enjoy stillness


Practicing Stillness has many benefits for you.

Allowing your thinking mind to come to rest.   Notice in stillness, in a quietness then in that stillness we begin to notice our pure self.

Your eyes relaxed, resting them so they don’t see things and relaxing your mind so it’s empty. If a thought pops up push it to the back, don’t thing of anything, only mental blackness (space).

Soft, relaxing music can help you empty your mind.

Benefits of Stillness:


  • Less stress…..  Ability to let things go more easily…..  Able to hear your own intuition…..  Anchors you into the present.. Increases listening skills….  Brings clarity…..  Improves your sleep….  Improves your overall health
  • With practice of Stillness your qualities of your own natural being will come forward, eg. – I am, that one is, love, sense of release, etc.

    Practice Stillness as it’s an advantage to you.

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