a time of creative blocks or uncertainty about your artistic or creative endeavours. To overcome these challenges, stay inspired by seeking out new sources of inspiration, experimenting with different forms of expression, and practising self-compassion.
  1. Relationship challenges: Neptune Retrograde can create confusion, miscommunication, or misunderstandings in our personal relationships. To avoid relationship challenges, practice clear communication, empathy, and compassion, and be willing to listen and learn from others.
  1. Facing reality: It can be a time of reckoning, forcing us to confront the truth about ourselves and our lives. Make sure to reflect on your values, priorities, and goals, and make adjustments as needed to align with your authentic self.
  1. Spiritual growth: It is a powerful time for spiritual growth and transformation. Deepen your spiritual practice, cultivate self-awareness, and connect with others who share your values and beliefs.
Neptune Retrograde energy for 2023

Overall, the key to dealing with Neptune Retrograde is to stay grounded, centred, and true to yourself. This period may feel long but will end so make your opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Stay open to new experiences, cultivate self-awareness, and practise compassion.  Make the most of this retrograde and become more connected to your inner wisdom and creative potential.

When Chiron is in retrograde it has an impact on our inner wounds, healing, and personal growth and this occurs between July 22 to Dec 26.

Throughout these dates, various significant factors can impact us. Here are some suggestions on how to manage them:

  1. Healing old wounds: Chiron Retrograde is a time when old wounds and traumas may resurface, providing an opportunity for healing and transformation. To work through these challenges, do some shadow work, practice self-care, and be gentle with yourself.
  1. Releasing limiting beliefs: Also a time when limiting beliefs or negative self-talk may become more apparent. Identify these patterns and work towards releasing them, replacing them with positive affirmations and self-talk.
  1. Strengthening boundaries: We can create opportunities for growth in our personal relationships, particularly in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. Identify the areas where you may need to strengthen your boundaries, communicate clearly and compassionately with others, and honour your own needs and values.
  1. Embracing vulnerability: We may be emotional, sensitive and vulnerable. It is crucial to engage in self-compassion, authenticity, and vulnerability both with oneself and others, while also remaining receptive to fresh viewpoints and experiences.
  1. Spiritual growth: It is an opportunity for spiritual development and growth and awakening. Time to deepen your spiritual practice, connect with your inner wisdom, and explore new perspectives on life and the world around you.
Chiron Retrograde energy for 2023

The crucial aspect of coping with Chiron Retrograde is to adopt an open-minded and open-hearted attitude and welcome the prospects for development and change that it offers. Remember that healing is a process, and it may take time to fully integrate the lessons and insights gained during this time. By being patient, compassionate, and committed to your own personal growth, you can become stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

July 22 to Sept 3 and Venus in retrograde may impact our relationships, love life, and sense of beauty and aesthetics.

Throughout this time, there exist multiple significant factors that may impact us. Below are a few recommendations on how to manage them:

  1. Reevaluating relationships: Time for reevaluating our personal relationships, including romantic partnerships, friendships, and family ties. Reflect on what you truly want and need in relationships, communicate openly and honestly with others, and set healthy boundaries.
  1. Healing old wounds: Healing old wounds related to love and relationships. Time to address any unresolved emotional issues from the past, do some shadow work, seek support from trusted friends, and practice self-compassion and self-love.
  1. Rediscovering your sense of beauty: Create opportunities for rediscovering our sense of beauty and aesthetics. Explore new forms of art, music, or other creative expressions, and surround yourself with beauty and positivity.
  1. Facing financial challenges: Some financial challenges or uncertainty may arise. Reassess your financial situation, create a budget, and prioritise your spending based on your values and goals.
  1. Finding self-love: This can be a time for finding self-love and self-acceptance. So, practice self-care, cultivate positive self-talk, and focus on your own needs and desires.
Venus Retrograde energy for 2023

Overall, the key to dealing with Venus Retrograde is to approach this period with an open heart and a willingness to learn and grow. Keep in mind that this phase is temporary and can be an opportunity for transformation and healing. Staying grounded, communicating openly and honestly, and prioritising your own needs and desires, can help you emerge more connected to your own sense of beauty, love, and self-worth.

The Mercury retrograde from August 23 to September 15, 2023,may significantly affect communication, technology, and decision-making. During this time, it’s important to stay mindful of our communication with others, avoid making any major decisions, and anticipate any technical issues or delays.

