Use Chiron Retrograde Energy on 19 July to move forward by dealing with your past pain.

Chiron Retrograde Energy

Chiron Retrograde energy is in the sign of Aries on the 19 July.  

We are already in the pre-retrograde but Chiron turns direct on 23 December.

In Astrology, Chiron is known as a minor planet, it is referred to as the ‘wounded healer’ but plays a big part in astrology. 

Chiron orbits between two intensely oppositional planets Saturn (uptight, strict and restrictive) and Uranus (liberated, revolutionary and eccentric).  

It serves as a metaphysical mediator.

It calls us to answer questions like; where do we hold ourselves back? (Saturn), and where can we be destructively rebellious? (Uranus). Then to find the middle ground as everything we do should be balanced. However, before we can do this we must understand both extremes, thus also helping us balance independence with responsibility.

Chiron takes approximately 49 years to journey through all 12 zodiac signs, we all go through a “Chiron Retrograde” near our 50th birthdays.  Read further to find out when it’s your turn.

Any planet that goes retrograde sparks the energy of inner work and deep contemplation specific to the planet in retrograde and the sign it is transiting.  

We have five months of Chiron retrograde energy and it comes to us by shaking up our day-to-day lives to make us aware of what lessons must be learnt. 

Chiron Related Topics

Chiron is about sensitivity, vulnerability and subconscious topics.

Chiron related topics

Core wounds, trauma, pain, healing, letting go and release.

Chiron Retrograde Energy

The Chiron Retrograde energy wants to help us to process our past pain and start facing old wounds so we can move forward to living our best and healthiest life.

This means a time of deep therapy and the healing of unresolved traumas and emotional wounds.  

Many of us are recovering from losses and health issues we’ve had to endure over the last couple of years but maybe still going through.

Being aware of the triggers that are associated with the past pain or trauma and dealing with them. 

It is all about recognising our vulnerabilities in certain areas of our lives and working with them.  These areas are your weaknesses and strengths which are related to the sign and house where Chiron was at the same year of your birth.

We also need to learn to trust ourselves, embrace our sensitivity and find beauty in our imperfections.

Chiron Areas  Related To Your Life

Chiron generally stays in a single zodiac sign for four years (this varies due to its erratic orbit) which is a long time so it is valuable to know.  

Chiron Retrograde energy 2

When you know the astrological sign it will make us realise that you already know this information and maybe already preach them to others but have difficulty with applying these lessons in your own life.

These are the areas that need attention and especially when it’s in retrograde for that deep introspection.

You don’t need your birth chart for this,  all you have to do is check the year you were born compared to the Chiron Yearly Timetable.

Check what your astrological sign means for you with Chiron in the Signs.

Sometimes we overcompensate in the Chiron areas as we may feel not good enough or we can’t do enough.  

Although we hold wisdom and unique views in these areas because of our hypersensitivity.  If these areas are not recognised or ignored we tend to hold onto unreasonable levels of guilt.


We can resist Chiron’s energy or we try to work with it, that’s up to you as we all have free will. But if you don’t then things will occur in your life for you to be aware of the work you have to do. Chiron Retrograde energy will come around every year urging you to do some deep soul-searching.

Even though you may feel uncomfortable doing this work, when we take care of our wounds, heal from them and release them we can move forward.

The key to resolutions is learning to trust ourselves, embrace our sensitivity and also find beauty in our imperfections.

The following are all the planets in retrograde at this time:

Saturn Retrograde (June 4 to Oct 22)

Neptune Retrograde (June 28 to Dec 3)

Chiron Retrograde (July 19 to Dec 23)

Jupiter Retrograde (July 28 to Nov 23)

Use Chiron Retrograde energy to help get any answers you are seeking.

If you have any queries about Chiron retrograde energy, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please be reminded that any correspondence will be strictly confidential.


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