Use Jupiter Retrograde Energy on 28/29 July To Reconnect and Realign With Our Inner Wisdom.

Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde energy is in the sign of Aries which starts on 28 or 29 July depending on your location.  

You may be feeling the effects of this energy as we have been in pre-retrograde since 4 May, but Jupiter goes back into Pisces again on 27 October.

Jupiter goes direct from Pisces on 23 November but its post-retrograde shadow is around until 14 February 2023 which is in the sign of Aries.

We have Jupiter spending most of the time in Aries and 27 days in Pisces.  

During this time it retrogrades back to Pisces, remember to take note of what shifts and opportunities arise. 

Retrogrades spark the energy of inner work and deep introspection specific to the planet in retrograde (Jupiter) and the sign it is transiting (Aries and Pisces).  

The Jupiter Retrograde energy may not be so troubling as it has one of the least stressful backspins of all the planets.  

The main energy of any planet in retrograde comes through by shaking up our normal day-to-day lives.  These may come to us as challenges we have to face but in the end, they will only make us stronger.

Jupiter Related Topics

Jupiter expresses generosity and tolerance, its energy helps us to stay calm and cope with difficulties that we may have.  

Also, it influences our spiritual growth by helping maintain optimism.

Jupiter Retrograde energy

Other related topics include: Expansion, good luck, abundance, hopefulness, compassion, kindness, generosity, temperance, perspective, objectivity, wisdom, curiosity, and knowledge. 

Jupiter has a major association with faith, philosophy, deep values, justice and social norms.

Jupiter is the most beneficial and auspicious planet in the zodiac.

Jupiter Retrograde Energy

Jupiter’s retrograde energy wants us to go within.  We need to reflect on our philosophies and belief systems to do some inner growth.  

Are you practising what you preach?

Are you doing the spiritual work that you know is necessary?

Are your beliefs that of yours or because that’s what you were told?

We are to reconnect and realign with our inner wisdom, the inner truth with the expansive consciousness which is the source within.

The place where we come from and where we will go back to with every life we have.

At this time we may become more receptive to our inner voice and intuition.

We may forget about our social fulfillments and rather have some time alone or in solitude.

Jupiter Retrograde energy is asking us to take a step back, review our way of thinking, and redefine our objectives so we avoid pursuing a path that does not suit us.

By having a break from it all and accepting that sometimes you need to start again but with a better framework.

Realizing that you don’t have to be ‘on the charge’ all the time, and time out is necessary.

Listen to yourself and learn more about your intuition, life will become more motivational, meaningful and fulfilling.

You may find yourself delving deeper into the spiritual and metaphysical world as your curiosity may be very high.

Expansion of your knowledge in this may manifest into an intense spiritual and philosophical growth.

At this time you may want to rethink your life choices and path. Remember life is at its best when we keep things in balance.

inner reflection

Your inner reflection about who you are and where you fit into the world at large and what you need to do to feel fulfilled within this big wide world?

What are your desires?  Is it a career, fame, wealth or love?

Once you know and you feel the excitement of it, you can start making them a reality?     

Be aware that our emotions of anger and discontent may surface when doing inner work.

When it’s time for Jupiter to go direct in November we will feel inspired but remember about the post-retrograde energy.

Universal vibrations

This gives us the excuse to sit back, reserve our energy and tune into our intuitive feelings and the universal vibrations.

With Jupiter retrograde energy being in the sign of Aries there may be some challenging moral dilemmas that hold us back from making decisions.

Make sure to take your time and consideration before choosing any path that you may feel is right as Aries can bring fiery and rash energy, and therefore we shouldn’t act erratically and impulsively.

When Jupiter retrograde energy is in the sign of Pisces this is the time for restoring faith and being at one with the universe.  

It’s also the best opportunity for believing in oneself.  

Our beliefs will be strengthened, also the ability to be compassionate towards others.  

Our intuition and beliefs will guide us to a deeper understanding of ourselves in the world around us. 

It also brings us the opportunity to re-evaluate our ideologies, as well as to revisit mystical thoughts and ideas that have been on our minds for years.

Jupiter is a planet that is always there to guide and enrich your life. It spends about 12 to 13 months in each zodiac sign.

Jupiter in your birth chart

Finding out which sign Jupiter is in your birth chart and the traits of that Astrological sign can be helpful for you. It may make you re-evaluate which direction to go in.

If you want to know which area of your life you need Jupiter’s guidance check what house Jupiter is located in your birth chart.

NOTE: if you don’t have your time of birth on your Birth Chart Report the House information is not available. 

There is a lot of interesting information in your Birth Chart that can help you with your inner work.

Good luck with the Jupiter Retrograde energy!

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