Solar Eclipse Energy: Use it To Your Advantage (Taurus/Scorpio)

Solar eclipse energy is characterized by the New Moon passing between the Sun and Earth during a total solar eclipse, resulting in a temporary blocking of the Sun’s view. However, during a partial solar eclipse, the Moon does not entirely conceal the Sun, and some direct sunlight may still reach the observer.

The energy of these two types of solar eclipses differs, with the total solar eclipse energy being the most extreme and intense, while the energy of the partial solar eclipse is less severe but still potent. Nevertheless, the strength of the partial solar eclipse energy varies according to each eclipse’s coverage.

The primary energy of a solar eclipse involves discovering inner strength and acknowledging the need for change, either by choice or due to sudden circumstances. Other energies that may arise during a solar eclipse include heightened feelings of anxiety, overstimulation, uncertainty, sleeplessness, and emotional outbursts.

Solar Eclipse Energy (Taurus/Scorpio)

The Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse season is here (April/May)and we are in the strongest part of the eclipse at this time and so is the solar eclipse energy.

Topics related to Taurus/Scorpio are money, self-sufficiency, ownership, and relationships.

karmic patterns can be altered by the solar eclipse energy

You may endure intense experiences that help you clear up old karma, and set new and more positive karmic patterns that are all brought to the forefront of this experience.

Taurus has an energy of healing with gentleness and making life simple once again.

So this will be a great opportunity to heal deep wounds that have been interfering with you, going to deeper levels of your relationship with yourself and others.

healing with gentleness

Also, you are likely to have some deep evaluations of priorities and individual and joint goals at this time.

This solar eclipse energy of Taurus/Scorpio brings focus to “my stuff/your stuff”.  Concerning all levels of money, self-sufficiency, ownership, and relationships. 

As this energy brings a lot of chances for a change!

change is inevitable with a solar eclipse

Changes such as dramatic endings, exciting new beginnings, and non-negotiable changes in life’s path (life purpose).   

During eclipse time it is very common for life-changing events to happen in one or more related topics above.

There is an energy of love, joy, miracles and enjoying your life.  So, don’t make it difficult for yourself, do what you enjoy and if anything doesn’t give you enjoyment, let it go (with love).

Recognising that anything is possible in life as if nothing is fixed.  

People, relationships, material things, etc can come and go.  

Be prepared to move on, don’t hold onto them but savour the time you had. 

There is a difference between holding on and savouring them that is the discernment that needs to be learnt at this time. 

When we live in the now or present and just enjoy the moments that we experience and deal with everything with love, we will be rewarded.

Remember, this Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle is active this year and all through 2023.

How to deal with this Solar Eclipse Season

Eclipses allow you to see things that you’ve never seen before, feel things that you haven’t felt before and enjoy more than you ever enjoyed before.

Embodying joy, enjoying the simple things, using your five senses to just enjoy things and becoming present in every action you take it.

Take some time out for yourself and be in a place without distractions.

a place of no distractions

Meditate or be in stillness for about 10/15 minutes.  Then start by physically tuning in to your emotions as they are usually very close to the surface at this time.  Listen to your heart, what are your emotions telling you?  Write them down in a journal.

Write everything down that comes to you, even if it doesn’t make sense at that point, it may later when you re-read it.  You can discover a lot about yourself and this is the time to do it as you are getting help from the Universe.

Maybe you need to break free from your limiting beliefs, realise you have been doing the same old as it’s your routine or simply some things just need to change.  

solar eclipse energy

The Universe is helping you be aware of what needs to be done for the ‘highest good’ for you.

If you have any negative karmic patterns, acknowledge them and they can be cleared quickly during the solar eclipse time.

As challenges in life can happen anytime, having the right mindset and plan is very useful.  And, in doing this first we set ourselves up to go with the flow of things to come or ride the waves a bit easier.

Being super positive and implementing some growth strategies and spiritual practices or doing them more often will help greatly.

Any change either by your own doing or something which is forced upon you can be confronting and uncomfortable.  But, any new directions you take will lead you somewhere better than where you are at the moment and maybe you’ll appreciate it later on.

Eclipses activate the North Node and South Node 

As the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment, the energies of the eclipse are speeding up our fate for us to be aligned with our North Node.

For this information to be useful, you will need to know the astrological sign and/or house of your North and South Node in your birth chart. If you want to understand your birth chart.

These Lunar Nodes in our birth chart are being illuminated at this time.

The North Node is our destiny and purpose. 

The South Node is our past lives.

North and South Node

Eclipses only accelerate the things that already exist in your life and the world.  

It doesn’t create new situations, so remember only the things that are meant to be will happen.

In 2022 we experience four eclipses – the two partial solar eclipses mentioned above and also two total lunar eclipses – 15/16 May & 7/8 Nov. 

Remember the Universe wants you to live your best life; professionally, romantically, interpersonally, emotionally, etc.  

Anything not in alignment with your North Node, major changes will happen for you to make room for bigger and better opportunities.  

Don’t let this energy make you afraid or scared, prepare yourself!

You can better understand your alignment and help your work towards your destiny when you know the characteristics of your North Node astrology sign and House number that tells you which area of life affects you).

Here is more information about the North and South Node.

Our experiences, situations and challenges around this time of the solar eclipse season are the Universe putting us on the right path towards your life purpose.  

Sometimes we need a shove or we realise it ourselves but either way, it’s the direction we need to go. 

When we have the right mindset, we are less fearful and have the belief of knowing that our life is just evolving to our highest destiny.

This solar eclipse energy is at the same time as the New Moon soon which is an auspicious time to manifest your wildest dreams.

Take advantage of the Solar Eclipse energy!

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