New Moon January 2022

Super New Moon in Capricorn is the first moon for 2022.

The Super New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 2, 2022 at 6:33 pm GMT or January 3 at 2:33 am Perth.

There are only two Super New Moons in 2022, this is the first and the second takes place on 23 December.  The date depends on your time zone.

This occurs when the New Moon is around the closest point to Earth and is known as a Super New Moon.  They are like any other New Moon, it won’t be visible from Earth but the moons beautiful energies are still available to us.

On any New Moon it is time when:

  • Time to reflect, reset and look forward.
  • Dream of your creations, have a plan and know exactly how you’re going about it so when the time comes you will be ready for action (but not yet).
  • New beginnings, starting new project and habits.
  • Analysing your weakness and where you need to make the improvements.
  • Go with the flow whenever something arises as how you deal with things influences the outcome.
  • Spend time with people who have the same energy or high vibrations as yourself.
  • Consciously be in the present.
  • Look towards your future with positivity and intention.

Make sure you don’t  

Don’t get stuck in the past, avoid spending time with negative or energy draining people, say ‘no’ to new opportunities (it’s not the right time).

super new moon

Starting the new year with a Super new moon is fitting as this is a great opportunity for setting intentions and practical objectives for the year. 

Don’t put too much on your plate otherwise you will run out of puff and not complete anything.

So, what do you have the energy to accomplish?

Remembering, every month you have a new moon for intentions and wishes and  a full moon for releasing things you no longer want or blockages you have along the way.

The moon will help you along the way for the full year for your success so make sure you use it to your fullest potential.

As every new moon falls in a specific astrological sign and every sign has their own different energies and themes, we can use this information for our advantage.  We are basically connecting with the Universe and listening to what it wants us to do and the ways to approach things in our life.

This is the help we are all receiving and it’s up to you to listen and put into action if you want everything to turn out the way it should. That means only for what is good for our higher selves and not necessarily the way you expect and want it to be.

This Super New Moon falls in Capricorn. 

Energies of the Capricorn Super New Moon:

Capricorn topics

We are granted a fresh start and new beginning in the themes.

Maybe creations of new structures in your country, the world and in your life.

It’s time to be ambitious about whatever it is that you want to achieve, so this is a great opportunity to make a list of your hopes, dreams, ambitions and intentions for the year ahead.

Define your goals by making a proper plan and what you need to do in order to achieve them.  Execute your plan well, you will need more discipline to reach your goal.  Hard work will make your dreams a reality. 

Do some journalling or visualise activities with your goals or what you want to achieve.  Maybe make a Vision Board on your computer or phone.  You will be able to see and be reminded of them daily or whenever you need to.

With this Capricorn energy you will may feel the need to prove yourself to the outside world with you inner values and thinking you have the  responsibility and commitment in doing so.  You may want to seek the most of any resources you can find to help you. 

Foundations and structures?  Have you got this in place?

Because when you have a solid foundation, you are more secure with yourself.  You may be a bit conservative but with strong ambitions based on recognition and accomplishment you will succeed.

Are you unhappy in your job?  If so, it will be a good time to either re-negotiate your position or look for something new.  

A very good omen for study or teaching. 

A new plan and strategy is called for anything work-related or topics related of Capricorn.

Don’t be too controlling and avoid anyone who is controlling.

Going with the flow of all the up’s and down’s that will occur, enjoy the ride instead of resisting as it’s going to happen anyway. 

The more effort you put into anything you want to achieve or do, the more energy you will have to go forward with things and then you may get some release.

Being strong and having the strength to take charge and stand up for yourself so you are in control and prepared with moving forward.

Look into ways of working with Mother Earth in your life.

Get and stay grounded with any procedures that are easy for you.

Happy Super New Moon!

Love and light


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