Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal

The main energy of the Lionsgate Portal is the light, light…

The main energy of the Lionsgate Portal is the light, light in different ways, which can help us reach closer to our destinies and spiritual awareness.

This is the time that the Universe opens up more light codes, light frequencies, more downloads of cosmic energies that are expanding our consciousness. 

The expansion of more of what we initially perceived or what we thought was possible for us. Also, the expansion of your self awareness of your third eye, where we see things with our psychic abilities or for our intuitive knowing.

If you have been already working on healing what you have been transmuting and energies that you needed to let go of, then you have more openings in your energy field. You could be receiving new imagery of visualising the start of the different timelines for yourself which means different projectories or different parts you see yourself doing.

This is done because you can perceive beyond the physical world, what is in front of you or what you’ve been focused on.  It is going into the processing system of our brain, it’s an expense of energy it is growth of a sense of awakening and opening up in knowing that maybe all of a sudden you going to see things in a different light or new way.

Another way of explaining the above is how its happens to me. It’s like looking into different parallel realities but then popping back into this one. It is a bizarre feeling and you are taken back with what just happened and you ask yourself ‘geez, did I really experienced that.’ Believe me, it happens! We all are multi-dimensional beings and when we have this perception of who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

I can’t tell you enough how at this time 8/8 the Manifestation energy is extremely stronger than normal. Normally the New Moon is the best time to begin manifesting for what you want but this Leo New Moon aligns with the Lionsgate Portal which becomes intensely powerful.

Truly think about what you really want and what’s important. Set yourself up for success, plan and write down your intentions.

Remember, those who ask, receive.

Make your big dreams come to life!

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