This time it’s Saturn’s Retrograde Energy on June 4, Why You Don’t Have To Be Anxious?

Saturn Retragrade Energy

Saturn’s Retrograde energy means one of these for you:

1. You may have to take your life more seriously and make shifts according to where you see your future.

2. You will feel the energy on a social and financial level. Also, you may rethink how you process and deal with relationships while finding your confidence. 

3. You may take time for some reflection and what to implement structure into your life.

Saturn’s Retrograde Energy

Saturn's Retrograde energy

Saturn’s Retrograde energy will be around from June 4 until October 23, but of course, can be felt before and after these dates.

Saturn’s retrograde energy may make you feel overburdened and overworked because of boundaries and self-control or the lack of.

It will be completely normal if you start questioning and re-evaluating ways of living especially the foundation and systems in your life. What has worked before may be worth doing again or using it but with a new spin on them.

It’s a great time for you to think deeply about your future, and who and what you want to use your time and energy in.

During this time relationships can thrive and grow only if you’re able and willing to put in the work.

Also, if you want career growth this is a good time but your willingness for extra work and effort is needed.

Saturn impacts boundaries, self-discipline and control.

Any retrograde makes us feel a bit off, and sluggish but it is a time to slow down, rest, reflect on the structures of your life and lots of self care.

You can use Saturn’s retrograde energy to your advantage.

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