Super New Moon 5 November 2021

New Moon in Scorpio

The Super New Moon in Scorpio takes place on November 4, 2021 at 21:14 pm GMT or November 5 5:14 am Perth.

The energies of this Super New Moon is extremely heightened as it’s 14% bigger than normal because the moon is near the closest point to Earth.    The side of the moon facing us does not receive direct sunlight so it’s invisible from Earth.

Even though we can’t see the moon the powerful energies will be very STRONG

Every New Moon Opportunities: 

Conceiving new ideas 

Planting seeds of intention

Starting something new 

Re-starting something



Reconnection with yourself

The new moon welcomes change and it is the time that we are likely to stick things out.  

If you feel ready for a relationship or want to launch your business, maybe get rid of a bad habit, set your intention and watch it evolve over time.

Energies for this Super New Moon:

It’s a day to honour our ancestors, recently deceased loved ones. It’s a great time to look into your roots, heritage, your spiritual lineage – which is what wisdom, strong faith, attitude and spiritual beliefs your descendants have passed down through the generations.

This is a very intense, dark and chaotic time for you, the collective and the world issues.  Events, memories, secrets, issues that have been deeply buried, are coming up to the surface and will be out there and needing to be acknowledge.

 You will find the power inside you that you didn’t realise you had.

Don’t be surprised if it throws some of your plans around as unpredictable things can occur bringing some chaos your way. If you’re someone who wants order, this new moon may feel intense and challenging, but the idea is to release your control and grow from situations that arise.

You may want to relax, rest and rejuvenate yourself, sleep a bit more at this time.

If you would like a copy download the pdf.

It’s a good time for self-care and positivity, hopes and possibilities and also protecting your sensitive energy.  Avoid spending time with people who are pessimistic or discouraging.

Under the new moon, do things that make you feel optimistic and excited about new opportunities. Also, offer thanks for how far you’ve come in 2021.

Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling  emotional, if your feelings are activated, maybe things from the past that you thought was dead and buried but they’ve come up for some kind of healing or some kind of transformation to happen within you.

As this new moon is in Scorpio is reflects the areas of: food; food for survival; security; safety; stability; money, finances; sexuality, crimes and criminals.

We are having a wake up call in these areas both on a personal level and on a collective level. 

The world around us is shaken up right now and some big changes in the systems are coming and towards January as the energy will be the same.

We have an energy of intense focus, so if you’re really focused and intent on something this is a really good time for going for it.  

You could be combative with words, so you may get emotional by someone’s words but also be more careful with the words that you use, both when you are speaking to someone and when you are writing or sending texts. 

Misunderstanding of words and things being said will be in the air so just clarify that what is being said to you is the same way you interpret and see it.

super new moon in November 2021

 Time to think about getting yourself together for whatever lies ahead as the energy of death and  rebirth is here, which is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. 

What would you like to change about yourself and your circumstances over the next six months.

Explore what your most intimate passions, deepest desire and complex emotions and be sure to communicate these goals to the universe.   As we are nearing the end of the year in a strong way. 

Possibilities for love and is a perfect time for diving into intimacy, such as working on being more vulnerable in relationships or deepening your bond with your partner.

No matter what is going on around you or the outside world, you don’t have to  allow that in, concentrate on yourself, your well being, making you happy and carefully choosing the things that matter to you the most. 

What do you need for your mental health, what nourishes your mind.  

 With this in mind, have the tools close to you that proactively give you a sense of safety and security then you will bring a sense of peacefulness around you and out beyond, during this time of intense chaos.

There are so many types of practices or rituals you can do during the new moon.

We are called to reflect upon where we’re at and evaluate what we want from a quieter perspective.  The way to do this is, allow yourself space and time, retreat into yourself and embrace solitude.  Lean into your inner being.

Words are incredibly powerful, so, writing down your intentions is the main practice to do.  Especially this new moon as Words (the right words) are key.

Write what you would like to manifest then combine this with having the feeling, energy and actions as if it’s already happened.  Watch the magic unfold.

Happy Super New Moon!

Love and Light


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