Miscommunication and misunderstandings are likely and we may find ourselves struggling to express ourselves clearly, or we may encounter others who are more sensitive or reactive than usual. Avoid jumping to conclusions or making assumptions during this time by practising patience, empathy, and active listening.

Technology and communication issues may lead to delays. It is possible to experience glitches with our devices or software, or we may struggle to communicate our message effectively. Prepare for potential challenges by backing up important data, avoiding major purchases or decisions related to technology, and remaining patient with delays or glitches.

We may find ourselves feeling a sense of uncertainty or indecision, or we may feel a renewed sense of purpose or clarity. Be open to new possibilities and opportunities by taking time to reflect and introspectively review your plans and goals.

Mercury Retrograde energy for 2023

Between August 23 and September 15, 2023, Mercury will be in retrograde, providing a window for introspection, potential obstacles, and fresh possibilities. With mindfulness and readiness for potential setbacks, we can navigate this period with greater ease while also tapping into the energy of contemplation and rejuvenation. There may even be chances for personal growth and transformation.

This Uranus Retrograde from August 24, 2023, to January 23, 2024, will impact our sense of freedom, innovation, and rebellion. 

During this duration, numerous significant elements may influence us. Below are some suggestions on how to handle them:

  1. Inner revolution: Inspiring us to challenge old patterns and beliefs and embrace new ideas and perspectives. Time to reflect on your own sense of independence, creativity, and innovation, and take steps to break free from any limiting beliefs or structures that are holding you back.
  1. Embracing change: Expect unexpected change and disruption. The best method for this is to practice flexibility, adaptability, resilience, and trust in the wisdom of the universe to guide you through any challenges that arise.
  1. Exploring new frontiers: Explore some new frontiers and expand your horizons. Have you been curious? Embrace your curiosity, take risks, and seek out new experiences and perspectives that can broaden your understanding of the world around you.
  1. Releasing control: Be inspired to release our need for control and embrace the unknown. One way to do this is to practice surrendering to the present moment, letting go of any attachments or expectations, and trusting in the unfolding of life’s journey.
  1. Connecting with community: Connect with like-minded individuals and build a sense of community. Seek out others who share your values and vision for the world, and work together to create positive change and innovation.
Uranus Retrograde energy for 2023

Overall, the best way to deal with Uranus Retrograde is to approach this time with a spirit of adventure and a willingness to embrace change and transformation. These five months can be an opportunity for growth, innovation, and connection. By staying open-minded, adaptable, and connected to your own sense of freedom and independence, you can emerge more empowered, stronger and wiser.

September 4 to December 30, 2023, is a time when Jupiter is in retrograde and will have an impact on our sense of expansion, growth, and abundance.

During this period, several notable factors may influence us. Here are some suggestions on how to cope with them:

  1. Inner growth: Great time for inner growth and self-reflection. Focus on your personal growth and development, cultivate gratitude and mindfulness, and take time to explore your own values and beliefs.
  1. Reassessing goals: Reassess our goals and plans. Use this time to review your current path and make any necessary adjustments or course corrections based on your own values and desires.
  1. Focusing on the present: Focus on the present moment and find joy in the simple things in life. Practice being present, cultivating a sense of wonder and curiosity, and appreciating the beauty and abundance that surrounds you.
  1. Healing past wounds: Healing past wounds and traumas related to abundance, success, and growth. Practice self-compassion, and work on releasing any limiting beliefs or patterns that are holding you back (Shadow Work). If you need support, get it from a trusted friend or professional.  
  1. Cultivating generosity: Time to cultivate generosity and abundance in your relationships and community. Practice giving back, volunteering, and connecting with others who share your values and vision for the world.
Jupiter Retrograde energy for 2023

The key to getting through Jupiter Retrograde is to approach this period with a sense of openness, gratitude, and self-reflection. Remember that this period is a great opportunity for growth, healing, and connection. By focusing on your own personal growth and development, reassessing your goals and plans, and cultivating a sense of generosity and abundance, so make the most of this retrograde and emerge stronger, wiser, and more connected to your own sense of purpose and meaning.

