new moon 4 December 2021

Super New Moon & Solar Eclipse 4 December 2021

A Super New Moon with a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius takes place on December 4, 2021 at 7:43 am GMT or 3:43 pm Perth.

Did you have any revelations at the time of the partial lunar eclipse?

Main energies being: finding your power within, realising change is in order or change was abruptly upon you and having the mindset tools so the ride is a bit easier.

So having both the New Moon and Solar Eclipse is a double whammy of extra heightened, extra powerful, new beginnings and opportunities.         

So don’t forget your intentions and ten wishes.

Solar Eclipses

The Super New Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and temporarily blocks the Sun from our view causing the Solar Eclipse.  

Eclipses activate the lunar nodes – North Node and South Node.  

North & South Node


We are affected as these Lunar Nodes are in our birth chart and is illuminating our destiny and purpose (North Node) and our past lives (South Node).

As the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment, the energies of the eclipse are speeding up our fate and the inevitable for each of us to be aligned with our North Node and also as a collective getting together.

It’s important to note where your North Node is in your birth chart.

Eclipses accelerate the things that already exists in your life and the world, it doesn’t create new situations, so remember only the things that are meant to be will only happen.

We experience four to seven eclipse every year, so don’t be afraid or scared and it’s at these events the Universe wants you to live your best life, like professionally, romantically, interpersonally, emotionally, etc.  So anything not in alignment, major changes will happen for you to make room for bigger and better opportunities.  In time you will have a better understanding of your alignment and will want to work towards your destiny.

Energies of the Solar Eclipse:

super new moon with solar eclipse

This eclipse is the closing chapter of what began in May 2020 in your life or possibly even some sort of emotional explosion.

Tune into your emotions now and see what they’re telling you as they may be very likely close to the surface.  

You could be feeling anxious or overstimulated, have uncertainty, sleeplessness or all of them.

Being super positive, challenging, or both but you can achieve your dreams and get the desired outcome.

May help you break free from your limiting beliefs and what has been closed or on hold, will be put in front of you to get things moving.

Implement growth strategies and start spiritual practices.


Be prepared that it could be quite a ride through this big event, as it could be confronting and uncomfortable.  However any new directions you take will lead you somewhere better than where you are at the moment. 

Whatever is happening now is happening for a reason, you’ll appreciate it later on.

You’re being put back on the right path. There is nothing to fear never mind about the past, life evolves every single day.

You are being pushed towards your life purpose.

This is an important turning point in your life. Reflect on the past and how the themes transformed your life? What have you learned? As you need to integrate this wisdom into your reality, so you know that you can take the next big step.

It’s going to be a positive turnaround!

Energies of the Sagittarius New Moon:


What ever is coming your way, it will put a smile on your face.

Could be a restart of fun after a period of feeling low.

The Sagittarius energy can make us feel a little adventurous and even willing to take a few risks, but bare in mind that there are bigger and better outcomes in the future.

Maybe some travel, either soon or planning for the near future.

This is a time for exploring life metaphorically by exchanging big ideas with others or just thinking about your own philosophies.

Acknowledging that you need to change your mind about something important? 

Whatever happens next will be some sort of gift, even if that simply means widening your world view.

A great time to have big ideas as the energy is expansive, upbeat, lucky and divine.


Having optimistic energy could attract all manner of good things if you tap into the energy by expecting the best.

Wanting to start a course of studying or teaching.

Don’t be narrow minded.

Laugh more.

Doing gratitude practices will be very advantageous.

December is a start of some optimism for you and taking on the world.  It’s more positive energy, not drama or diving deep into intense emotions.

A new portal is opening up and all you have to do is have the courage to forget about the past and move through it. 

You can make some progress towards your goals and what you have been manifesting.  The energy is here for us to take the action required for us achieve what you want.

So, how are you going to fit these energies in your life?

Happy Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse!

Love and light


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