The Mercury retrograde is poised to have a notable effect on communication, relationships, and decision-making. It’s crucial to exercise caution when interacting with others, refrain from making significant choices, and anticipate potential technological hiccups or delays throughout this time.

During this Mercury retrograde, a primary impact is the possibility of misunderstandings and clashes in our relationships. We may become more sensitive or reactive to others’ words or behaviours, or we may find it difficult to articulate our thoughts and feelings effectively. To navigate this period smoothly, we must embrace empathy, active listening, and transparent communication. It’s best to avoid making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

Another significant impact of this Mercury retrograde is the likelihood of technological delays or problems. It’s possible that we may encounter malfunctions with our devices or software. To anticipate and handle such challenges, it’s crucial to back up crucial data, refrain from making major purchases or technological decisions, and remain patient in the face of any disruptions or setbacks that may arise.

Lastly, this Mercury retrograde provides a chance to revisit past ventures, relationships, and aspirations. We might feel inclined to rekindle former hobbies, interests, or connections, or experience a refreshed sense of motivation or guidance. To capitalize on this phase, it’s essential to embrace introspection and contemplation, allocate time for reviewing past experiences and drawing valuable insights from them, and remain receptive to novel prospects and avenues.

Mercury Retrograde energy 2023

To sum up, the impending Mercury retrograde provides an interval of introspection, potential obstacles, and fresh prospects. By exercising mindfulness, anticipating potential setbacks, and embracing the energy of contemplation and renewal, we can maneuver through this time with greater ease and may even discover opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

The Mercury retrograde is likely to have a significant impact on communication, relationships, and decision-making. During this period, it’s important to be mindful of how we communicate with others, avoid making any major decisions, and be open to revisiting past projects or relationships.

One of the major influences of this Mercury retrograde is the potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings. We may find ourselves feeling more sensitive or reactive to the words or actions of others, or we may struggle to express ourselves clearly. It’s important to practice active listening, take time to reflect before responding, and avoid jumping to conclusions at this time.

Another major influence of this Mercury retrograde is the potential for delays or issues with technology, travel, and transportation. Be prepared for these potential challenges by giving ourselves extra time and being flexible with our plans. We may also find it helpful to double-check travel arrangements, back up important data, and avoid making any major purchases or decisions related to technology during this time.

Finally, this Mercury retrograde offers an opportunity to revisit past projects, relationships, and goals. We may find ourselves drawn to old hobbies, interests, or connections, or we may feel a renewed sense of purpose or direction. To make the most of this time, it’s important to embrace the energy of reflection and introspection, take time to review

past experiences and learn from them, and stay open to new possibilities and opportunities.

Mercury Retrograde energy 2023

This Mercury retrograde from April 21 to May 14, 2023, offers a time of reflection, introspection, and potential challenges. By staying mindful, being prepared for potential delays or issues, and embracing the energy of reflection and renewal, we can navigate this period with greater ease and even find opportunities for growth and transformation.

Note: No Mars Retrograde as it was Oct 30 2022 to Jan 12 2023.

planet retrogrades 2023

The year 2023 promises to be a year of significant planetary retrogrades.  

Also, a lot of planets are in retrograde at the same time or overlapping with their pre or post-stages. Each of the planets that will retrograde during the year will have its unique energy, impact, and potential challenges. 

Stay up-to-date and monitor the timelines and durations of planetary retrogrades. Understanding how to interact with their energy can assist us in navigating these phases with more comfort and consciousness. Additionally, prepare and organize accordingly.

To take on these retrogrades with ease and grace, we must take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health by practising mindfulness, meditation, and other stress-reducing techniques.

Remember that performing shadow work is crucial this year, as retrogrades continue to emphasise their significance. Only after we have completed this inner work can we progress. The Universe is conveying the message, “It is necessary to work on yourself now.”

Also, make sure to double-check emails, texts, and other forms of communication before sending them. Clarify any misunderstandings, and avoid making any major decisions during this time.

Also, be patient and flexible so you are ready for any delays and setbacks. Try to avoid getting too attached to specific outcomes because they may not come to fruition.

Think of a Retrograde as the time to slow down but not completely stop, be present, contemplate, relax and be grounded.

Overall, although retrogrades can be challenging, with the work we put into introspection, reflection, growth and transformation, we can emerge stronger and wiser on the other side.

Enjoy every Retrograde to the fullest!

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